Wgong 2012


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Wgong 2012

  1. 1. about.me/amandamcdc
  2. 2. wwwMarko Peljhan, MakroLab –http://makrolab.ljudmila.org/
  3. 3. 1.2 is an off-line Free downloadable software product developed by artists collective, Mons software offers you an experimental way of linking data together into a multimedia matrix
  4. 4. wwwGRL – http://www.graffitiresearchlab.com
  5. 5. For the Adelaide Festival 2002 our proposal was to make a Festival which was:“an opportunity to return to a primary experience of the function of art and culture. Putting the art backinto culture, when culture functions as the imaginative space of society that actively engages in theissues and concerns of the day, celebrating the intangible, spiritual, epic nature of life. Fundamentalto this function is process -- in which artists and audiences contribute and participate -- so that a pointof performance or exhibition is experienced as one of many interfaces along a cultural journey.Debate is an essential component of this process because the discussion of ideas, the exchange ofinformation and expertise, creates imaginative space for art, culture and society to combinemeaningfully, and makes work that is in constant dialogue with its audiences.” Adelaide Festival 2002 Artistic Team. Artistic Director: Peter Sellars; Associate Directors: Angharad Wynne Jones, Jonathan Parsons, Amanda McDonald Crowley, Lynette Wallworth, Karl Telfer, Waiata Telfer, Brigit Ikin, Gay Bilson, Catherine Woolcock, Vision Statement from our Call for Proposals
  6. 6. 7
  7. 7. Mangkaja Artists The Ngurra canvas 1; Marrawarra and Jilahttp://www.adelaidebiennial.com/cocoon/adelaidebiennial/walmajarri.xml?thing=/adelaidebiennial/xsl_project.xsl
  8. 8. Justine Cooper - Transformers: installation shot
  9. 9. Justine Cooper - Transformers
  10. 10. Justine Cooper –Scientific Serendipity residency, Museum of Natural History, NYC
  11. 11. NETWORKED EXPERIENCE CRUISE:SILJA OPERA FERRY STOCKHOLM-MARIENHAMN-TALLINNISEA2004 CRUISE included, in addition toprogramming on 3 stages and some 20 The ICOLS Strategy Defense and Arms Fairinstallations on the ferry professional workshops, The International Corporation of Lost Structures, an international network of artists from the UK,networking sessions, round table lunches and Hungary, Australia, the USA, Canada, Germany… propose a moving trade fair of strategies, defenses and Arms designed by the component department (artists groups) s of ICOLS. The display will consisttalks around the theme Networked experience. of computer/screen based works, models, prototypes, text, images and sound, as well as a wireless game that will take place between the ISEA sites and the ferry. The project will also have a web-site component optimised for mobile devices.Several media artists and design projects turnthe ship into a nomadic experience laboratory,organising games and creating sound projectsthat map locations via GPSThe ferry visits Marienhamn, the capital of Åland,a demilitarized zone and an autonomous part ofFinland. This marks the beginning of discussionsand tactical media projects around the themeGeopolitics of media, before continuing on toTallinn. In Åland projects will focus on gaming,activisms, tactical strategies and an explorationof the politics of media! http://www.isea2004.net
  12. 12. Nigel Heyler, Sarah Jane Pell, Ionat Zurr, Oron Catts (AU): Lifeboat - Tissue Culture
  13. 13. Nigel Heyler, Sarah Jane Pell, Ionat Zurr, Oron Catts (AU): Lifeboat - Tissue Culture
  14. 14. Charles Kriel (USA/UK/BBC resident vj): VJ & DJ set
  15. 15. Maria Miranda & Norie Neumark (AU): Seance
  16. 16. Deadbeat (Mutek, CA): Live set
  17. 17. Toinen Linja (FI): sound installation under water
  18. 18. research and development * creation/ production * learning and engagement * presentation and public programs
  19. 19. FEEDBACK
  20. 20. Engaging Audiences: Workshops
  21. 21. Mouna Andraos: Personal Powercart
  22. 22. Preemptive Media: Areas Immediate Reading
  23. 23. Re:Group: Beyond Models of C onsensus
  24. 24. ws, and offer opportunities for deep public engagement. head presentations, X-Lab might be described as an unExhibition where, rather than pres
  25. 25. X-L A BHackathon: Hacks + Hackers in action!
  26. 26. X-L A B
  27. 27. X-L A BX-Lab Salon Series - discussion Brooke Singer and Stefani Bardin: The Counter Kitchen Make your own Personal PowerPlant - workshop
  28. 28. X-L A BTEDx Midtown: Opening the Space Portal - presentation Make your own Personal PowerPlant - workshop
  29. 29. X-L A B