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Term 2 Week 4


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Term 2 Week 4

  1. 1. Focus: The Mangroves Due in: Friday 18th May•Task One: Answer the following questions in full sentences in your books. Where is the best placefor mangroves to grow and why? What is special about the leaves of themangrove tree? What are the two functions of the roots of the mangroves? Name4 factors that cause the mangrove to grow and develop. What is osmosis and whyis it important in the mangroves?•Task Two: Create 2 food chains with 4 links from organisms that have homes inthe mangroves. (Can use the following link to help you understand a food chain either one animal, one fish or one plant that has their homes in themangrove forests. Name your fish, plant and animal. Draw and correctly labelyour choice. Describe their importance in the mangrove community.•Task three: Design, draw and neatly decorate a poster persuading the communityto protect the mangroves. Your poster should include the benefits of keeping themangrove, list some animals and plants that have their homes in the mangroves,show what impact getting rid of the mangroves will have on our ecologicalsystems and stating what people could do to protect the mangroves. The poster needs to be completed on A4 paper. Pleaseensure you include colour with your poster, bold wording, correct punctuation,persuasive words and facts.