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What Millennials Expect from Financial Services


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With 80 million members and direct annual spending power of $200 billion, the millennial generation is a huge opportunity that financial services firms can’t afford to miss. This infographic explains what millennials expect from their financial service institutions in order to gain their much valued business.

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What Millennials Expect from Financial Services

  1. 1. Millennials expect their financial institutions to be mobile and web friendly. Unfortunately for the Financial Industry, according to the Millennial Disruption Index say mobile capabilities are “very” or “extremely important have never even visited their branch.27% Millennials want their banks to be socially connected. of affluent millennials seek financial thought leadership through at least 1 social network. more finance related content on LinkedIn Millennials want their banks to empower them with information. 13 times 47%find access to retirement and investing educational content to be “very” or “extremely” helpful. 60%say it’s “very” or “extremely” important for financial firms to provide them educational content. Millennials conduct more research on their own before making contacting a financial institution, so they appreciate firms that have resources readily available. with an annual spending power of 80 million millennials What Millennials expect from Financial Services Learn more about data-driven marketing strategies to target millennials at Resources