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Using Social Media to Fundraise Your Nonprofit Organization


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Created in my political science class; The Third Sector and Nonprofit Organizations, described as, "Starting and managing nonprofit enterprises; differences between public, nonprofit, and for-profit organizations; nature and scope of the third sector; grant writing project."I composed a term presentation using my communications social media skills to give important points for nonprofit organizations to enhance their donations and grow. I used the Wounded Warrior Project organization as a successful example for the class to follow so that I kept it simple and to the point. Final grade received an A.

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Using Social Media to Fundraise Your Nonprofit Organization

  1. 1. Amanda
  2. 2. Outline  Why Is This Important?  Myths/Realities  The Wounded Warrior Project  How to Be Successful  Things to Consider
  3. 3. Why Is This Important?  Social media has made it possible to reach millions of multiple constituencies; with the click of a button. Are we leveraging this resource to its highest potential?
  4. 4. Myths  “It’s free”  “Everyone is doing it”  “Another channel to reach people”  “Build relationships with donors and volunteers” Realities  It’s only free to join. Using tools and time costs $  The more people use it the harder it is to rise above  Keep all channels  Only if you reach them. There is no evidence social networking creates lasting relationships Ogden, T. (2009). Social Networking and Mid- Size Non-Profits: What’s the Use? Philanthropy Action 2-31
  5. 5. Wounded Warrior Project  Mission
  6. 6. WWP Connect™ Online community where WWP alumni, family members, and staff can share information, support, and resources.
  7. 7. Alumni Provides long-term support and camaraderie for warriors through events, discounted services, and an online community.
  8. 8. WWP Resource Center • Provides warriors and their families/caregivers with information on the best available programs and services to meet their needs.
  9. 9. Success  Posting links to external news items about the organization or its causes  Using their message board or discussion wall to post announcements and answer questions  Social media pages are coordinated accordingly  Donors and volunteers are given “Tips” for social media fundraising on their website
  10. 10. Celebrities
  11. 11. Things to Consider  Tweets have tiny shelf lives; don’t think only tweeting will get your name out  Social media does not always bring in big $ but the excitement they create can HELP lure new donors  Learn how to use technology to its highest capabilities. Many donors prefer contact through social media  Time
  12. 12. Questions?