Earthquakes - Lucie C.


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Earthquakes - Lucie C.

  1. 1. Earthquakes
  2. 2. Q1:What is anearthquake• An earthquake is a shaking of the ground caused by the sudden movement in the tectonic plates of the earths outer most crust
  3. 3. Q2:What is the NZshakeout drill• The NZ shakeout drill has been created to help people and organisations get better prepared for major earthquakes and practise how to be protected when they happen.
  4. 4. Owen McKenna R.I.PThe Christchurch earthquake affected many families like the McKenna family because a husband father and son was lost. Owen died when he was in the car park of the local supermarket getting some groceries before the return of his wife Sarah and two children Grace and Tadhg .He was sadly crushed to death by a concrete wall. He was an Irish man. His death was also a shock to as my mum knew his wife Sarah
  5. 5. Some pictures
  6. 6. DROPWhen a earthquake happens stop what ever you are doing and drop to the ground
  7. 7. COVER• Find a hard object like a table or desk and get under it. If out side drop into the foetal position and stay clear of any big objects
  8. 8. HOLD• Earthquakes can last for a very long time so what ever you do don’t let go of your table or if in the foetal position stay tight
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