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Toys on tour julia


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Lion Messi meets Julia!

Published in: Education
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Toys on tour julia

  1. 1. “TOYSONTOUR” Virxe do Mar, Narón. SPAIN eTwinning 2015/2016 Mr. LION MESSI & JULIA
  2. 2. Today I met Julia and Tana (her dog.)
  3. 3. Then we went to eat cuttlefish. Yummy Yummy!
  4. 4. After eating we played the piano.I think I`m not bad though Julia doesn’t think the same.
  5. 5. After a while we went to the park. We had a great time there. We made a diving competition on a slide. After that we were very tired so we had to rest!
  6. 6. After resting we went to a funfair with Andrea and Diego. We had a great time riding several attractions.
  7. 7. These days I`ve had a great time; I was delighted to meet you, your family and of course Spain. BYE BYE!