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One thing i wish i would have known


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One thing i wish i would have known

  2. 2. Rubi M • You never have to pay full price for books. EVER. Check on Amazon, Chegg, Barnes and Nobles. My school's library let you check out a textbook for free for two hours. There are always options that will help you avoid paying 200 dollars for a math book. Make sure to always email the professor if a previous version of the textbook would be fine, because more often than not it is!
  3. 3. Jessica S • Schedule all of your classes to where you can get them done all at once. To me, it's depressing to have a class at 9 and then you have to wait until 1 to get through your next one. I like to get mine done all together so I can devote my day to goofing off.
  4. 4. Felecia E • You make lifelong friends in college, so don't spend too much time in the books. Learn how to balance your time, so you can get good grades as well as make good friends.
  5. 5. Andrea K • Some classes are tougher than others. They may seem easy at first, but they could get harder as the semester goes on.
  6. 6. Morgan R • Don't room with someone you know! You meet more people that way!
  7. 7. Jess S • That it's okay not to go out. The party scene was something I avoided and a lot of people loved to make me feel bad about not going out. The few times I did go out, I ended up bailing early or getting extremely uncomfortable and leaving/running home. If you don't feel comfortable going out, you aren't missing out on anything by staying in with friends.
  8. 8. Denise G • Random roommates are a good idea! I roomed with a girl I had been friends with before college and she turned into a complete crazy woman the second all of her stuff was unpacked in our room, and I ended up moving before October! I think that if I had had a random roommate, we might have had a better chance of getting along, or at least amicably being roommates while we each did our own things. This incident taught me to make friends on my floor and in different parts of campus!