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ITM15 Numercon flyer (LR)


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ITM15 Numercon flyer (LR)

  1. 1. Inclusive Teaching (IT) Matters are proud to be an affiliated Numicon training partner Numicon is inclusive for all the class, it can inspire and excite you and your children in the teaching and learning process of mathematics. Inclusive Teaching (IT) Matters design & deliver the following workshops: Introduction to Numicon Highly personalised flexible sessions to meet the needs of your staff and content requirement (Early Years – Key stage 1 & 2). Specialist Support Introduction to Numicon or/and as ongoing focused support to children with SEND. Covering differentiated resources Breaking Barriers and inclusion within peer group. Numicon Intervention Programme Programme with 5 workshops over the intervention period, in Iine with national SEND context, new curriculum and changes to assessment and levelling nationally. Enable children to by narrowing the gap between the least able and their average achieving peers. Other services include: Makaton Learning Profile - Down Syndrome ITC (Information Communication Technology) • • • Grant Application Project Management Advisory services • • E: M: 07500 016544 We Numicon! MATTERS IT MATTERS IT Inclusive Teaching (IT) Matters is a not for profit organisation dedicated to improving life skills and the educational outcomes of children and young adults with SEND.