Connect Digitally Core Elements


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Connect Digitally approach and core elements required to deliver national digital transactional services

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Connect Digitally Core Elements

  1. 1. Programme Proposition Connect Digitally Challenges Delivering national digital transformation Story Local Government Core Elements CentralGovernment Partners REALITY & CommercialVISION & P O L I C Y IMPLEMENTATION lly tdigita connec Third Feedback Sector Connect Digitally is exactly what the public sector needs to deliver digital transformation across Awards multi-agency, complex environments.
  2. 2. ProgrammeThe Connect Digitally Programme Proposition• Established local/central government delivery programme since April 2004• Working in partnership with • 152 Local Authorities (LAs) Challenges • Communities and Local Government (CLG) • Department for Education (DfE) • Cabinet Office • Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Story • Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) • Home Office • Ministry of Justice (MoJ) • Commercial Suppliers Core Elements• Delivered return on investment of 6 fold• Evidence of cashable savings across both local and central government Feedback Contact: Amanda Derrick Programme Director Connect Digitally Awards Email: Mobile: 07720 411681 Programme Office: 01992 588539
  3. 3. ProgrammeThe Connect Digitally Proposition PropositionConnect Digitally offers:• a replicable, agile approach to digital delivery• a trusted reputation and well established relationships across government• an award winning approach to digital transformation recognised by Challenges central government, local government and commercial suppliers• an experienced successful team who can work with you to deliver digital business transformation• a proven set of core elements essential to effective digital transformation: • Transforming the Citizen Experience Story • Scaling Up Digital Innovation • Driving Change Across Government Core Elements • Overcoming Barriers to Digital Transformation • Reducing Costs and Delivering Benefits • Collaborating with Commercial Partners • Communicating Effectively • Providing ‘Open Source’ Products. FeedbackConnect Digitally is now ready for the next national servicetransformation challenge. AwardsContact: Amanda Derrick, Programme Director Connect DigitallyEmail: 07720 411681 Programme Office: 01992 588539
  4. 4. ProgrammeThe Challenge for Government Digital Delivery PropositionCentral government policy often requires implementation by localpartners to deliver outcomes. With over 400 local authorities andnumerous third sector and commercial partners a ‘one size fits all’approach is likely to fail. Challenges for successful delivery includedifferent politics, demographics, technologies, capabilities and priorities. Challenges The Connect Digitally approach is innovative, successful and replicable and has demonstrated success in: • delivering channel shift to digital channels • joining up government Story • designing popular citizen-centric services • improving outcomes for citizens • providing shared services • realising cashable savings through more efficient service delivery • collaborating with both public and private sectors Core Elements • sharing data for citizen benefit • accelerating service improvement across large numbers of local partners • reusing assets Feedback Awards
  5. 5. ProgrammeThe Connect Digitally Story PropositionThe Connect Digitally programme began life in April 2004 as one of thenational e-government projects: eAdmissions.eAdmissions objectives were to lead all local authorities in:• transforming paper based school admissions service to a digital service by September 2006• ensuring citizen take-up of the new digital service of 5 – 10% ChallengesThe eAdmissions team agreed a clear vision with all stakeholders, researched citizen requirements,set high expectations, treated every barrier as a challenge to overcome and focused on delivery.The team found that it was essential to communicate effectively with, identify benefits for andwork in partnership with all stakeholders.The team’s approach to overcoming barriers and collaborating productively was to co-produce‘open source’ products which could be used to accelerate service improvement and transfer goodpractice across the whole local authority/supplier community. StoryAnother critical factor for success was the research undertaken into digital inclusion whichestablished the requirement for provision of assisted digital channels.eAdmissions led all local authorities to meet the deadline date of September 2006, includingdelivering a shared service for London boroughs. eAdmissions exceeded government targets for Core Elementscitizen take-up. A national take-up of 18% in the first year demonstrated a popular and sustainableservice for citizens. Local authorities realised cashable savings by delivering more efficient servicesand central government achieved its policy outcome of national delivery of effective digital services.Following the outstanding success of eAdmissions, the Departmentfor Education requested a follow-on programme.The new programme’s objectives were to:• continue to drive change for school admissions and increase online take-up Feedback• transform the application process for free school meals• link services to provide a ‘basket of services’ for the citizen Awards Next Page >>
  6. 6. ProgrammeThe Connect Digitally Story continued PropositionThe new programme was called Connect Digitally, giving a clearmessage to local authorities to ‘connect digitally with their citizens’and to set up services which enabled citizens to ‘connect digitallywith government’.Free school meals was a service which had been sitting in the ‘too difficult to solve’ box for a Challengesnumber of years and was clearly ‘unfit for purpose’. The delivery of online free school mealsrequired data sharing and collaboration between 4 central government departments and 174 localauthorities in England and Wales.Using the lessons learned from eAdmissions, the Connect Digitally team set out to transform thissecond national service, delivered locally. The challenges were greater as data sharing and legalbarriers had consistently blocked free school meal transformation for several years. The team wasable to convince all stakeholders of the need for transformation by excellent research into customerjourneys and benefits realisation but also by exceptional leadership and strong influencing and Storypersuasion skills. A core delivery was a shared service, the eligibility checking service, enabling datashared by 4 central government departments to be checked by 174 local authorities or by theircitizens in real-time.Connect Digitally has transformed the application process for free school meals from a paper basedprocess taking up to three months, to an electronic one taking around three minutes, improving Core Elementsoutcomes for over 1 million children a year and delivering significant efficiencies to local authoritiesand other government departments. Currently the service is used by 169/174 local authoritiesin England and Wales. Connect Digitally has achieved for free school meals what the DVLAaccomplished for renewal of car tax. In addition online school admissions is now at 55% nationaltake-up, with 26 local authorities already meeting the digital default with take-up greater than80% and with many more poised to follow.Connect Digitally has also led work on transforming online payments for educational servicesand cashless catering. FeedbackConnect Digitally is now readyfor the next national service Awardstransformation challenge.<< Previous Page
  7. 7. ProgrammeThe Connect Digitally Core Elements PropositionTo review each Element in detail, please click on its name below:• Transforming Citizen Experience• Scaling Up Digital Innovation Challenges• Driving Change Across Government• Overcoming Barriers to Digital Transactions• Reducing Costs and Delivering Benefits• Collaborating With Commercial Partners Story• Communicating Effectively• Providing ‘Open Source’ Products Core Elements Central Local Citizens Government Government Cit Tran ize sfo n E rm xp ing eri n en a tio ce Up v g nno in I al l Sc igita Feedback D e t ng en h a rn m C e ts ng ov uc ivi ss G rod Dr ro u rc e’ P Providing ‘Open So Ac tive ly rs Communicating Effec tne Par ci al me r Collaborating With Com fits ene eri ng B ions Awards Redu cing Costs and Deliv sact Commercial Overcom igita l Tran Third ing Barriers To D Partners Sector
  8. 8. ProgrammeTransforming Core ElementsCitizen ExperienceConnect Digitally is changing citizen attitudes to digital transactional services resulting in Propositiontake-up of 80% and above, meeting the Government’s aspiration of “digital default”.Connect Digitally leads both supply of and demand for efficient and effective digitalservices, which reduce the cost to citizens and ensure high take-up of the digital services.Connect Digitally’s excellent research and evaluation skills identify issues and barriers that prevent highlevels of take-up by citizens. Methods and techniques such as focus groups, surveys and usability studiesare applied at both the local and the national levels to create a reality-based understanding of the Challengescitizen’s perspective and experience.Connect Digitally takes an holistic approach to service transformation for the citizen. By capturingauthentic citizen experiences, issues and preferences, a rich understanding of the customer journey iscreated while business process analysis reveals the degree to which processes may have become business-centric rather than citizen-centric in their delivery. The intelligence gained from this customer insightresearch coupled with the business process modelling is then acted on by Connect Digitally to inform andtest the design and delivery of new digital services to be usable, accessible and trusted by the citizen.Connect Digitally tools and products provide business managers with: Story• Customer journey maps • Guidelines on web service usability and accessibility• Process models describing the ‘as is’ and • Guidelines on digital inclusion to ensure fair access ‘to be’ serviceConnect Digitally’s steps to success for transforming the citizen experience include: Core Elements• Conduct interviews and surveys using appropriate methods• Model customer journeys and ‘start to finish’ business processes• Evaluate findings to inform service design and digital inclusion strategies• Engage ‘early adopter’ agents and pilot solutions• Determine effectiveness of solutions through focus groups, usability studies, etc.• Develop and disseminate proven solutions to all stakeholders• Monitor changes of attitudes/behaviour and repeat previous steps as necessary Feedback interviews and research increased Take-up TrANSFormiNG CiTizEN Survey Findings ExPEriENCE Process modelling Awards Usability Studies Transformation Tools Next Page >>
  9. 9. ProgrammeEvidence of Connect Digitally success includes:• Average national take-up of 55% for a digital service, with 26 local authorities achieving take-up in excess of 80%.• Examples of rapid increase in digital take-up such as from 2.5% to 74% in one admissions round. Proposition• Reduction in cost to citizen of £5.23 whilst also saving them time.• Positive feedback from citizen exit surveys.• Application process reduced from “3 months to 3 minutes”.• Reduced stigma and ease of use has resulted in up to 60% of citizens choosing a digital channel for free school meals applications where available. Challenges others agree… One of Connect Digitally’s major strengths is their consistent focus i am not the greatest on on the citizens receiving services and computers but this was quick, Story the impact of process change and easy and straightforward improvement on their experience. Citizen – South East England Central Government Delivery Partner Fantastically simple!! & I’m Core Elements Excellent site really easy to completely computer illiterate. use and very convenient Citizen – South East England Citizen – South East England Free School Meals is a small, self-contained service, BUT it is an excellent exemplar of: Process improvement, Data management, Customer insight, Partnership working to improve the customer journey. Feedback Local Government Business Manager Awards<< Previous Page
  10. 10. ProgrammeScaling Up Core ElementsDigital innovationThe Connect Digitally delivery model scales up digital innovation by agile development Propositionand by transferring solutions across partner organisations, enabling joined-up workingand transforming front-line service delivery across England. This ground-breaking modelsupports central government policy and empowers local delivery of high quality, efficientdigital services offering best value for society. Central Challenges government needs policy outcomes Connect Digitally Local Citizens authorities need effective need to deliver easy to use Story services servicesKey to successful application of the model is the highly skilled and experienced Connect Digitally team.Team attributes and competencies that ensure successful scaling up of innovation include: Core Elements• Strong committed credible leadership • Awareness and understanding of partners’• Expertise to support partners through all stages capacities and constraints of transformation • Holistic approach to overcoming barriers• Detailed knowledge of the social, political, • Passion for ‘making a difference’ with a focus economic and commercial environment on delivery • ‘Can do’ attitudeThe model supports localism and is transferable. Consequently Connect Digitally has advised other Feedbacknational delivery programmes such as the DfT’s Blue Badge Improvement Service and the Cabinet Office’sElectoral Reform Transformation Programme.Connect Digitally’s steps to success for scaling updigital innovation include:• Maintain focus on the vision• Concentrate effort on that which adds value Awards• Work with the world as it is not theoretical scenarios• Work as equals in partnership• Build strong relationship networks with partners• Solve common barriers while allowing local variations• Practice agile development Next Page >>
  11. 11. ProgrammeEvidence of Connect Digitally success includes:• Connect Digitally has transferred solutions and best practice for two essential national services that are delivered through local partners. - The first service is a digital transaction for school admission application and notification which Proposition 152/152 local authorities now provide. The digital channel has been taken up by 55% of citizens nationally, indicating a popular and trusted service. Additionally, 26 local authorities have met and exceeded the ‘digital default’ with citizen take-up over 80%. Challenges Increase in Provision of Digital Services by Local Authorities Story - Scaling up innovation for the second service has resulted in 148/152 local authorities in England and 21/22 local authorities in Wales now using a digital service to check eligibility for free school meals against data from 3 central government agencies in real-time. A number of local authorities have implemented the full vision for the service, enabling real-time eligibility checking by citizens. These local authorities have seen digital take-up of up to 60% which is far higher than might be expected for this demographic. Core Elements• Connect Digitally has demonstrated initial returns on investment for these services in under 2 years and has evidence of cashable savings being made by local authorities across the country from year 1. The programme is on target to meet its projected 6 fold return on investment. Others agree… …an exemplar of The Connect Digitally team have a unique how central and local Feedback perspective and proposition because government and the they understand local authorities, central private sector can work government, private sector provision, together to deliver major change programmes and the benefits to users customer experience. Connect Digitally are of public services. extremely well placed to support the range Local Government Service Manager Awards of initiatives required by the challenging agenda facing the public sector today. Director, Central Government Commercial Partner<< Previous Page
  12. 12. ProgrammeDriving Change Core ElementsAcross GovernmentThe award winning Connect Digitally is a hugely successful cross-government programme, Propositionworking within a complex environment: 7 central government agencies; 174 local authoritiesacross England and Wales; commercial suppliers and other agencies.Connect Digitally has no mandate over any of the organisations with which the programme works, but has builtup trust and confidence with all stakeholders and has succeeded through strong influencing and leadership skills.The programme realised initial returns on investment within 18 months of its inception in April 2009 and hasevidence of cashable savings made by local authorities across the country. Connect Digitally is on target to Challengesmeet its projected 6 fold return on investment, saving millions of pounds across government and for citizens.Connect Digitally is transferring its model and approach across other government programmes which arenow benefiting from the team’s expertise and knowledge.Connect Digitally’s steps to success for driving change across government include:• Establish and maintain trust with all partners and stakeholders• Provide strong leadership• Ensure governance is effective Story• Develop and promote innovative solutions• Establish and agree equal working partnerships• Provide solutions for overcoming real and perceived barriers Core ElementsWhat citizens experience What government says Connect Phon e Informed Policy Connect Post Improved Processes Connect Digitally Connect Digitally Enables Connect Digitally Connect Face to Face Translated Policy to Delivery Driving Change Connect Paper Across Government Feedback Citizens Local Government Central GovernmentEvidence of Connect Digitally success includes:The core Connect Digitally team has successfully worked across government since 2004 –• Delivering policy outcomes for 2 central government departments: DfE and CLG.• Leading on establishing data sharing with Her Majesty’s Treasury Solicitors, DfE, HMRC, DWP and Home Office. Awards• Developing a central government hub sharing data from 4 central government departments: DfE, DWP, HMRC and Home Office.• Agreeing a Memorandum of Understanding between 4 central government agencies.• Determining Service Level Agreements between the DfE and 174 local authorities – DfE, HMRC, DWP and Home Office. Next Page >>
  13. 13. ProgrammeEvidence of Connect Digitally success includes (cont.):• Providing legal guidance nationally to overcome perceived local barriers.• Delivering a shared solution for online transactional service for 34 local authorities. PropositionThe Connect Digitally Approach has been adopted by:• DfT and Northgate-IS partnership – Blue Badge Improvement Service.Connect Digitally has been invited to contribute toother government programmes including:• Cabinet Office – Electoral Reform Transformation Programme.• Welsh Government – Digital Wales. Challenges• HMRC – Benefits Realisation Digital Delivery.• Taiwanese Government in Taipei.• Chinese Delegation in Hertfordshire. others agree… Story Connect Digitally is exactly what Connect Digitally has provided tremendous support to Northgate’s implementation of the Blue Badge the public sector needs to make Improvement Service project in terms of effective ways the transformation required in to engage and communicate with local authorities coming years across multi-agency, and with citizens. The approaches developed by Core Elements policy implementation using digital Connect Digitally are proven on a number of successful channels. The essence of Connect programmes and Northgate has been able to benefit Digitally is pragmatism, focus from the team’s learning, knowledge and experience. The advice provided has been wise and the methodologies and drive for genuine benefits for suggested have been both practical and effective. citizens. Its approach, tools, team One of Connect Digitally’s major strengths is their and ethos are ground-breaking, not consistent focus on the citizens receiving services least because they take an holistic and the impact of process change and improvement view on how to overcome the on their experience. They have a unique perspective Feedback challenges that have caused other and proposition because they understand local approaches to founder – policy, authorities, central government, private sector legislation, technology, programme provision, major change programmes and the customer experience. They are extremely well placed to support management, stakeholder the range of initiatives required by the challenging commitment all addressed, with “no” agenda facing public sector today. being an unacceptable answer. Director, Central Government Director, Commercial Partner Delivery Partner Awards A clear demonstration of how partnership is key to the success of this important national programme. Judge, Good Communication Awards<< Previous Page
  14. 14. Programmeovercoming Barriers Core Elementsto Digital TransactionsConnect Digitally is leading delivery partners in overcoming barriers to the implementation Propositionand take-up of digital transactions, solving complex issues such as data sharing,interoperability and legal compliance.The Connect Digitally approach is to identify barriers to both implementation and take-up, solve difficultand common problems and work collaboratively with early adopters and other partners to produceresources which prevent ‘reinventing the wheel’. The solutions are then transferred by working withdelivery partners such as local authority consortia and by using a range of communication methods Challengesincluding workshops, webinars and a managed private web community.The Connect Digitally team are pragmatic, technically innovative, excellent communicators and wellrespected by both local and central government partners.It is important to provide solutions to overcome barriers whether real or perceived. Connect Digitally hasworked with partners to overcome a wide range of barriers related to the following areas:• Technical • Culture • Ownership • Suppliers• Usability • Accessibility • Trust • Security Story• Cost • Legal • Broadband Coverage • Partners• Awareness • Digital Exclusion • Organisational Silos • Data Quality• Data Sharing Accessibility Usability Legal Data Sharing Core Elements Broadband Digital Security Coverage Exclusion Data Technical Ownership Cost Quality Trust Organisational Awareness Silos Culture Supplier Partners FeedbackConnect Digitally’s steps to success for overcoming barriers to digital transactions include:• Identify real and perceived barriers to both implementation and take-up• Solve difficult and common problems• Refine and transfer solutions• Facilitate knowledge sharing to gather data and/or overcome barriers Awards• Acknowledge and promote good practice from all delivery partners• Enable local adaptations and ownership• Appoint local champions to provide regional support Next Page >>
  15. 15. ProgrammeConnect Digitally’s steps to success for overcoming barriers to digital transactionsinclude (cont.):• Collaborate with commercial partners• Encourage local delivery partners to build capacity for sustainability Proposition Service Improvement Identify barriers to delivery Determine and take up solutions Challenges Connect Digitally Transfer solutions Test solutions and measure with early Benefits benefits adopters Measurement Efficiency Connect Digitally Overcoming Barriers to Digital Transactions StoryEvidence of Connect Digitally success includes:• Provided legal compliance guidelines for delivering online transactional services.• Data sharing agreement between 4 central government agencies and 174 local authorities. Core Elements• Memorandum of Understanding established between 4 central government agencies.• Service Level Agreement confirmed with 174 local authorities. others agree… …we are not reinventing the wheel… (but are) using the excellent resources A revolution in (provided by Connect Digitally)… to help Feedback public service delivery. embed customer service improvements. Local Government Delivery Partner Local Government Delivery Partner Connect Digitally have provided us with some amazing insight into best practise to roll-out major change programmes enabled by IT. They build teams that will challenge preconceptions and identify bottlenecks Awards utilising the very people who may have had the preconceptions or would cause a bottleneck. Thus creating a winning team to deal with the people, processes and technology issues. System Architect, Central Government Delivery Programme<< Previous Page
  16. 16. Programmereducing Costs and Core ElementsDelivering BenefitsConnect Digitally leads local partners in reducing costs and delivering cashable and soft Propositionbenefits, through digital transformation. Using Connect Digitally tools and products,local and central government business owners can track and evaluate predicted benefits,providing clear evidence of cost savings and return on investment.Connect Digitally provides strong leadership in a culture of benefits realisation management. This iscritical in today’s economic climate where costs must be significantly reduced and services must bedemonstrably efficient. The Connect Digitally benefits realisation tools assist managers to develop Challengestheir understanding of who will benefit from service transformation and the range and type of benefitsexpected: cost calculators allow localised modelling of service delivery costs and potential cost savings;guidance and templates provide support for planning and managing benefits measurement and delivery.A framework for benefits delivery enabling accurate calculations of cost savings and identification ofother benefits is applied from business case development through to the later stages of ‘business asusual’, enabling managers to:• Calculate specific cost savings • Establish a shared set of goals• Identify and describe anticipated benefits • Target best value efficiencies Story• Strengthen the business case • Provide visibility of realised benefits• Gain commitment from stakeholders and achievements Take-up100% 80% Core Elements 60% 40% 20% 0% 0 2009/10 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15 -£10 million online School Admissions -£20 million Increased online take-up -£30 million drives costs down -£40 million -£50 million Costs FeedbackConnect Digitally’s steps to success for reducing costs and delivering benefits include:• Select, adapt and apply a methodology that is scaled to needs• Articulate objectives and beneficial outcomes from the outset• Identify areas where cost savings are expected and baseline these• Focus on benefits that contribute to business value• Publicise the benefits relating to each stakeholder group Awards• Quantify benefits using realistic and accessible metrics• Ensure accountability for tracking and managing progress• Aggregate, evaluate and report outcomes to business owner(s) Next Page >>
  17. 17. ProgrammeEvidence of Connect Digitally success includes:• The Connect Digitally approach to benefits realisation successfully used to identify, measure and track cashable savings for online school admissions and online free school meals services at both local and national levels. Examples of local authority cost savings reported include: Proposition - £86,000 reduction in printing and postage costs - £106,000 reduction in staff costs and office space - £195,000 reduction in costs of meal provision - £210,000 reduction in cost of meal provision - £72,000 on reduction in staff costs - £24,000 on reduction in staff costs Challenges - £33,400 on reduction in staff costs.• Cost savings of £18 million realised nationally for online school admissions and online free school meals services in 2010/11.• Realised and projected savings of £76 million overall, equating to a six-fold return on investment.• The Connect Digitally approach to benefits delivery is acknowledged as a best practice exemplar as evidenced by: - Invited to join and share expertise with the Cabinet Office’s Service Transformation Delivery and Benefits Realisation Management Board Story - Contributed to Public Service Reform Group benefits work - Consulted by colleagues across a number of local and central government departments. others agree… Core Elements The benefits analysis ...very impressed by your benefits! approach was invaluable and We are in sore need of good news focused us on achieving the stories and decent benefits cases. channel shift and telephone Central Government Partner costs reductions. Business Manager, Local Government Delivery Partner Feedback Engagement with Connect Digitally is a straightforward win The Connect Digitally toolkits for authorities that are under have proved to be invaluable in more pressure than ever to focusing our efforts on where benefits could be achieved. This has also enabled generate efficiencies. Awards us to communicate the success of our Local Government Delivery Partner project to key stakeholders.” Strategy and Programme Manager, Local Government Delivery Partner<< Previous Page
  18. 18. ProgrammeCollaborating With Core ElementsCommercial PartnersConnect Digitally collaborates effectively with a wide range of commercial partners Propositionto transform services nationally. Crucially, Connect Digitally has secured commercialpartner endorsement without imposing software solutions.It is vital that local and central government work effectively with their commercial partners to transformservice delivery. Difficulties in this area have been a contributory factor to many project failures across thepublic sector.Connect Digitally leads the development of standards which underpin both digital service functionality Challengesand relationships between digital services.Connect Digitally’s steps to success for collaborating with commercial partners include:• Develop common features and data standards• Provide a voice for both local and central government supporting all partners in resolving issues• Solve issues and manage risk at a national level• Overcome barriers and work in an open way Story• Create an environment which enables all partners to achieve greater value for money• Stimulate innovation and improve commercial partner delivery• Send regular targeted communications to commercial partners• Collaborate with commercial partners at all stages of the programme Core ElementsEvidence of Connect Digitally success includes:Connect Digitally has successfully worked with commercial partners over a number of years and evidenceto support this includes:• Endorsement by government and commercial stakeholders of the Connect Digitally Minimum Features and Relationships Document which stipulates common features and data standards, allowing partners improved supplier choice and streamlined procurement.• Sharing online solutions between local authorities, reducing development time and costs.• Working with commercial suppliers and central government partners to develop a solution which can be Feedback used many times, accelerating development and supporting change management in local government.• Producing Developer Toolkits for local government and commercial partners to use when implementing new systems. Awards Next Page >>
  19. 19. ProgrammeConnect Digitally Co-produces with Commercial Partners to Accelerate Service improvement Proposition Interoperability Issue Resolution Open Collaboration Source Challenges Standard Data Features Standards Commercial Partner Innovation Endorsement Story others agree… Core Elements We have worked with Connect We always use the Digitally on a number of occasions. It is clear that their engagementConnect Digitally minimum with commercial partners has beenFeatures and relationships very successful and based on an open, Document as the starting collaborative working approach.point for our developments. Chief Operating Officer, Trade Association Feedback Local Government Service Manager The Connect Digitally team have established an excellent understanding of both the commercial world in which the software suppliers operate and the need for effective relationships to be Awards established which are based on trust and open communication. Head of Strategic Supplier Management<< Previous Page
  20. 20. ProgrammeCommunicating Core ElementsEffectivelyConnect Digitally is a successful, award winning, business change programme. PropositionKey components of Connect Digitally’s success are a well structured communications strategywhich addresses the unique needs of stakeholders, and an emphasis on quality delivery.Connect Digitally recognises that a well planned and executed communications strategy, with the audienceat the centre of its planning, can build partnerships and mean the difference between success and failure.Since 2004 Connect Digitally has delivered effective communications, meeting the needs of a wide rangeof stakeholders including: Challenges• Local government • Internal departments• Central government • Third sector• Consortia • Other government agencies• Commercial sectorConnect Digitally’s communications are effective in:• Establishing trust • Providing a sense of ownership Story• Instilling confidence • Providing up-to-date information• Encouraging action • Driving changeConnect Digitally’s success is underpinned by communications that: consider and address the needs ofall stakeholder groups; identify and deliver key messages for each; recognise that stakeholder needs will Core Elementschange over time; allow flexibility to adapt to changes to requirements; and operate under the constraintsof the lead organisation.Connect Digitally’s steps to success for delivery of communications include:• Know your audience, understand their specific needs and establish their trust• Identify what success looks like and plan for it• Actively stimulate interest• Incorporate a variety of communications methods but keep the content clear and concise Feedback• Measure the impact and success of communications• Use lessons learned to inform planning for new communicationsEvidence of Connect Digitally success includes:• Connect Digitally Community of Practice website features in top ten most active communities every month (approximately 1,500 communities) Awards - Strong member participation in a very active forum - Rapidly growing membership numbers - Strong response to, and open rate for, digital communications. Next Page >>
  21. 21. ProgrammeEvidence of Connect Digitally success includes (cont.):• Winner of the Good Communications IT Partnership Award 2010 - “...A clear demonstration of how partnership is key to the success of this important national project...” Judge, Good Communications Awards. Proposition• Presentations at international and national conferences.• Range of high quality resources regularly downloaded and used by business change teams.• Delivery model which embraces digital communications but also recognises that more traditional communications methods have a place (see diagram). Development eNewsletters Toolkits Promotional USB Sticks Challenges eUpdates Web Presence eFlyers Corporate Folders Connect Digitally Communications Methods Printed Webinar Story Resources Online Workshops Hotseats Keep in Presentations Touch Supplier Core Elements Updates Calls others agree… ...the work the National Project put in The Communities of Practice provides a – in particular the reference material great opportunity for local authorities to share on the website and the workshops we their experiences regarding the Free School attended – proved really useful and I Meals project, how they are progressing and Feedback to share any lessons learned. It also gives local think have saved us from quite a authorities the chance to seek advice from others few of the less obvious pitfalls… further ahead in their development. Local Government Service Manager Local Government Service Manager The Connect Digitally team was helpful, approachable and played an essential i am impressed with role in co-ordinating information and Connect Digitally resources Awards communications between local authorities which i am using to and central government, suppliers and completely transform between local authorities. free school meals. Local Government Service Manager Local Government Service Manager<< Previous Page
  22. 22. ProgrammeProviding Core Elements‘open Source’ ProductsThe Connect Digitally team are experts in cross-government working and delivering digital Propositiontransactional channel shift. Connect Digitally provides ‘open source’ products which are:acknowledged for their quality and relevance; reusable; easily adapted to meet local needs;widely used; professionally presented and effective.Connect Digitally’s comprehensive library of ‘open source’ products, developed through close partnershipworking with both public and private sector partners, provide solutions, information, guidance and adviceto enable successful service transformation. They are tried and tested, regularly reviewed and quality Challengesassured. All resources are developed with the end-user and their specific needs in mind.Connect Digitally have taken the concept of open source software development and applied it to theirapproach to product development.Providing ‘open source’ products enables self-service, prevents reinvention of the wheel and reduces localpartner costs.Examples of Connect Digitally ‘open source’ products include:• Benefits Realisation Tools • Minimum Features and Relationships Guidance Story• Benefits Flyers • Open Data Standards• Business Case Development Tools • Open Source Code• Business Process Models • Service Toolkits• Cost Calculators • Step by Step Guides Core Elements• Exemplars • Steps to Success• Frequently Asked Questions • User Guides• Indicative Timelines • Website Usability and Accessibility GuidanceConnect Digitally’s steps to success for development and provision of‘open source’ products include:• Design products with the audience in mind, ensure messages Feedback are clear and concise and overall layout is visually appealing• Develop products which are adaptable to meet local needs• Ensure products are practical, reusable and quality assured ‘Open Source’• Make products easily accessible and promote their availability products• Listen to feedback, hone and refine products Awards Next Page >>
  23. 23. ProgrammeEvidence of Connect Digitally success includes:• The Connect Digitally Online School Admissions Toolkit enabled one local authority to increase take-up of online school admissions from 2.5% to 74% in one admissions round. Many others also report large increases in take-up. Proposition• Use of the Connect Digitally Online Free School Meals Starter Pack and the Developer Toolkit have enabled successful redesign of business processes to deliver transformed Free School Meals applications, renewals and audit processes. Examples of reported savings from local authorities as a result include: - rationalised space and resource – from 3 offices with 9 staff to 1 office with 5 staff - reduced processing time for free school meal applications – from 3 weeks to 3 minutes - reduction of over £15k in stopping payments for children who are no longer eligible - reduction in paper based filing by 95% Challenges - increased take-up of free school meals from 2,500 to 11,000, but reduced staff requirement from 2 FTE to 0.5 FTE, saving the council over £20k.• Work with the South West Grid for Learning consortium partner enabled digital default (online take-up of 80% and above) to be achieved by 11 out of 15 local authorities in the region. Story others agree… ...We are delighted with our huge The toolkit offered by Connect Digitally increase in online take-up which we’ve is thorough and comprehensive – yet Core Elements achieved through extensive use of the easily accessible and, more Connect Digitally toolkit... importantly, easy to understand. Local Government Service Manager Local Government Service Manager With a library containing all relevant i have used Connect information relating to the Free School Digitally’s online Payments Meals project, the site also acts as an Business Case, Challenges Feedback and Solutions, Step by Step invaluable source of information for all Guide, Benefits Flyer etc to local authorities, no matter what stage put together a presentation to of development they are at. the County who [as a result] Local Government Service Manager gave me permission to go out to tender for a system. Local Government Service Manager Awards<< Previous Page
  24. 24. ProgrammeWhat others say about Connect Digitally Proposition Very, very good. i’m not good at reading and writing and Challenges i found it so easy. Thank you. Citizen – East of England From the initial idea through to choosing a Story software supplier and publicity, the Connect Digitally Team have provided invaluable expertise, advice and support. Core Elements Local Government Delivery Partner i would like to thank you for the great contribution that you have made to our work. Your local authority expertise has Feedback been invaluable. Not only that, you have helped us to achieve many significant successes which have been of real benefit to local authorities, schools – and most importantly – children and families. Awards Central Government Delivery Partner
  25. 25. ProgrammeConnect Digitally Awards PropositionHighly Commended for the mCA Awards 2011Operational Performance in the Public Sector, April 2011Winner of the e-Government National Awards 2010Local e-Government Excellence – Team, January 2011Shortlisted for the e-Government National Awards 2010 ChallengesLocal e-Government Excellence –Take-up and Usage Growth, November 2010Winner of the Civil Service AwardsPublic Service Award, November 2010runner up for the Civil Service AwardsCommunication Award, November 2010 Storymedallist for the BCS UK iT industry AwardsPublic Sector Project of the Year, Project Excellence Section, November 2010Winner of the Local Government iT Excellence AwardsService Transformation Category, October 2010 Core ElementsWinner of the Good Communications AwardIT Partnership Award, June 2010Winner of the Government Computing AwardOverall Award, April 2010Winner of the Government Computing AwardCollaboration Award, April 2010 FeedbackTo discuss your requirements:Contact: Amanda DerrickProgramme Director Connect Digitally AwardsEmail: 07720 411681Programme Office: 01992 588539