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How Luxury Retailers are using Augmented Reality


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Luxury retailers are using AR for many reasons, from augmenting the in-store experience to offering contactless AR try-on. What innovations are there in beauty tech in a post-COVID-19 world? Fashion futurist Amanda Cosco provides examples of augmented reality activations by luxury fashion brands before delving into opportunities in this space, from magic mirrors to holographic models to interactive display windows that come to life with digital technology.

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How Luxury Retailers are using Augmented Reality

  1. 1. MAY 2020 How Luxury Retailers use Augmented Reality
  3. 3. CHANEL Uses AR to enhance physical marketing efforts Holiday pop-up lasted 4 days at The Standard in New York Chanel transformed the boutique hotel in a busy shopping area into a winter wonderland AR app experience could be accessed via a Snapchat lens or downloading an app via AR Lenses
  4. 4. DIOR, GUCCI French fashion house Dior has created a series of filters for Snapchat and Facebook for  trying on accessories such as hats and sunglasses in AR Gucci launched a feature within its iOS app that enables users to try on its line of ACE sneakers in AR  Both experiences bring people closer to the brands and help them visualize wearing its products AR Filters
  5. 5. BURBERRY Burberry launched an AR shopping tool through Google Search technology The tool allows consumers to experience Burberry products  embedded in the environment around them, enhancing their research and shopping experience online The experience was rolled out in tandem with the opening of Burberry’s new retail shop in Tokyo Embedded Experiences
  6. 6. AR Opportunities Runway Shows Mirrors Showrooms Windows
  7. 7. AR Runway Shows RUNWAY YOUR WAY Runway shows were already expensive and resource-consuming  AR adheres to social distancing and invites everyone into the front row experience Not just live-streams of runway events, but actually recreating looks on holographic or AR models that you can see walk around in your backyard or living room
  8. 8. AR Mirrors MIRRORS AS DIGITAL ASSISTANTS AR mirrors to help us try on different outfits, discover our personal style, and assist us with online purchases  Magic Mirrors move from in-store to in-home, becoming assistants to help us with everything from working out to getting dressed for the day
  9. 9. AR Showrooms A UNIQUE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE Augmented reality can replicate the in- store experience anywhere AR to become the standard for rending products and conducting product research See Kohl's recent collaboration with Snapchat - is this the future of retail in a post-COVID-19 world??
  10. 10. AR Windows WINDOW SHOPPING AS AN INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE AR can add a whole new layer of digital storytelling and interactivity to window displays Displays can come to life in AR to create memorable moments that can be captured and shared on social media See Helen Papagiannis' work on
  11. 11. Sources & Further Reading: Chanel’s New Pop-up at the Standard Is a Stylish, High-Tech Winter Wonderland (The Observer) Virtual Runway: Armani (XR Goes Pop) Louis Vuitton Window Displays (XR Goes Pop): Gucci’s iOS app lets you try shoes on remotely in AR (Venture Beat) Three Take Over Fashion Week with a Virtual Adwoa Aboah Hitting the Runway Powered by 5G (Complex) Mastercard Eyes the Future of Retail with AR (YouTube)
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