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Masters inventory


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Masters inventory

  1. 1. Inventory The Longest Process….. Gail Masters Library Systems Officer Southbank Institute of Technology
  2. 2. Redevelopment of Southbank Institute • Organisational Restructure • Amalgamation of Four Campuses • New Four Level Library • Two Data Migrations
  3. 3. Time to inventory… Investigations begin • PDAs • PocketCirc Software • Existing Equipment • Inventory Work Instructions
  4. 4. Inventory Scanning Options • Directly into Workflows • Portable Memory Scanners • Laptops/Attached Scanners
  5. 5. Format of Upload File • File Format for Uploading into Workflows SCANNER|200911220800|A45467845B SCANNER|200911220800|A45467873B SCANNER|200911220800|A45467899B • Uploaded File Extension = .sav
  6. 6. Inventory Begins…. • Call Number Range Count Report • Run Set Inventory Date Report in Workflows • Scan barcodes in Call Number Areas • Download scanned data into NotePad
  7. 7. Data File Manipulation Flowchart Transfer barcode data to Excel fileTransfer barcode data to Excel file Save as… Text (Tab Delimited)Save as… Text (Tab Delimited) Change format in MS WordChange format in MS Word Rename file extension in NotePadRename file extension in NotePad Upload file into WorkFlowsUpload file into WorkFlows Download barcodes into NotePadDownload barcodes into NotePad
  8. 8. Process – Modify Text File • Copy barcodes from the saved NotePad file • Open Workflows Upload Template (Excel file) • Paste barcodes into Column C of the Template • Delete all empty rows after the last barcode • Save as File Type - Text (Tab Delimited)
  9. 9. Process – Format in MS Word • Open the saved Text file in Microsoft Word • Change Formatting using the Replace function • Replace ( ^t ) with ( | ) pipe delimiter • Change file extension from .txt to .sav in File Name • Retain .txt in Save As Type • Example file name: Gen A- D.sav.txt
  10. 10. Process – Change File Extension in NotePad • Open the saved file in NotePad • Open the saved Word file .sav.txt • Saving the file NotePad strips out MS Word formatting • Delete the .txt element in File Name • Change File Type to All Files
  11. 11. Upload Barcode File into WorkFlows • Open the Scanner Wizard in Workflows • Retrieve the Inventory Device ‘Intermec 2410’ • Browse and select the .sav file pathway • Upload the file into Workflows • Run the Load Scanned Barcode Report
  12. 12. Conclusion Disadvantages of Using this Process • Time Consuming • Repetitive Task • Risk of Errors/Corrupt Files Benefits • Utilisation of Existing Equipment • Accurate Database Holdings • Accurate Item Counts
  13. 13. Thank You