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Toys on tour Andrea


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Toys on tour Andrea

Published in: Education
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Toys on tour Andrea

  1. 1. “TOYSONTOUR” Virxe do Mar, Narón. SPAIN eTwinning 2015/2016 Mr. LION MESSI & ANDREA
  2. 2. This week I had a good time with my new friend Andrea
  3. 3. First, she showed me a great view of Narón and surroundings. It was fantastic!
  4. 4. Then,she took me to the capital city of Galicia, Santiago de Compostela. The view from the car was great!
  5. 5. When we arrived, we went to eat . The food in general was good, but the best were the croquettes! Croquettes for me and the rest for you, Andrea!
  6. 6. This is the exterior of the famous cathedral of Santiago, where the Apostle Santiago was buried. It was built in 1075. Let's look inside!
  7. 7. Inside it's not bad at all, it is a very quiet, friendly and nice place. Amazing!
  8. 8. The visit to Santiago ends in the city hall, another amazing building. Goodbye, Andrea! I will never forget all of what I have learned with you!