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Term 1 Week 9


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Term 1 Week 9

  1. 1. Due in: Friday 30th March Focus: Roles at home and schoolFor this week’s homework, you will be required to write about theroles people play at home and at Kohi School.1. Interview someone in your house who carries out a role. This could be at home, school or at work. The interview needs questions- what the role is / the responsibilities it involves/ the best thing about the role / the challenges the role has.2. Make sure you write down your questions in your book.3. Summarise the interview in a brief report format4. Come up with 1 new role for your home, school or community. Write a job description- what the role is and the responsibilities that come with it.Remember : All work needs to be done in your book. Please ensureyou number you tasks and ensure paragraphs are longer than 6lines