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Galileo galilei by Emma


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Galileo galilei by Emma

  1. 1. Outline• What did Galileo Galilei discover? – What was the impact of his discovery?• Where was he from ? – Is he still alive?• What challenges did he face?• Challenges of today astronomers ?• Pictures of Galileo Galilei and his inventions
  2. 2. What did Galileo Galilei discover?He invented a special telescope thatwas used to study craters on themoon. He also discovered fourmoons revolving around Jupiter.Later these moons were named theGalileo’ moons, after him.
  3. 3. Where was he from ? Is he still alive?• Galileo Galilei was from / born Pisa, Italy.• Galileo Galilei unfortunately died, on the 8th January 1642.• He was 52 when he died.
  4. 4. What challenges did he face? Many people did not believe in his findings so he had to be in house arrest for the rest of his life.Challenges of today astronomers ? • Find other life in Universe. • Figure out the “ Big Bang” theory. • Investigate the dark black holes. • Have enough money to do all of this.
  5. 5. Pictures of Galileo Galilei and his inventions
  6. 6. Thank you for watching Emma’spresentation