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Creating a College Schedule


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A step-by-step guide to creating a college schedule. It was originally created to go along with a Youtube video so it may sound weird in some places.

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Creating a College Schedule

  1. 1. Creating a ScheduleBy: Amanda C.
  2. 2. Note About My Schedule Planning• Before I begin this video completely I want towarn you that this will take several sessions onyour part to complete.• Because schedule planning is so difficult I ambreaking it down into sessions meant to be donea few hours to a day apart.• Don’t use this method, or tweak it, if you don’thave the amount of time it needs. This method isvery research heavy!
  3. 3. Things You Need• Computer• A few copies of your schools Master ClassSchedule• General Education Check sheet (if you are stilltaking some Gen Ed classes)• Major/Minor check sheets• Paper/pencils/pens• Campus Map
  4. 4. Session One• During the first session you will not be writinganything down on your schedule. It is just abrainstorming session.• During this session ask yourself these questions:▫ What time of day do I want to take classes? (I say thisbecause sometimes it’s easier to pick classes when youhave a time of day narrowed down before you begin)▫ What classes do you want to take? (Have your firstpicks down, and a few back up picks incase some ofyour top picks don’t work out due to scheduling, orpeople entering them before you do.)
  5. 5. Session Two• During this session you need to research all theclasses you put on your paper.• Have a sheet for all the classes you wrote down andwrite the following things down about each classoffered for the class you want to take (within thehours you want to go to class)▫ The Registration Number▫ The Teacher▫ The Building/Room Number▫ How Many Students Have Registered/How manySpots Total▫ Time of class
  6. 6. Session Three• During this session you want to log on toRateMyProfessors, or go to a knowledgeablefriend/upperclassmen.• Either look up the professors for the classes you want totake, or ask a friend about the best teachers for theclasses you want to take or what they think or heardabout the teacher you want to take.• If you know someone that has the major of the class youare taking, talk to them. They may have had the teacher,or at least know someone who did and will be able toassist you better.• Write down notes on each teacher you look at, so you canremember what you found out later.
  7. 7. Session Four• During this session you will actually plan yourschedule.• After you have done all the research you need to do,you need to bring it all together.• Mark an x beside the teachers that you don’t want totake. A Check X besides the teachers you’d be okaytaking, and a check beside the teachers you want totake.• On the first schedule you want to make your dreamschedule. This is the schedule you would have if allthe stars aligned and you had the perfect schedule.
  8. 8. Session Four Continued• Then, you have to be sort of realistic on the secondschedule. Change around the schedule to fit theclasses that will be kind of hard to get into: the oneswith only a few spots left, the popular generaleducation classes, or your major classes.• Then on the next schedule, you need to make aschedule that is the if the stars don’t align at allschedule. The schedule where you kind of put theclasses that are your last ditch effort at a goodschedule. The schedule you’d have if you absolutelyhave to.
  9. 9. Procrastinator’s Guide to Scheduling• Sometimes you don’t have the schedule you want because youprocrastinate, or you’re the last of the last to register. I know howyou feel, last semester I was the last of the Freshmen to register, andit sucked. So I waited to do all of my scheduling the day before so Iwouldn’t be disappointed. It was hectic, but it was done. Here aresome tips to waiting to the last minute.▫ Don’t do everything last minute, at least have a semi-goal of the classesyou want to take. It will make it so much easier once you actually start toschedule.▫ Keep optimistic about your schedule, it does suck because you have towait so long, but if you keep a good head on your shoulders, you will getthe classes you need. Or at least be okay with the classes you have.▫ Your last name may be the last to register, but you are not the last toregister. You will find classes, so many people will register after you.Unless you are that unlucky, you will not be the last to register.
  10. 10. Tips on Keeping Your Cool DuringScheduling• As a person who has planned schedules a few semesters, I amaware that it can be very hard on you. Here are some tips▫ Don’t do it alone. Go with a friend to the library, and scheduletogether. It is nice to have an ear to listen to you whenscheduling.▫ Take breaks. I made this have many different sessions so that it’snot overwhelming. It is important that you don’t do your entireschedule in a day, it might work—but you will be frustrated by theend of it all.▫ If your favorites don’t happen, don’t fret. You take every professoryou end up with for a reason. Don’t let the fact that you didn’t getthe teacher you want, stop you from enjoying the teacher you got.▫ Be happy in knowing that you are having this frustratingmoment, there are so many kids who would die to have theeducation you are getting. Don’t forget that.