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Specialisation Presentation


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Specialisation Presentation

  2. 2. Key Objectives for 2012• Continue to deliver a diverse specialisation programme for Years 6 – 8 by offering a variety of different learning experiences.• Ensure we continue to differentiate activities according to year level.• Introduce Careers Education for Years 7 & 8.
  3. 3. Timetable    Year 6 Year 6 B Year 7 Year 7 B Year 8 A Year 8 B Year 8 CTerm 1 Wks Robotics Spanish Visual Arts Visual Arts Media Careers Food Tech 5 -8Term 2 Processes Wks Spanish Robotics Food Tech French Careers & Visual Art 1–4 ProductionTerm 2 Processes Media Wks Visual Arts & Robotics Food Tech French Careers Studies 7 - 10 ProductionTerm 3 Wks Performing Arts – Dance, Drama, Singing 3-7Term 3 Processes Media Wks & Visual Art Careers Robotics Food Tech French Studies 8-11 ProductionTerm 4 Structures Processes Media Wks Food Tech & French Visual Arts Food Tech & Studies 1-4 Mechanisms ProductionTerm 4 Structures Processes Media Wks & Food Tech Careers & Visual Arts French Studies 5-9 Mechanisms Production Tuesday & Thursday – 1.35pm-3pm 8 sessions per rotation
  4. 4. Variation in rotations Year 6 Structures & MechanismsGears, Engineering, Solar Power Food Technology Range of basic meals, Visual Arts healthy foods Printing making Robotics Languages Building and computer programming a basic robot using Introduction to basic LEGO Mindstorms SpanishProcesses and Production Design, create, package,market- Soap / Play dough
  5. 5. Variation in rotations Year 7 Careers Strengths & interests Food Technology /research employment Snack foods, drinks, salads,requirements / Leadership basic cooking Visual Arts Using Dye Robotics Creating, constructing and Languages programming own robot designs French- focus on using LEGO Mindstorms greetings, introductions, basic phrases Media Studies Web page design and creation
  6. 6. Variation in rotations Year 8 Careers Strengths & interests / future Food Technologychoices/ CV & interview skills / Cooking main meals, BBQs, entrepreneurship / guest salads developing menus. speakers Processes and Production Languages French- focus on T-Shirt design using screengreetings, introductions, printing techniques basic phrases Visual Arts Media Studies 3D Mask makingAdvert making using film and video
  7. 7. Extra Specialisation 2012Performing Arts (Dance, Drama, Singing)Term 3-Weeks 2-7Years 6,7,8Hard Materials- Selwyn College-2 days –Term 4- Week 8Years 7 & 8