Amanda BrinkmannSnapshots from a life-long journey of learning, growth, change, vision, innovation and being part of the  ...
I am most definitely not into short-termism and am comfortable working with five, ten, 15 and 25 yeartime horizons. I am n...
I have suddenly realised that it is true that one is good, wherever you find yourself and that because Ihave never stopped...
around. I am of the strong belief that this power really does reside within the hands of the people of       this beautifu...
Amanda BRINKMANN – INDIGO CONSULTING                               Curriculum VitaeADDRESS: Physical           Peace of He...
1987 to current: Appendix A [Pgs. 20-21]: Life-long                    learning, short courses, personal mastery, knowledg...
WORK EXPERIENCE:Head of Strategic Partnerships: Western Cape GovernmentSpecial Adviser to the Minister of Health & Leader ...
   The Health Foundation: Western Cape: - Visioned the creation of the Foundation in 2009 with    Minister Botha. Indepen...
greatest privilege I have had in my career to date and provided me with immense satisfaction.   The challenges were someti...
Responsible for formulating sales strategy and building relationships with Blue Chip clients, brands andStakeholders. Resp...
Operations Manager: New Business Development: Media24                                                                     ...
I therefore agreed to join the company, with the view of building a career and future within the group– bringing my experi...
responsible for management and implementation of this on-going process. It also included       devising of overall distrib...
The Engine Room was the first advertising agency to have a fully-fledged Desk-Top Publishing [DTP]studio. I was responsibl...
As a result, I was approached by the editor of Rooi Rose magazine, to take over the Promotionsfunction within the publicat...
imposed upon growth and development and that I play a small part of creating a future that I wouldbe proud to inhabit.REFE...
   Urban and Spatial Planning – including Densification, developmental nodes, designing for    sustainability   Sociolog...
From: Bertus de Waal []Sent: 19 November 2012 08:04 AMTo: Amanda BrinkmannSubject: RE: ...
Yours, always,HaroldProf. Dr. Harold E. RoblesFounder & PresidentHeadquartersP.O.Box 332, 3233 ZG Oostvoorne, The Netherla...
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Indigo consulting amanda brinkmann comprehensive cv 2013 v 2


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The story of Indigo Consulting & Amanda Brinkmann - my value and values captured within this profile. This document provides a glimpse into what drives me, my purpose, meaning and what I am able, willing and passionate to contribute to make the world a better place.

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Indigo consulting amanda brinkmann comprehensive cv 2013 v 2

  1. 1. Amanda BrinkmannSnapshots from a life-long journey of learning, growth, change, vision, innovation and being part of the collective, creative consciousness I am and have always been, fascinated by words and language. These two abilities are after all what separate human beings from other life forms, in that it confers upon us the ability to take each single, meaningful element of speech, each word, which is its own conceptual unit of language and string those together so as to create meaning and some semblance of sense out of our world, our views, our beliefs and our experiences. We are able to use words and language to make promises, deliver messages, share information, impart knowledge, describe our inner-most musings and feelings and to give voice and expression to who we are, what we believe in and how we situate ourselves in context of others and the ever-expanding universe. It follows, that in defining and describing some of who I am, what I believe in, what drives me and what sits at my core, words and their meaning become powerful mnemonics, as they provide descriptions of inner reflections as well as from the outer world and how it and the people in it, have reflected back to me in the continuing process of personal mastery and definition of self. As you read through the story of my career, my life-long learning, the scope of what I have been exposed to, you will notice that I have so far, had the privilege of having lived a varied, stimulating, constantly challenging and interesting life and career. A great many of my choices have been driven by my near insatiable thirst and hunger for knowledge, as you will notice from the Appendix that describes what I have mastered in respect of subject matter, concepts, methodologies, knowledge, via active experimentation, on-going study and learning as well as in situ practice over the past 25 years. For me, it is however about more than just knowing things. Very often, people know things or facts, but they do not understand how this knowledge fits into a specific context. So, further than knowledge, it is about the comprehension of what this knowledge really means and most importantly, how I can apply it and find practical uses for it. I now know and have made peace with the fact that I am driven by a true sense of curiosity and how I am able to see the inter-relatedness of all things and always have been able to. The how and why were given shape and form, by the results of the Modified Career Path Appreciation [MCPA]. The outcome of the MCPA, though a one-dimensional measure of part of who I am, has provided meaning and clarity as to why I have perceived the world in a particular, integrated way and how I could always „see‟ the future, and more so, a range of possible futures, so clearly and easily and how I could break it all down to actions in the present which could co-create the future that we would choose. Inside of my cranium, the world, the universe, the collective consciousness within which we all exist, looks like a 100 000 piece puzzle, where I am able to immediately situate any issue, problem, challenge, piece of information and understand its inter-relatedness to all other things. I am most comfortable and in flow when I work at the highest levels of complexity and am able to instantly grasp a variety of futures, but have been blessed with the ability to work backwards and to craft simple, effective solutions, strategies and implementation plans for seemingly very complex problems. I now understand that seeing such futures with such clarity is very daunting for most people and have therefore, through personal mastery and introspection, been able to create frameworks and methodologies through which I engage those around me in mental modelling, in a trusting and safe environment and guide, facilitate and lead the process of „getting them to‟ these possible futures. Once they are part of the ideation and ownership, I am now able to move forward much easier and at a swifter pace. My own frustration is therefore not an issue anymore, as I clearly understand that seeing 30 years ahead so very clearly, is really rather scary for most people. I now have the tools to structure my own expectations, to strategise and bring people on board, in a slow, facilitated and safe manner, to see this future with me. I work with a strong shadow network of like-minded individuals to make a great many things a reality within the shortest possible time. 1
  2. 2. I am most definitely not into short-termism and am comfortable working with five, ten, 15 and 25 yeartime horizons. I am not the person who is simply prepared to stick a Band-Aid on a gaping wound. Icomprehend the systemic issues and behaviours that create current future and I am therefore able todesign and drive implementation plans that ensure the co-creation and co-production of a futurethat is very different to that which is nearly pre-determined by birth and circumstance.I am driven by the improvement of the human condition, by what is in the interest of the muchgreater good, the collective universal consciousness. I function from the basis of a globalconsciousness that is able to find expression within micro-environments, but that form part of thisinfinite tessellation of which I can see the constituent parts of.Other words, phrases or labels and their meanings that have been reflected at me from the worldand people that I have had the privilege of engaging with are: * Visionary * Visionary and servantLeader * Teacher and mentor * Mother and caregiver * Futurist * Social Engineer * DemocraticSocialist * Pragmatic Idealist * Problem-solver * Innovator * Highly Analytical * Creative * Eccentric *Maven * Connector* Strategist * Inspiring and energising * Professional * Authentic * Passionate *Dedicated * Loyal * Change Agent * Systems thinker and designer * Motivator * Undaunted by anychallenge * Positive* Transformational leadership style* Humanist.I take pride in my ability to tackle every task and project with all of my energy and to really getting tothe bottom of a problem or challenge. I believe in getting my hands dirty, truly understanding the fullscope of a business and its perceived problems, challenges and objectives and then presenting arange of innovative, practical and integrated solutions and strategies that are goal directed andmeasurable.I have found that the people in every organisation and within their communities are key contributorsto finding, iterating and ideating the solutions to a great many complex problems and challenges. Icommunicate well with people across the board and have found that by involving each stakeholderin the process of finding workable solutions, it is that much easier to achieve results. Organisationaland community buy-in is one of the cornerstones of meeting most objectives. I have learned that Ihave the ability to honour the history, the cultural influences, the life-journey and beliefs of all peoplethat I engage with, but that after this process, am able to reach consensus in respect of ourcombined, mutually beneficial outcomes and therefore inspire people to take hands and to worktowards an agreed outcome. I break down silos and barriers, so as to optimise resources, pool themand generally, use fewer resources to deliver more.I furthermore believe that the secret is not only in the ability to listen, but more so in the ability tocommunicate clearly, succinctly and with intent; and in the process of delegation, to ensure thateach stakeholder fully comprehends and takes ownership of their roles and responsibilities within theobjectives framework. Mentorship, empowerment and an emphasis on the strengths of individualswithin an organisation are all issues that are close to my heart and part of my leadership/management approach. I lead from the front, as well as pushing my people gently forward frombehind. I have reached the stage in my career and life where what I am engaged in is not about me,but about what I am able to contribute. I am therefore the author of a great many things, but mysignature remains miniscule, as I would far rather give the credit to those who journey along with me.Only I need to know that I have been part of systemic, real change – this is what drives me – the deeplove of my country, its people, the African soil and the potential that sits locked up within the handsand hearts of each and every South African.I have the ability to spot trends before or as they emerge and to recognise their potential value to anorganisation. Once I have an instinct, I will not rest until I have exhausted all avenues of research togain as much knowledge and input as possible and to translate that into pro-active strategies to thebenefit of the business, project or organisation I am involved in or with. I am known for being a lateralthinker and trailblazer – and am not afraid to take calculated risks in the interest of improvingoperational efficiencies and thereby, the bottom line or outcomes. 2
  3. 3. I have suddenly realised that it is true that one is good, wherever you find yourself and that because Ihave never stopped learning and integrating my knowledge to problem-solve, design adaptivesystems, up-skill and lead my employees, I will more than likely become more and more of a valuablecommodity in the market place. As you will see when reading the story of my career and what I havemastered, you will notice that I am in the fortunate position to be a generalist specialist, who hasnever been confined to just one narrow field of work, study or scope and that this, along with mysystems view of the world, I have come to realise represents a huge competitive advantage for anycompany or organisation that makes use of my services. When I commit to a cause, process oroutcome, I commit more than 100% and dedicate myself to delivering all and more than what isrequired and expected. That is simply part of my work ethic.To quote Richard Buckminster Fuller with whom I find a strong connection and resonance with hiswork and well as how he sees things: “I am not a genius. I‟m just a tremendous bundle ofexperience.”I am driven by real purpose, meaning, the pursuit of complete freedom and justice for the people ofmy country, continent and if I am able to fulfil my life‟s work, I would hope that it could have impactglobally in respect of creating a future that is very different from what is near destiny at present.The fact that I have been able to determine the scope and boundaries of my work, has meant that Ihave had the privilege of working across all three [3] spheres of government, have gained anunderstanding of how the whole system works and inter-relates, partnered with a range of officials,spheres of government, departments, NGO‟s, private sector individuals and companies, researchinstitutions and academia. I have also had the privilege, through the broad spectrum of projects, ofbeing very much connected to the people of this province and country, on the ground and on theirhome turf. This experience, combined with my entrepreneurial and social bent, as well as deep andvaried private sector experience, help to create a new and mutually understood language andnarrative.The meaning attached to my purpose is related to being aware, more patently than ever, of thedignity of servitude, that I wake up to serve 5.5 million people in this province, 48 million in this countryand potentially, if I fulfil my life‟s journey and work, this work could positively impact lives inSub-Saharan Africa and other developing countries. The over-arching end goal of improvement ofquality of life and building a bright and very different future to what is currently nearly pre-determinedis what guides me.For now, it is pertinent to note that I have viewed economic and social development as inextricablylinked to the health, wellness and economic growth and developmental outcomes of our country.These linkages were confirmed by the integration of research, academic reviews, activeexperimentation over the past 3 years and the continued iteration and narration of a model, that Ihave titled, „ Passport to Wellness‟, which seeks to disrupt the socialisation process and circumstanceinto which our children are born and within which their futures are often pre-determined.Development remains a multi-dimensional process, which requires the re-organisation andre-orientation of the social and economic systems in their totality – by: * Producing morenecessities/needs [food, shelter, health care etc.] and broadening distribution * Increasing standardof living and self-esteem * Expanding economic and social choices * Reducing fear of the future.I would be more than content to be branded a „prophet of doom‟, given the current reality = currentfuture that I describe within my model. I am however compelled to step up and to use my voice tooffer an alternate, shared vision, which could change this future into a future that we will all be proudto inhabit.I embrace the fact that I must be one of the pioneers who are able to see the current future as it ispre-destined by circumstance and visualise a new and prosperous future and redesign the system sothat we achieve this new and prosperous future, rather than current future. We cannot live in a stateof denialism. We must seize the power of NOW to start the process of turning the cycle of poverty 3
  4. 4. around. I am of the strong belief that this power really does reside within the hands of the people of this beautiful, rainbow nation of ours. This process involves constantly trying to balance conflicting goals, objectives and interests and involves the simultaneous pursuit of economic prosperity, environmental quality and social equity, known as the three dimensions or the Triple bottom line. Through my intense studies into the multiple layers of sustainability, I have no doubt that it is possible to achieve this balance. The world really has started shifting and we are moving into a new era of sustainability. On a personal note, I can include that I am obsessed with reading (every magazine title, newspaper and book that I can lay my hands on), with life-long learning, love interior decorating, love my children and family, have an extended “family” of friends whom I entertain regularly with experimental dishes and I change the interior of my home at least twice a year, as the mood takes me. These are my physical creative outlets and ensure that my life stays in balance. I have a strong support network and am therefore able to focus my efforts and energy on my career and work. I am also able to travel/commute, should that be required of me. “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Richard Buckminster Fuller [1895-1983] “In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete.” ― Richard Buckminster Fuller “I am enthusiastic over humanity‟s extraordinary and sometimes very timely ingenuity. If you are in a shipwreck and all the boats are gone, a piano top buoyant enough to keep you afloat that comes alongmakes a fortuitous life preserver. But this is not to say that the best way to design a life preserver is in the form of a piano top. I think that we are clinging to a great many piano tops in accepting yesterday‟s fortuitous contrivings as constituting the only means for solving a given problem.” ― Richard Buckminster Fuller [2] “With this faith, we will transform the jangling discord of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood, where we will work together, pray together, struggle together to stand up for freedom together – knowing that we will ALL be free one day. Let freedom REIGN – let us all join hands and sing – FREE AT LAST”. [ Martin Luther King Jnr – I have a dream speech] “The things to do are: the things that need doing: that you see need to be done and that no one else seems to see need to be done. Then you will conceive your own way of doing that which needs to be done -- that no one else has told you to do or how to do it. This will bring out the real you that often gets buried inside a character that has acquired a superficial array of behaviours induced or imposed by others on the individual”. --- R. Buckminster Fuller 4
  5. 5. Amanda BRINKMANN – INDIGO CONSULTING Curriculum VitaeADDRESS: Physical Peace of Heaven, Protea Rd, Klapmuts, 7625 Postal P.O. Box 49, Klapmuts, 7625TELEPHONE +27 828900663 MobileEMAIL ADDRESS ab_indigo@iafrica.comDATE OF BIRTH 13 January 1967ID nr 6701130018085STATUS EngagedNATIONALITY South African and AfricanLANGUAGES English : Speak, read, write : exceptional command Afrikaans : Speak, read and write : exceptional command German : Speak [rusty], read and write Latin : Basic command Italian and Spanish : ReadEDUCATION: 1984: Matriculated at Sentraal High School, Bloemfontein 1986-1987: B.Iuris: University of the Orange Free State – uncompleted: married and moved to Cape Town 5
  6. 6. 1987 to current: Appendix A [Pgs. 20-21]: Life-long learning, short courses, personal mastery, knowledge acquisition, practice 2012: Executive Development Programme: University of Stellenbosch Business School [ Appendix B –Pg 19] Graduated Cum Laude With 81% Grade Average. [ Pgs. 17 + 18] – NQF 8 level Honours/Masters Level mini MBA 2013: Accepted onto Executive MBA programme – UCT GSB MODIFIED CAREER PATH ASSESSMENT [MCPA] – Pgs.22-26 CareerLeader Assessment [ via UCTGSB] – Pgs27-39 Korn/Ferry ProSpective Self-Assessment [Pgs. 40-47] Korn-Ferry Network Assessment [ Pgs. 48-49] Indigo‟s Obligations: WCGOV contract – Pg 50 CHARACTER/WORK ETHIC REFERENCES: Pgs. 51 - onwardsCURRENT EMPLOYER CEO & Management Consultant: Indigo ConsultingCURRENT POSITION: Strategic Business Consultant, Management Consultant, Systems Thinker and Designer, Business Strategist & Transformational Leader – consulting to various private sector companies, government departments, provincial and national government, civil societyCOMPUTER SKILLS: Microsoft Word, Outlook and Explorer; touch type at speed; Powerpoint, Excel 6
  7. 7. WORK EXPERIENCE:Head of Strategic Partnerships: Western Cape GovernmentSpecial Adviser to the Minister of Health & Leader of Government Business: Western CapeGovernment [ Indigo Consulting: Company appointed to fulfil these obligations] 15 October 2009 December 2012In August 2009, Indigo Consulting was headhunted by Minister Theuns Botha [Minister of Health &Leader of Government Business: Western Cape Government] and Premier Zille to start the StrategicPartnerships Portfolio within Western Cape Government. It was recognised that in order to reachgovernment and society‟s outcomes and objectives, a more co-ordinated approach to partnershipswith an array of role players would be required. The role is non-political and non-partisan and mycompany is employed as a contractor, which means that I am neutral and focused on societaloutcomes only. [Appendix C: Pg. 35 – Obligations of the Contractor]No specific scope or definition existed for the portfolio and so the past 3 years of engagement andrelationship building in all provincial as well as municipal departments, with academia, civil society,philanthropic donors, embassies, consulates and private individuals, organisations and companies,have defined the scope of the portfolio. The portfolio, responsibilities and functions are diverse as perthe requirements of the diverse stakeholders. Key achievements are:  Robust working relationship established with Ministers, HOD‟s and officials across all departments in Western Cape Government.  Robust working relationship established with Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Councillors and officials at City of Cape Town. CoCT is lead on the large-scale Atlantis Revitalisation Project which I visioned and managed. [ R 30 billion project]  Thorough working knowledge of the Provincial Finance Management Act [ PFMA], Municipal Finance Management Act [ MFMA], procurement processes and procedures and a diverse range of pieces of legislation, policies and regulations. This has led to an eagle-eye, systems view of the inter-related nature of governing and governance. Such a view and knowledge base also allows for problem-solving and acts as solid foundation upon which to ensure that processes are streamlined and service delivery is enabled.  Co-creation of the Provincial Substance Abuse Strategy with emphasis on issues related to Alcohol Abuse. Member of the Provincial Liquor Task Team.  Working relationship with GreenCape and Wesgro. Member of the Waste-to-Energy Task Team. Advising on a range of sustainability projects.  Ideation and iteration of the Atlantis Revitalisation Strategy and Implementation Plan. This has been a complex, 2 year process. Economic leg is established and all 3 spheres of government are represented on the workgroup. Business Retention & Expansion survey completed and framework created. Public participation completed so as to finalise strategy and various community bodies. Implementation plan and budgeting process to commence thereafter.  Social strategy approved by Minister Fritz – Passport out of Poverty /To Wellness model adopted as strategic platform by Western Cape Department of Social Development. Engagement with CoCT counterparts to commence and framework and workgroup to be created. Atlantis project will result in best practice transversal Revitalisation model, with application to various community projects in the Western Cape as well as South Africa. COSATU and National Rescue Team part of the consultative process and on board.  Social Enterprise Strategy and Policy: Steered year-long process of consultation, working with Economic Development team, sectoral bodies, specialists, consulates and academics. Created broad strategy/policy document at end of 2011 – principle approval gained from all stakeholders. Policy unit in DOTP were briefed towards formal policy creation and implementation plan in process of negotiation between Dept of Social Development and Dept of Economic Development. Social Enterprise provides new job creation and service delivery improvement opportunities. 7
  8. 8.  The Health Foundation: Western Cape: - Visioned the creation of the Foundation in 2009 with Minister Botha. Independent consultants were briefed and embarked on a process of deep consultation with an array of potential stakeholders and partners. Confirmation that there is willingness from private sector and donors to partner with WC Dept of Health to improve service delivery and create new revenue streams towards service delivery expansion. Confirmation that they prefer, as per our instinct, to transact independently from and at arm‟s length of government. Working with Ernst & Young to establish The Health Foundation. Board was constituted in March 2012 with Dr Paul Cluver as chair. Corporate identity briefed and managed. This Foundation, if managed well and by a competent team, has the ability to accelerate partnership projects and improve service delivery and quality of service significantly. Due to the transversal nature of the portfolio as well as the access to all levels of officials, Ministers and officials and the mandate to „find the one way in which things can be done‟ from the Premier and Minister Botha, Strategic Partnerships has become known for its ability to unblock processes and to push projects and initiatives forward very swiftly. A great many letters of thanks as well as verbal interactions with a wide array of role players reflects this reality. Because of the diverse range of individuals and organisations that I have met with over the past 3 years, coupled with my systems thinking/strategic abilities, a large part of the role involves assisting these individuals and organisations to tailor their business plans so that they are better able to access donor funding. This in turn leads to the bedding down of services in our province. It has also been my pleasure and privilege to connect various NGO‟s with donors and to be supportive of their activities as those relate to the improvement of the quality of life of the citizens of our province. A great many NGO‟s have requested workshops with me, where we have assessed their current basket of services, done a gap analysis and whereafter I have facilitated introductions to NGO‟s, individuals and organisations who would be best able to fill the gaps in their service package. This has led to a multiplier effect of service delivery improvements in various communities in our province. Robust and respectful relationship with a vast array of NGO‟s and sectoral organisations, working across the spectrum of community based projects in the Western Cape as well as the rest of South Africa. Counsel and advice provided on an on-going basis + directing of new services creation so as to best deliver on combined objectives. Various projects within Department of Health: PinkDrive Mobile Mammography; Mobile Diagnostics Clinic and Laboratory with Fraunhofer Institut; GVI Oncology partnership in Eden District; Saturday Surgeries project – in collaboration with Red Cross Trust; Creating the Surgical Skills platform business case for implementation in 2012 and beyond; Wellness strategy – including Mobile Wellness Clinics; Catalysing Private/Public Sector workgroup to deal with nursing shortages; Clicks – Helping Hand Trust partnership; Unilever + Clicks – health messaging campaigns partnership; Pharmacy-led Mother and Baby model – to be rolled out to all willing private sector partners. Formulating, testing/piloting of components and peer review of the Passport to Wellness model – addressing the upstream determinants of downstream ill health and societal decay via a practical model. Endorsed by a vast array of sectoral organisations and academics, including: Dr Barbara Holtmann, Inyathelo, Prof Eric Atmore and Department of Social Development Western Cape. Comprehensive model to be piloted in Atlantis. Various pilot projects have delivered positive results beyond expectations. These projects are in process of being scaled and replicated including: School @ Centre of Community; Sizukhanyo Schools project; Delft Zoe School of Skills; Afrika Tikkun project in Mfuleni; Parenting Skills – various organisations; ECD – various models and projects; Micro & SMME development and expansion etc.The above provides a snapshot of some of the achievement and projects of the past 3 years andreflects the tip of the iceberg, as it were.It was a huge privilege to contribute towards leaving a legacy of positive change that is futurefocused. The purpose and meaning afforded me by working in government represents the 8
  9. 9. greatest privilege I have had in my career to date and provided me with immense satisfaction. The challenges were sometimes gargantuan, but I have yet to stumble upon a problem for which there is not a simple and practical solution. A small snapshot of partnership projects is available in document format, upon request.Sales & Strategy Director: Ads24: National Advertising & Marketing Sales Division: Media24Newspapers [100+ titles] 1 July 2008 - Sept 2009The scope of position included:General Management, Overall Strategic Direction & Management – Ads24 National, Sales Directionand Management, Operations, Client Relationship Management [ Executive Level], Strategicplanning, New Business Development, Organisational and Industry Innovation and Synergy – Ads24,Media24 Newspapers, Rebranding, restructure and launch of new branded identity and integratedservice offering, Financial management, budgeting, forecasting, people management.Main purpose of the position:1. Construction, management and implementation of the Ads24 National Sales and Marketing Strategies.2. Fulfilling key role in the analysis and interpretation of macro and micro economic trends and information – translation into strategy, implementation plans, training of staff + taking to market.3. Designing and implementation of Media24 newspapers Trade marketing strategy. Deliverable: Wrote Integrated Sales/Marketing and Trade Strategy and Plan during Nov 2008; briefed the Manager: Market Intelligence and ad agency. Second-round plan and creative approved. The very successful Project MeetMe rolled out in April 2009.4. Finding internal synergies between Ads24 and newspaper verticals towards streamlining operations and achieving overall financial and business efficiencies. Deliverable: Integrated multi-platform strategies to achieve maximum share of voice for Media24 newspapers; worked closely with Print24 as well as Media24 Logistics. Started greenfields projects with magazines, and digital division. Moved towards integration and transversal approaches to business, away from inefficient and ineffective silo approach.5. Day-to-day management of the Ads24 regional office and staff members.6. Devising a regional sales strategy in line with the overall national sales & marketing strategy. Deliverable: Maintenance of previous fiscal‟s actual revenue, under difficult trading conditions. Ads24 CT achieved 23% y/y growth during Jan 2009.7. Management and implementation of the regional sales strategy in context of the national sales strategy.8. Ensured that best practice people management processes were implemented and maintained - building Ads24 into a premier sales division. Deliverable: Worked closely with HR to devise detailed job descriptions and training programmes. Member of Media24 Training as well as Salaries & Remuneration work groups.9. Provided leadership to the various Sales Managers representing the Media24 newspapers verticals. Deliverable: Ensured that best practice and knowledge were shared with management teams at publication level towards establishing the One Voice, One Company, One Strategy ethic between Ads24 and publications.10. Interfaced with Executive leadership at blue-chip companies and heads of media agencies on an Executive senior management level.11. Within Media24, interfaced at Senior/Executive level – working towards overall M24 Newspapers synergies and operational efficiencies between Vertical partners and Divisions.Reporting to the CEO of Ads24, the Sales & Strategy Director was responsible for the construction,management and implementation of the Ads24 National Sales, Business and Marketing strategies. Ona day-to day basis, managing of the various National Sales Managers, as well as being the custodianof their portion of the National Sales budget for 100+ publications. 9
  10. 10. Responsible for formulating sales strategy and building relationships with Blue Chip clients, brands andStakeholders. Responsible for positioning the Ads24 Brand as top in its field. Responsible for the careergrowth of a diverse team of sales and support staff.Conceptualising, management and implementation of the Legends Media24 Newspapers Editorialand Advertising Excellence Awards programme and Gala event. First event launched on 11 July 2008.It has remained a legacy project and programme within Media 24 and has continued as an annualprogramme which culminates in an annual awards ceremony. I continue to consult on theprogression of the Legends brand, which has now grown in stature and value across the company.Finding internal Media24 synergies at publication, vertical and divisional levels – improve Ads24 andMedia24 Newspapers service and product offerings + achieve operational efficiencies, best practicesharing and streamlining of the business. Involved in company lead projects – where co-opted andrequired.Much was achieved in quite short space of time. The change management process was intenseand pushed a great many employees out of their comfort zones. The processes were however wellplanned, managed and monitored and the continued success of the division bears testimony to thestrong foundation that was laid. I remain in contact with „my team‟ on their insistence and act asmentor and provide guidance on an on-going basis. I consider this as a huge honour and privilegeand remain humbled by the fact that I am able to provide value in this way.General Manager: W/Cape and KZN – Ads24: National Sales & Marketing Division of Media24Newspapers [100+ titles] 1 May 2008- 30 June 2008During March and April 2008, I was seconded to assist with the setting of strategy for what was goingto be the „new‟ Ads24, under the leadership of Sarel du Plessis. I was privileged to work alongsideSarel in determining the long term vision and strategy for the development of an integrated nationalsales unit for not only Media24 Newspapers, but ultimately, one that may become the central salesarm of all Media24 media – from a national sales and marketing perspective. I was also privileged todrive this strategy forward and for its full implementation in my next position as National Sales &Strategy Director: Ads24.I was formally appointed into the position of GM: W/Cape and KZN on 1 May 2008. As such, I wasresponsible for the management and revenue of the W/Cape, E/Cape and KZN regions – and for themanagement of staff and stakeholder relationships.KZN and the E/Cape were strategic priorities – and I set out on a process of consultation andexploration to understand the problems and challenges. A strategy was put in place and wasimplemented in a phased manner; including appointing a strong and credible Sales Director in KZNas well as appointing a Regional Marketing Specialist, to ensure focus on this region. Results:Revenue continued in an upward trajectory in these regions and stakeholder relationships were vastlyimproved.During these two months, we gained Board approval for the strategy to restructure Ads24 into abrand-directed, portfolio led; multi-platform sales house and my job description and title were thusbroadened to reflect the areas that I would take responsibility for. I was promoted into the role ofSales & Strategy Director: Ads24 on 1 July 2008. 10
  11. 11. Operations Manager: New Business Development: Media24 1 April 2007- 30 April 2008I was approached/headhunted by Media24 Newspapers to take over the roll of OperationsManager: New Business Development, as from 1 April 2007. The role was diverse and included thefollowing: -  Marketing and Brand Management and Implementation  Sales Direction and Management  Leading and Managing a national sales and management team  Communications Strategy and Management  Hands-On Operations Management  Media24 Lead strategic Projects: Development, planning and implementation  Turn-around strategies and implementation where required within Media24 divisionsMyWeek, a board-sanctioned lead project within Media24, was one of the focal areas of this role. Inthe 12 months in this role, I:  Successfully rolled out 11 new MyWeek zones, including the consolidation of certain zones for business and financial reasons. There were 28 active zones with a bi-monthly print order of 650 000 per issue when I left the position.  Took the brand to market – through-the-line campaign including: Outdoor, radio, print, experiential, trade marketing – including a Brand Activation campaign at the Loeries – the primary advertising awards event of the year.  Developed all stationery, corporate identity and sales materials required by the new brand.  Spent four months seconded to MyWeek North [Jhb office] – employed a new management team, did staff training and started the process of filling sales positions, put a turn-around strategy in place under adverse and hostile circumstances and turned the business unit around.  Was responsible for drafting the monthly report to the CEO of Media24 newspapers – this required business analytics, financial analysis, projections + business planning/strategic abilities.  Drafted various, diverse Business Plans for presentation to the Media24 Board.  Responsible for the hands-on operations management of distribution and printing – including drafting and finalising of SLA‟s with suppliers and Performance Management thereafter.  Took responsibility for the management and mentorship of the Ads24 MyWeek sales team – including development of strategies for key clients.  Was involved in various diverse projects within the business unit and Media24 newspapers– including digital strategy and development, The Media24 Newspapers Excellence Awards [Project Lead]. The Excellence Awards have now become an annual event within the company.  Over-achieved the overall Performance objectives of the position.Senior Media Consultant: Media24 – Sunday Newspapers Stable April 2006 – 1 April 2007At the end of March 2006, I was approached/ headhunted by the Senior General Manager of RCPMedia to assist his Cape Town team on the National Top 30 client portfolio. I was supposed to “helpout” in the short term, but was offered a permanent position immediately after an unscheduledinterview.At the time of receiving this particular offer, I was at a personal bifurcation point. I had already builttwo successful businesses, but my children were becoming more and more independent and I wasconsidering the option of engaging, for the first time, in a corporate career environment in a moreformal manner, rather than as a consultant. 11
  12. 12. I therefore agreed to join the company, with the view of building a career and future within the group– bringing my experience, skills and knowledge to bear where they will ultimately make a realdifference and contribute to overall efficiencies, improve the bottom line, as well as to be part of theprocess of innovative thinking, strategising, planning and implementation – to continue building asustainable company into the longer term future. Taking this position effectively meant taking a21-year step backwards – I agreed to become a senior media consultant, which is essentially theposition I had held when I started my career.Part of my motivation for taking this position, was to establish whether I was able to function within acorporate environment, deal with the inevitable politics and to compare the idea of building a morepermanent career within an organisation against the very different approach employed when I wasconsulting and re-structuring or re-organising corporates from a neutral, objective perspective.Starting at the “bottom” as it were was both instructive and educational. My experience at SprintMedia meant that I was able to identify exactly where opportunities existed – not only within Sprint –but organisationally, for improvement and innovation. I was keen to put my knowledge, energy andexperience into practice where it would count. My greatest growth was however in my personal andinternal space, by being able to embrace my strengths, push my limits under sometimes frustratingcircumstances and to have found personal resilience beyond what I believed was possible before.My areas of responsibility included the development of strategies to grow new revenue streams withinmy portfolio and also, to maintain and grow existing revenue, that was under-serviced in the past. Iachieved year on year growth of 54% in my portfolio.A large part of this responsibility hinged on my ability to build and cement relationships withadvertising and media agencies and ultimately, with clients and companies directly. It was myobjective to become the central pivot in terms of synergising the efforts of companies‟ directcommunications objectives [ from their direct, ad hoc, communications budgets and strategies],andto tailor those messages to fit with their above-the-line objectives, so that their overallmarketing/advertising budget worked harder for them.My efforts were directed towards securing revenue streams for the three publications that Irepresented: Rapport, City Press and Sunday Sun. Ultimately, integrated strategies that deliver resultsensured business retention and growth. All of my efforts were directed towards long termsustainability and growth.The process of developing integrated strategies remains hugely exciting. For me, all aspects ofcommunication have to focus on doing what is right for the brand, its integrity, its values and itsobjectives. Development, implementation and management of integrated strategies was what Iultimately saw myself doing within the Group – on a larger, organisational scale and at a more seniorlevel. Within the Sprint division, I was co-opted to work with the brand and strategy teams andbecame involved in strategy creation and implementation across the brands.Business Director/Owner – Indigo Consulting March 1999 – to presentSole Member of Indigo Business and Marketing Consulting and Indigo Import & Export. During thistime I was privileged to be contracted by several Blue Chip companies in a consulting role. Clientshave included:  Shell – on their oil range [Helix] re-branding and re-launch.  Sunday Times Distribution Division – 18 month contract to improve operational efficiencies. The scope of the project covered internal communications, copy sales strategies, staff training, enrichment and motivation. The role extended into negotiating all national added value copy sales promotions with national retailers, briefing creative executions and being 12
  13. 13. responsible for management and implementation of this on-going process. It also included devising of overall distribution strategy and implementation and management thereof.  Cape Times – devising a Business, Marketing and Sales strategy, including content overview and recommendations to improve the overall product and saleability.  Enterprise Connection – IT division of Incredible Connection – Publicity, communications and marketing strategy formulation and implementation.  Various SMME‟s – business and marketing strategies, corporate ID development and implementation of relevant campaigns/projects/business plans.  Translation of corporate identity into the „lived brand‟ experience – working with organisations to embed their ethos into the organisational DNA as well as into the spatial and aesthetics of their office/work spaces.  This spun-off into construction, interior décor and translation of brand values – I extracted immense satisfaction and joy out of this phase of my business career.  Trading: Establishing relationships with international factories as well as local legislative bodies, such as SABS, for the purposes of importation of goods for local and international buyers. Indigo was appointed as sourcing/buying agent for a selection of buyers.  Pro Bono work for a range of NGO‟s and PBO‟s – working specifically within the HIV/AIDS, Mother-to-Child sector. This was very „new‟ and controversial at the time, but the outcomes of the projects spoke for themselves and so it was a very easy decision to dedicate some of my time, skills and experience into assisting these organisations.The Engine Room February 1995 – March 1999The Engine Room (TER) is a Marketing Communications and Design Agency, of which I was one ofseven founding shareholders. TER started with zero billings, and by the time I decided to resign as ashareholder, I was managing a R39 million portfolio. This was of significant size and value in 1999. Ourclients included some of the most respected brands, both locally and internationally. These includedSmirnoff, Vodacom (owned 35% by Vodaphone), Simba Chips, Koo & All Gold, Liqui-Fruit, Pick „n Pay,Pick ‟n Pay Financial Services, BP Express Shops and a basket of SFW‟s brands, to mention a few.Client Services Director/Media Director/General Manager:My roles in the Engine Room were diverse and challenging. As Client Services Director, I managedthe agency‟s portfolio and client service team, including the traffic and production teams. [15 teammembers] This included setting and achieving of annual budgets. It also included the construction ofan agency policy document, putting job descriptions and a peer/internal review system in place.My personal portfolio ranked as the largest in the agency in turnover/contribution terms. I ran the BPExpress Shops portfolio with two assistants. The portfolio grew from a zero base to being the largestcontributor to turnover and GP within the agency. I was involved in the crafting of a launch strategyfor the brand and was responsible for all creative and strategic implementation of launch and thenestablishment of the brand in the marketplace. This included everything from shop fittings toadvertising strategy to internal communications within BP itself.In addition to my role as Client Services Director, I was also Media Director. I appointed an externalmedia placement agency to manage the physical bookings, but all media plans were briefed,approved and implemented from my desk.I interacted with all clients of the agency on a rotational basis to ensure that their needs were metand relationships cemented.We worked across the board in every conceivable media to ensure that client‟s objectives were metin the most innovative manner – always measurable by the improvement on the bottom line. Theagency was known for its unique approach to business – we became involved in a client‟s business,understood the internal workings of each company we interacted with and as such, built up a largeand loyal client base. 13
  14. 14. The Engine Room was the first advertising agency to have a fully-fledged Desk-Top Publishing [DTP]studio. I was responsible for co-opting and working with some of the earliest ICT programmers, so asto ensure that the agency was run virtually paperless and that my „ Macs‟ could speak to my „ IBM‟s‟.The developers and programmers also wrote programmes so that my team could communicatedirectly with BP‟s intranet – something that was unheard of at the time.It seemed logical to me that one should run the agency on LEAN principles and that one should beable to access all relevant information from your desktop, so as to optimise resources and time. Wewere most definitely far ahead of our competitors and made our services available to other agenciesto train their designers in the new technology and advise them on how to integrate systems – at thedawn of the internet age.BBR Advertising and Marketing 1991-1995In 1991, radio promotions started becoming very popular and advertising agencies at that time, haddifficulty coming up with concepts that tied into their above-the-line strategies and that hadfollow-through from campaigns. BBR started up when my ex-husband, Olaf Brinkmann, and I, wereapproached by Dairybelle and Musica (then still family owned) to devise radio promotions for them.This heralded the start of BBR Advertising and Marketing.The business grew rapidly into a “through-the-line” agency. Clients such as Langeberg Foods,Gilbeys (a range of brands), Stingray Inflatables, BP (W/Cape region) soon entrusted their business‟bottom line to us.I was involved in all aspects of the business – from financial planning and management, to presentingstrategies, campaigns and creative executions to prospective clients, to servicing a portfolio ofclients, to creative briefing and copy writing, to physically designing campaigns. These were the daysbefore Macs and DTP. Design was done with the Quick Brown Fox at hand, with overlays anddyelines. Simple, yet exciting times.BBR established an industry reputation for being a creative Hot Shop and for going the extra mile toensure that clients achieved their sales objectives. The agency also handled all aspects of the IthubaDays – forerunner of Red Nose Day – for the SABC and the Ithuba organisers for 3 years running. I wasintimately and directly involved in the strategies, planning, logistics and implementation of theselarge fundraising television productions – pre through to post event.Republican Press 1988-1991I was employed at Republican Press [now Caxton] as a Direct Sales Representative. My portfolioincluded all direct clients across the stable of 11 publications in the group – these were diverse andincluded: Farmer‟s Weekly, Garden & Home, Rooi Rose, Talk Magazine, Scope – to name but a few.I was responsible for building a solid client base and all aspects of servicing the advertising, marketingand promotional needs of my clients, their brands and businesses. My responsibilities includedestablishing a client and business base across the range of publications, meeting and growingrevenue objectives, copywriting and design of advertisements and campaigns, having it set inDurban ( our offices were in Cape Town and design and setting was done in Durban at the time),approval by clients and follow through on campaigns.As an extension to my core responsibilities, I saw immense opportunities for my client base and theirbrands to benefit from extending their advertising campaigns to include promotions and addedvalue concepts. I conceptualised and presented such campaigns, promotions and strategies to avariety of clients and brands and these proved to be successful. 14
  15. 15. As a result, I was approached by the editor of Rooi Rose magazine, to take over the Promotionsfunction within the publication. I was involved in all aspects of promotions in the magazine, includingputting together of the Rooi Rose/Antenna Look of the Year competition and live productiontelevision show with SABC2. This television production stands out as one of the most enjoyable andmemorable projects that I have managed. I was 21 years of age at that time.SYNOPSISI have been fortunate in my 25 year career in the media/advertising/business world, to have beeninvolved in virtually every aspect of business, government, commerce, industry and civil society andas this story of my career, experiences, knowledge, skills and life demonstrates, I really have beenprivileged to have had such breadth and depth of experience and exposure.My various roles and positions have required that I do strategising and business planning[ includingfinancial planning and management], creative briefing of studio staff and external design agencies,judging creative work presented against the original brief and brand objectives, awarding work andbeing deeply involved in the creation, execution and management of support campaigns. Mostimportantly, I have been accountable and responsible for producing measurable results across thespectrum of all that I been involved with.I have been fortunate to work with my own staff or business teams [in the case of consultingcontracts], being involved in their mentorship as well as their personal and career growth within thebroader industry – extremely rewarding work in and of itself.I have also been part of the evolution of the advertising industry and business landscape at large –from paper-based design and communications, to the launch of internet and intranet, as well as thegrowth of DTP as a design tool. From fax machines being the “next exciting technology” to receivingfaxes on desktop.I can only but be excited about what lies ahead; which challenges and new technologies will becoming along to make things even more exciting and efficient.I hope to, one day, look back on my life and career and to have left a worthwhile social and societalimprint; one that I hope will have made a positive difference and contribution and that will haveenriched my life and the lives of those who have crossed my path. That would make my life a lifelived well and lived in a worthwhile manner!I love a challenge and competing with myself to push the boundaries of achievement. I am trulypassionate about people, my country and their growth and nurturing towards reaching personal,institutional and communal, societal outcomes and objectives.I love exploring and researching new concepts, ideas and business challenges. Life has to be aboutlearning, enriching my knowledge and experience base and passing this learning, knowledge andexperience on to those around me. Every question or challenge that I cannot answer today providesan opportunity to research and learn from and to provide the answer tomorrow!I am now, more than ever, focused on a global consciousness and in playing my part in creating apositive, prosperous, inclusive and equitable future for the people of my country. I am also, more sothan ever before, prepared to „carry the briefcases‟ of the great thinkers, so as to learn and growmore. At the same time, I continue to make myself available to mentor a great many peers andthose who would journey alongside me – what I have to give and share, I give and share freely andwithout lien.I continue to be driven by a deep sense of real purpose and meaning and want to ensure that I amindeed the change I want to see in this world, that I do question and push the boundaries that are 15
  16. 16. imposed upon growth and development and that I play a small part of creating a future that I wouldbe proud to inhabit.REFEREES 1. Mrs Lee Griffin – ex Marketing/Advertising Manager: BP Southern Africa Currently Marketing & Export Director of Stellar Organics Mobile: 082 900 8989 Office: 021-979 1441 2. Mr Gavin Weir: Chair: Sectoral Task Team for Older Persons Mobile: 0828557681 3. Ms Amanda Bloch: Convener of the Private Philanthropy Circle and Patron of the Red Cross Children‟s Trust Mobile: 0823773458 4. Sarel du Plessis – CEO: Marketing Association of South Africa Mobile: 082 377 9730 5. Glynis Kearney – Co-owner/Director: 143 Creations Mobile: 0723809712 6. Rodney Africa – Partner: Webber Wentzel Attorneys Mobile: 0823724337 7. Mike Perkin – Director: Pharmacy Education International Phone: 021 7977306 Mobile: 0823726873 16
  17. 17. 17
  18. 18. 18
  19. 19. APPENDIX B: EXECUTIVE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME 2012: UNIVERSITY OF STELLENBOSCH BUSINESSSCHOOL: MODULES  Career Mapping: Dr Sarah Riordan  Executive Coaching for Alignment: Dr Lloyd Chapman  Systems Thinking: Mr Steyn Heckroodt  Management Information Strategies: Mr Martin Butler  Business and Environmental, Social & Governance [ ESG] – Sustainability: Dr Arnold Smit  Marketing Trends in the new Economy: Mr Martin Neethling  Economics – a global perspective: Prof Andre Roux  Financial Strategies: Prof Dave Flynn  Engaging with the Press: Barbara Folscher  Commercial Negotiations: Prof David Venter  Strategic Management: Dr John Westwood  Sustainability thesis – including panel presentation  Work-life balance: Prof Johann Coetzee  Strategic Leadership & Change: Dr Morne MostertGraduated on 7 December 2012; Cum Laude: 81% Grade Average 19
  20. 20. APPENDIX A: 1987 TO PRESENT: LIFE-LONG LEARNING, SHORT COURSES, SELF-STUDY, PERSONALMASTERY, METHODOLOGIES, ACQUIRED KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS  Systems Thinking and Design  Lean Methodology  High level Strategy  Marketing Strategy and implementation  Strategic Planning and Strategy Development  Business Strategy  New Business Development – complete cycle  Risk Management  Forecasting and economic trend analysis  Trends and Futurism  Public Relations, publicity and handling the press/media  Creative Development – from conceptualisation to briefing to implementation  Consumer Insights – Analysis + Briefing of research projects  Digital and multi-platform strategy – ideation and implementation  Multi-stakeholder engagement – at all levels and stations  Stakeholder Management  Budgeting and Financial Management  Financial and Capital Structure Strategies  Communications strategy and Planning  Media Strategy and implementation + Strategic Communication  Advertising – all aspects and disciplines  Brands and Branding  Negotiation Skills  Brand strategy, campaign development and implementation  Account Direction  Strategic Leadership  Transformational Leadership  People Management  Talent management, retention and succession planning  Organisational Development and Design – transformation to The Learning Organisation, organisational wellness as the driver of sustainability – People.Profit.Planet – Triple Bottom line  Legislation, regulation and policy – comprehension of process as well as physically involved in processes  Sustainability: In-depth study and thesis on the Waste Hierarchy and Alternative Waste-to-Energy technologies  Substance Abuse – in-depth, immersive study of all aspects related to substance abuse so as to co-craft the Provincial Substance Abuse Strategy - with specific focus on alcohol abuse; emphasis also on basic understanding of neurology and Neuro-science  Government: Understanding of inter-relatedness of all 3 spheres and working across spheres and departments on key projects as Steercom member  Supply Chain Management and Procurement  Endoscopy and Laparoscopy – Surgical Skills  Oncology – working understanding so as to forge private/public partnerships and new working models  Health systems – all aspects  E-health – including: E-patient record systems, Telemedicine, Mobile Health Technology and Artificial Intelligence diagnostics middleware and Enterprise Architecture  E-health strategy  Construction economics  Green and clean technology  Management information strategies, plans and implementation  Biotechnology 20
  21. 21.  Urban and Spatial Planning – including Densification, developmental nodes, designing for sustainability Sociology and human behaviour Statistical Analysis Early Childhood Development – in-depth study and mastery Mental Health – in-depth study and mastery Entrepreneurship – personal experience as well as mentor/lecturer Mentorship Social Enterprise – in-depth study of „ Third Economy‟ + strategy/policy ideation Construction + Interior décor – as extension to brand development and the lived brand Corporate Social Investment in Context of Corporate Social Responsibility Social development, social cohesion and community mobilisation Partnerships, collaboration, co-production – 3 year practical hands-on experience across all sectors of government and society Integrated Human Settlements, Special Needs/Social Housing – policy, strategy and implementation plan Inter-governmental collaboration, framework creation, building of models of excellence to be scaled and replicated nationally Networking abilities Older Persons: various models of care and innovations in line with spirit of Act + policy changes – working with Sectoral Task Team for Older Persons Enterprise Development and Social Enterprise Development Wellness: In-depth study including the inter-relatedness of health, wellness, social and economic development; spanning a great many disciplines, subjects and academic areas Pharmacotherapy – in-depth study with specific reference to Rational Prescribing and Dispensing as opposed to current practice of Prescription Cascade/Avalanche for chronic patients Visual impairment: in-depth study, including India‟s model of excellence iro low-technology, rapid cataract surgeries Burden of Disease – local and global – study iro the upstream determinants of downstream ill health and unwellness Project management – ability to macro-manage multiple projects and teams concurrently – up to 30+ projects at a time Differently Abled and Disabled – in-depth study of various categories of disability, so as to determine levels of service and new packages required at community level – now and into the future Knowledge economy: - the chain and process required to transition into a Knowledge economy [ applied as member of Steercom of Cape Health Technology Park – with National DST] Alternative building technologies – broad exposure and in-depth study of all that is available – also via reclamation from waste hierarchy Global Warming, Climate Change, Carbon Trading – the history of the sustainability movement and all information relevant to implementation of multiple solutions at micro and macro levels Creative Arts: in-depth study so as to understand healing and educational value of reintroduction of creative arts specifically into PDI environments Trading: Import & Export Basic Psychology & Philosophy Urban and Spatial Planning SCRUM methodology Waterfall Management Methodology String Theory: currently in process of in-depth study – including Reciprocal Systems Physics Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility Studies Socio-Economic Impact Assessments and Studies 21
  22. 22. 22
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  50. 50. 50
  51. 51. APPENDIX C: OBLIGATIONS OF INDIGO CONSULTING: WESTERN CAPE GOVERNMENT CONTRACT1. RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF THE CONTRACTOR3.1 The Contractor undertakes to provide the following:  Advice and counsel to the Minister of Health and Leader of Government business of the Western Cape Government in respect of business, marketing, strategy and other related issues – as and when required;  Conceptualising and implementation of innovative solutions to service delivery conundrums – transversal [inter-departmental] solutions where indicated and appropriate;  Having access to and making use of human and financial resources within various departments to facilitate service delivery solutions’ implementation;  Building inter-departmental relationships via transversal service delivery solutions and implementation;  Identifying excellence in human resources and building upon that culture within Western Cape Government;  Global and local funding: mandated by Western Cape Government to meet with captains of industry as well as global leaders/funders, to tie up additional private sector funding towards achieving more efficient service delivery;  Writing of business plans and strategies to appropriate funding effectively;  Auditing existing Western Cape Government assets and putting plans in place to effect cost savings, up operational efficiencies, and where possible, raise additional funding via these Western Cape Government assets, towards key service delivery areas;  Project managing key strategic [ hot button] Western Cape Government projects, as allocated by the Premier and MEC’s – to ensure delivery happens seamlessly and on time; mandated to do whatever is required to deliver projects, including working around red tape that may hamper delivery;  Working with key local stakeholders – such as Cape Town Partnership, City of Cape Town, Accelerate Cape – to ensure co-operative governance and effective service delivery and innovative solutions;  Access to overall Western Cape Government Advertising and Marketing Budget and input into preparation of professional Brand/Marketing strategies and plans to ensure effective use of funds in line with the greater service delivery goals;  Available to all MEC’s to assist with business, marketing, operational and financial plans and strategies – as and when required;  Be available for meetings and in general both at the designated office[s] within WP Government as well as at a Home Office as set up by the contractor;  Make available the contractor’s home office space and adjacent areas to, inter alia: produce output, concomitant with the contractual obligations, host and accommodate stakeholders, local and foreign dignitaries as and when required; run workshops, take meetings and entertain guests, related to the obligations within this contract 51
  52. 52. 52
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  68. 68. From: Bertus de Waal []Sent: 19 November 2012 08:04 AMTo: Amanda BrinkmannSubject: RE: Personal/work-related Request: Amanda BrinkmannHi there AmandaApologies for only coming back to you now. It was a bit of a hectic two weeks!“I had the privilege of working with Amanda on a project with the Western Cape ProvincialGovernment. Amanda is a breath of fresh air! I left the initial meeting invigorated by Amanda’s positive,enthusiastic and sparkling attitude. My further encounters with her only confirmed my belief that the WCPG isblessed to have somebody as dedicated as Amanda in their service.Amanda’s work ethic is unparalleled and she has the ability to easily conceptualize and identify key issuespertaining to difficult matters. Amanda’s problem solving approach makes meetings with her a joy. She is a trueambassador to the WCPG.”Kind regardsBertus de WaalProperty Investment BankingInvestec Specialist BankTelephone: (2721) 809 0714Fax: (2786) 646 4430Cell: (2783) 6111 646De Wagenweg Office Park, Stellentia Avenue, StellenboschPO Box 516, Stellenbosch, 7599, South authorised financial services providerFrom: Dr. Harold E. Robles - Medical Knowledge Institute (MKI) []Sent: 17 November 2012 06:22 PMTo: Amanda BrinkmannCc: hrobles@medicalknowledgeinstitute.orgSubject: 1000x thanks, always for everything you do for us.Dearest Amanda,It was so good to hear from you again.A lady with your stature but most of all the experienced Ambassador of the Western Cape.One should be happy that you are part of their team.Kirsty and I always refer to you when we talk about healthcare issues on the Western Cape.You have always been so incredible helpful to us and to MKI.You dear Amanda have given us so much advice and at the same time you have opened interestingdoors for us since wet met.Southern Africa needs people like you, with a passion, with incredible knowledge, but most of allwith so much professionalism.I tip my cap for you and your commitment.Warmest regards, also on behalf of Kirsty Hunt, 68
  69. 69. Yours, always,HaroldProf. Dr. Harold E. RoblesFounder & PresidentHeadquartersP.O.Box 332, 3233 ZG Oostvoorne, The NetherlandsTel.: +31-181-486804Fax.: +31-181-483206Mobile: +31622507949E-mail: hrobles@mkifoundation.comSkype: H.E.Robles (Dr.H)Visit us at: 69
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