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"Food in the City", was a presentation I gave as part of the series Food and Emerging Media Speaker Series, organized by Stefani Bardin, where she invited artists, farmers, architects, curators and historians whose work and research focus on how technology has mediated our relationship to food.

Food in the City presented a range of inspirations: artists who have been working on projects as diverse as urban farming, food mapping, and eating in an art context. Food in the City is an initiative which will bring together media artists, cooks, environmentalists and food activists to embrace technological innovation and environmental, sustainable and regenerative concerns consistent with green and open source ventures and sustainability. Ap

April 1, 2010

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Food in the City

  1. 1. education * research and development * artistic creation/ production * presentation and public programs
  2. 2. SUSTAINABILITY RESEARCH GROUPFOOD AND TECHNOLOGYWWW.EYEBEAM.ORG/RESEARCH/SUSTAINABILITYWWW.EYEBEAM.ORG/EVENTS/FEEDBACK “Our goals are to improve the internal practices, physical infrastructure and materials used at Eyebeam to create a lab for workable sustainable solutions, to educate ourselves and the public through programs and exhibitions, and to facilitate the creation of sustainability-related projects at and beyond Eyebeam.”
  3. 3. SHARECROPPERWWW.SHARECROPPERART.ORGLEAH GAUTIER“This is a personal journey exploringagricultural plant matter and wildedibles as sculptural material,community building through growingand cooking food, re-imagining landuse, and re-incorporating agrariansensibilities and simplicity intomodern life.”“Re-imagining land use to promoterare and endangered heirloomvegetable and herb growth.”- “Micro-Farm” concept- Organic Methods- Public Involvement - Volunteering - Discussions - Events - Cooking Performances VIDEO: SHARECROPPER NY DOCUMENTARY PT.1
  4. 4. WINDOWFARMSWWW.WINDOWFARMS.ORGBRITTA RILEY & REBECCA BRAY- Goal is to “initiate crowdsourcedinnovation with original concept: utilizingvertical window space to produce semi-sustainable food source. Initiateparticipants innovation and design ofpersonal microenvironments, designsharing, rediscovering their own capacity toinnovate, and playing an active role in thegreen revolution.”- Uses Web 2.0 Crowdsourcing and R&D-I-Y (Research and develop it yourself) toinitiate design innovation, implementation,and free information sharing. VIDEO: COOL HUNTING – WINDOW FARMS
  5. 5. TRUCK FARMSWWW.WICKEDELICATE.COM- Both an actual Truck Farm andan ongoing documentary on thesubject, the Truck Farm projectattempts to portray the biggerpicture of the urban foodproduction movement- From the creators of King Corn,and The Greening of Southie,Truck Farm is an online, weeklydocumentary highlighting theresponse and the overarchingconcepts of the project. VIDEO: TRUCK FARMS TEASER
  6. 6. AMY FRANCESCHINIWWW.FUTUREFARMERS.COM- Created Futurefarmers in 1995- International, collaborative effort betweenvarious artists- Utilizes new media and public space withinterest in gardening, food, social change, andtechnology.- Most work shares core values: - Interaction - Play & Accessibility - Visualization of Abstract Ideas - Local - Power of Connection VIDEO: AMY ON VICTORY GARDENS
  7. 7. FREE FARM FEEDWWW.FREEFARMFEED.ORGANDREA POLLI, EVE SIBLEY,& RYAN ROMERO- Automated twitter feed of weatherconditions from various stationsaround the world- Designed to provide instant localweather updates for urban farmersand gardeners- Each station updates once a dayand posts warning messages if thereare bad conditions.
  8. 8. RE:FARM THE CITYWWW.REFARMTHECITY.ORG- Works with widely available materialsto use modern software and technologyto manage urban food production- Utilises free or low-cost hardware andsoftware, along with as many recycledmaterials as possible- Aims to build re-creatable, manageableplant management systems withattention to biodiversity, native species,suited varieties, beneficial speciesrelationships, energy consumption, andtime and monetary input. VIDEO: SCARECROW HUMIDITY SENSORS
  9. 9. AGNES DENESAn early pioneers of both theenvironmental art movement andConceptual art.In 1982, she carried out what hasbecome one of the best-knownenvironmental art projects when sheplanted a two-acre field of wheat in avacant lot in downtown Manhattan.Wheatfield -- A Confrontation, theartwork yielded 1,000 lbs. of wheat in themiddle of New York City to comment on"human values and misplaced priorities".The harvested grain then traveled to 28cities worldwide in "The International ArtShow for the End of World Hunger" andwas symbolically planted around theglobe.
  10. 10. NOT A CORNFIELDLauren BonWWW.NOTACORNFIELD.COMNot A Cornfield was a transformation ofa 32 acre industrial brownfield in thehistoric center of Los Angeles into acornfield for one agricultural cycle. Thistemporary project is located just North ofChinatown and South of Lincoln Heightson a large stretch of land well known as“The Cornfield."With the close of the project, the artistsestablished a permanent research spacein Los Angeles.WWW.FARMLAB.ORG
  11. 11. ALICIA RIOSWWW.ALICIA-RIOS.COM- Food-based exhibitions since the1970’s- Inspiration drawn from the universalexperience of eating.- From photography to edible self-portraits to edible cities, Rios hasbrought the importance of food to theattention of numbers of people.- Pieces include: Organoleptic Deconstruction inThree Movements, La Cocinera, ChezPicasso, Afternoon Picnic with a Techno-Geisha, Australianas Mediterraneas, Fairof the Five Senses, Edible Hats,Temperate Menu, Edible Library, TheWorld of Fruit and Globalisation,Iconophagy, Urbanophagy, EdibleTongues, and Eat the Wall. VIDEO: Ali&Cia-“Otras Fagias”
  12. 12. MATTHEW NGUI- Exhibited works internationally,including the Sao Paulo Bienal, Brazil,Documenta X in Kassel, Germany, theVenice Biennale in Italy, and theGwangju Biennale in Korea.- Concerned with identity and culture- You can order and eat char kweyteow and You can order and eatdelicious poh-piahamongst other things allow the viewerto speak to Ngui through a series ofpipes, while he responds from anotherroom through text on a screen. Theviewer is encouraged to order and eat,and afterwards the used plates are ondisplay.
  13. 13. RIRKRIT TIRAVANIJA- Installations often include stages orspaces for meals, cooking, reading,and music.- In many cases, he prepares food forviewers himself, creating a socialinteraction that is unusual inconventional gallery spaces.
  14. 14. SHU LEA CHEANG- Works with a variety of mediums, including net-based installations, social interface, and filmproduction.- Drive by Dining (2002) – Wifi devices were placedthroughout a diner space and a camera on a cranetook pictures of a dinner party which were streamedonline.- Garlic= Rich-Air (2003) – Ground and web-basedtrading based on a post economic-collapse 2030society which uses garlic as a form of currency.
  15. 15. NATALIE JEREMIJENKOWWW.ENVIRONMENTALHEALTHCLINIC.NET- Experimental design (xDesign) with emphasison biochemistry, physics, neuroscience,precision engineering, and visual art.- Focuses on socio-techincal change andpressing environmental issues.Projects Include: Environmental Health Clinic, XEROXPARC, ZOOZ: Exploring Reciprocity in the Zoo,Amphibious Architecture, D4PA: Designed 4Political Action, OOZ, HowStuffIsMade, FeralRobots, BIT Lane, Biotech Hobbyist VIDEO: CROSS SPECIES DINNER
  16. 16. FREE RANGE GRAINWWW.CRITICAL-ART.NET/FRG.HTML- Tested food products for geneticallymodified materials.- Initiated discourse on biotechnologyand public information.- Provided insight on the currentregulations on food modification andinternational trade.
  17. 17. MATTHEW MOOREWWW.URBANPLOUGH.COM- Last of four generations a family farmoutside of Phoenix, AZ on the brink ofsuburban development.- Explores similarities betweencommercial agriculture and suburbandevelopment, as well as personalidentity as it is dictated by his familysland and history.- looks “at these dilemmas which revealthe impact of the American dream onour society and the land as we transitiontoward a post agrarian nation.”
  18. 18. MILK PROJECTWWW.MILKPROJECT.NETESTHER POLAK- GPS technology to track the movement of milkfrom Latvian farmers to consumers (turning intocheese somewhere in between) throughoutEurope.- GPS devices were distributed to differentparticipants, and their stories and travels aredocumented on-line.NOMADIC MILKWWW.NOMADICMILK.NETESTHER POLAK AND EDWIN DERTIEN- Follows dairy transporters and Fulaninomadic herdsmen in Nigeria, trackingboth their routes with GPS.- Creates a colorful sand drawing on theground, visualizing the variety of dairytransports that take place throughoutNigeria.
  19. 19. KATE RICH- Created Feral TradeWWW.FERALTRADE.ORG- Public experiment using social networksto trade goods internationally.- Co-Founded BIT: Bureau of InverseTechnology
  20. 20. URBAN EDIBLESWWW.URBANEDIBLES.ORG- Community-based mapping projectproviding free, natural found foodsources throughout each target city.- Uses Google MyMaps to allowanyone with a free Google account tofind and educate others of safe, localfound food sources (such asoverhanging fruit trees, food shrubs,etc.).- Available in Portland, OR, Boulder,CO, and Amsterdam, while LosAngeles and the Santa Clara Valleyhave similar found food maps throughother organizations. VIDEO: URBAN EDIBLES ON KGW NEWS
  21. 21. FoAMWWW.FO.AM/GREENING- Groworld Initiative- International pool of innovatorsworking to tackle complexchallenges in our cultural,technological, and ecologicalenvironments using ethically andsustainable practices.- Luminous Green Series is anannual gathering aimed at enrichingpublic debate around environmentalsustainability, ethical living and eco-technology.
  22. 22. ANDES SPROUTS SOCIETYWWW.ANDESSPROUTSSOCIETY.US- Founded by Shu Lea Cheang, DeeDee Halleck,and Madalyn Warren- Community of artists, scientists, and architectswith an ongoing exchange of knowledge andlabor within urban gardening, field farming,sustainability, and emergent media exploration.- Property is 21 acre farm in Delaware County,NY
  23. 23.