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Reference: Rodney Africa - Partner @ Webber Wentzel - Indigo Consulting/Amanda Brinkmann

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Reference rodney africa webber wentzel

  1. 1. 15th Floor, Convention Tower, Heerengracht, Foreshore, Cape TownSouth Africa, 8001P O Box 3667, Cape Town, South Africa, 8000Docex 34 Cape TownT +27 21 431 7000www.webberwentzel.comTO WHOM IT MAY CONCERNYour reference Our reference Date Mr RB Africa 08 November 2012Dear Sir / MadamAMANDA BRINKMANN1. I have been asked to furnish a reference on behalf of AMANDA BRINKMANN.2. I am currently a partner at Webber Wentzel specialising in public law. Having worked in this sphere of law for approximately the past 16 years, I have dealt with, and continue to deal with, officials representing various spheres of Government.3. My engagement with Amanda stems from a proposed project between the Provincial Government of the Western Cape ("PGWC") and our client, the details of which are confidential and not relevant for the purpose hereof.4. In my interaction with Amanda, I have found her level of professionalism to be exceptional compared to my usual engagements with Government and as such she is an excellent ambassador for the PGWC.5. I have found Amanda to be a highly confident, assertive and enthusiastic individual, displaying acute problem-solving skills and a good work ethic. There is no doubt that these admirable qualities are all encompassed by her loyalty, dedication and commitment in protecting the interests of the PGWC and enhancing developmental Government. She is, in particular, highly informative and alive to the vision and mandate of the PGWC in general, and not only the Department of Health.6. Her strong ethics, integrity and honesty were evident in the way she engaged with and treated the various stakeholders in the aforementioned project and she added value.7. In the short period of time that I have known her, I have found her to be totally independent, punctual, highly reliable and highly innovative. In addition, she is also a very likeable person.1589347_1.DocxBOTSWANA | BURUNDI | ETHIOPIA | KENYA | MALAWI | MAURITIUS | MOZAMBIQUE | RWANDA | SOUTH AFRICA | TANZANIA | UGANDA | ZAMBIAWebber Wentzel is a firm of attorneys and other legal and professional advisers and a member of ALN, a network of independent leading law firms in AfricaPartners in office at Cape Town: RB Africa B Aronoff HJ Bester AR Bowley KM Colman MA Diemont HJ du Preez M Ebrahim AE Esterhuizen MJR Evans G FitzmauriceS Hockey PM Holloway AR James KA Jarvis S Jooste LA Kahn A Keyser CS Meyer VS Moodaley LE Mostert L Stein ER Swanepoel A Toefy PZ Vanda DM VisagieConsultants in office at Cape Town: S YoungSenior Partner: DM Lancaster Partners: RB Africa NG Alp B Aronoff BA Baillie JM Bellew A Bennett HJ Bester DHL Booysen AR Bowley PG Bradshaw JL BucklandMS Burger RS Coelho KM Colman KE Coster K Couzyn Z Dasoo JH Davies JHB de Lange S de Vries MA Diemont DA Dingley HJ du Preez CP du Toit M EbrahimJC Els AE Esterhuizen MJR Evans GA Fichardt JB Forman JP Gouws PD Grealy SN Gumede VW Harrison JM Harvey MH Hathorn WA Hiepner NA HlatshwayoS Hockey PM Holloway MGH Honiball SJ Hutton AR James KA Jarvis S Jooste LA Kahn M Kennedy A Keyser PSG Leon DB le Roux L Marais S McCaffertyMC McIntosh SI Meltzer SM Methula CS Meyer AJ Mills JA Milner D Milo VS Moodaley NN Moshesh VM Movshovich MM Mtshali MB Nzimande N Paige N ParbhooAMT Pardini AS Parry GR Penfold NJA Robb DC Rudman JW Scholtz KE Shepherd DH Short GM Sibanda AJ Simpson N Singh L Stein PS Stein LJ SwaineER Swanepoel CK Theodosiou A Toefy D Vallabh PZ Vanda GJ van der Linde JP van der Poel N van Dyk D Venter MG Versfeld TA Versfeld DM VisagieJWL Westgate KL Williams RH Wilson M Yudaken Chief Operating Officer: SA Boyd
  2. 2. Page 28. If this reference is in any way required because she is leaving the PGWC, it would certainly be a great loss for the PGWC and most definitely a huge gain for any future employer/s.Yours faithfullyWEBBER WENTZELRodney AfricaDirect tel: +27 21 431 7241Direct fax: +27 21 431 8241Email: LETTER IS BEING SENT ELECTRONICALLY AND THEREFORE NOT SIGNED. IF REQUIRED, A SIGNED COPYWILL BE SENT TO YOU.