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Talk about this not that during formal recruitment


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Talk about this not that during formal recruitment

  1. 1. By: Amanda C.
  2. 2.  During Formal Recruitment, you have to do a lot of talking with the girls of the house you are in. This video will give you some ideas and what to talk about and what not to talk about during this process. Keep in mind, it is always good to go with the flow; you don’t have to bring up these topics, but the do’s make good conversation starters.
  3. 3.  There are certain conversations that should be kept to an absolute minimum, or should be approached with care. I am going to outline a few do not’s when it comes to formal recruitment.
  4. 4.  Because politics isn’t usually a light subject, it’s best to steer away from the topic. If you are involved with a political group on campus it is okay to talk about it if you are asked about the things you are involved with.  The trick is to not talk about it too severely. If the person you talk to wants to know more about it or any of your campus involvement they’ll ask—no need to talk first.
  5. 5.  Because you are at a Sorority event—don’t ask about fraternities. You are here to try out for a potential sisterhood, so ask about the sisterhood…not the fraternities they hang out with. Fraternities is a name you should stricken from your vocabulary during formal recruitment or any kind of recruitment for that matter.
  6. 6.  Sorority life isn’t all about partying. There are a number of other things to think about when it comes to greek life. Instead of asking about the parties, ask a general “What kind of activities/events does the sorority host each year?” Then they will go into detail about things such as philanthropy events, formals, greek events, sisterhoods—not just parties.
  7. 7.  These next few slides will give you some topics to talk about if conversation runs a little dry—and it can at times during formal recruitment.
  8. 8.  You can easily get to know the sisters in a sorority by bonding over mutual love of certain shows/movies. This can be a real bonding experience, because love of the same things can lead to many future girly marathons! It also just gives you a nice conversation filler to find out more about the personality of the girls you might be joining by the type of shows they watch.
  9. 9.  Potential questions you might have about the sorority itself are:  Philanthropy questions  Library hour questions  Leadership opportunities in the chapter
  10. 10.  Youmay want to ask the girl you are talking to about their personal experience with the sorority  Why did you chose this sorority?  What leadership roles have you played within the sorority?  What has been the favorite activity you have done with your sisters?
  11. 11.  Formal Recruitment can seem like a scary environment. If you slow down, take it one day at a time, or even one conversation at a time; it can seem a lot less scary. Focus on making natural conversation with the girls. One of the best pieces of advice I can give you is: These girls are just like you. It can seem scary because they are in the chapter—but they are the same age as you, at the same school as you, they live in the same town as you. The only difference is they are in a sorority, and you are not yet in one. Don’t let the recruitment process trick you!