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Delen Achter De Duinen / Sharing behind the dunes


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Presentation held on a study meeting for 45 non-profits in The Hague discussing sharing economy and ending poverty, homelessness and starting a renewal of care and charities.

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Delen Achter De Duinen / Sharing behind the dunes

  1. 1. Armoede bestrijden ≠ Rijkdom delen
  2. 2. #UrbanCommonsTransition #OuiShareConnector #SharingCityOrganizer #SlimmeStedenDelen #SlimmeOplossingenLab #DeNieuweOverheid #CommunityLovers070 #OpDeVulkaan #Uitvinderswijk #Burgerexpert #Talentverbinder #SocialMediaLover #Glocaal #Nieuwsgierig #Passie #Waarden #Creatie #Spiritueel
  3. 3. Van meer naar beter
  4. 4. Deelit: rent every product that you need right in your own neighborhood iKringloop: give your stuff a second life; pass them on through the app, which includes second hand stores, municipalities and charities Jipio: a ‘dropbox’ for stuff. Help your friends by renting out, swapping or give away stuff Marktplaats: online marketplace bringing buyers and sellers together Peerby: borrow the things you need from people in your neighborhood within 30 minutes Repair Cafe: meeting places all about repairing things (together) SpullenDelen: share stuff you don’t use (so often) with people you trust Stadsgids Amsterdam
  5. 5. Onderzoek en ontwikkeling FLOK-society Sharing Cities Sharefests, timebank etc. Sharing policy primers Cities of the Commons Rome, Bologna, Mantova Collaborative Lab, Nesta etc. Collcons als model voor beleid
  6. 6. Shareable Sharing Spring