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Poetry final

  1. 1. Poetry Amanda Seferian David Daniel Spring 2013
  2. 2. 2  Amanda Seferian CREW 2003_31 Creative Writing: Poetry Reflection: I really enjoyed this poetry class this semester. I feel like I really got to understand a lot more about what it takes to create a poem and how to construct a poem properly. I feel like we focused a lot on cementing a poem into a certain place and how being vague isn’t helpful to a poem. I learned about how words can sound amazing when they’re next to each other and how some work better with others (but to keep away from the obvious, clichéd ones) and how ionic pentameter can help a poem sound better to a reader when its better balanced. I also learned a lot about constructing poems in typographical form (about how not to center it and how to can exaggerate words with capitals and spacing) and that some- times a poem can mean something else entirely than from what you intended it to do in the first place, and that its okay for that to happen! I feel like I had fun with these poems, especially the last set of revisions. I only wish we got to learn a lot more about technique and how sonnets are constructed (because they seemed a little intimidating to approach) but other than that I really just enjoyed talking about the different poets of our time and read- ing their work and also reading the work of my fellow classmates. I am expecting to see some of them on a bookstore shelf on the poetry section a few years from now!
  3. 3. 3  Table of Contents Haiku ...4 Packet Poem 1 ...5 The 10 Word Poem ...7 Packet Poem 2 ...9 Online Poem ...11 Packet Poem 3 ...14
  4. 4. 4  Haiku Revisions: I didn’t have anything to revise on these because I loved them so much! The one about the pillow came a bit easier than the flower petals one, but it was worth the work I did on it in the end. I enjoyed haiku’s before this assignment, but I really enjoyed writing my own and reading all the good ones we got in the handout in class. Magnetic Pillow Magnetic Pillow Pulls the head down for rest Salvation at last Petals Landing softly there The tiny eggshells of blue Promises of spring
  5. 5. 5  PacketPoem1 Revisions: I learned about centering poems with this piece and how it isn’t customary (or profes- sional) to hand in a poem like that. I decided to follow the classes advice and split it into two different poems because the language felt split. I think it works better as two different poems myself. First Alcohol: Part I You’ve always wondered, right? What’s so special? What’s the big deal, here? Relax, I’ll wait for you to find out. When your curiosity pores over, filling your fingers with heavy temptation. Your sand-bag hands will feel the cool bottle, falling in love with the weight instantly. Your lips will help guide me, alive but unsure of what they’re letting in. Keep going. You’re just getting started.
  6. 6. 6  First Alcohol: Part II You have a long way to go to catch up. Reach the point where words begin to just slip out, like a bar of soap from a hand that’s too grabby. Hidden honesty’s, tainted lies, memories buried in the bottom of the dark toy chest. All will be revealed. A sea grows inside. You are a pirate! Sway to the breeze of your own flag The map is gone. Forever lost. But don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.
  7. 7. 7  The10WordPoem Revisions: I really enjoyed writing this poem! I’m especially glad that my friend who chose the words happened to pick one of my favorite poems by Elizabeth Bishop, “The Fish,” and I didn’t even realize it until after I had written the poem. I admit, I kind of cheated and made my friend switch the last word “fought” with another word for this revision that sort of fit with the theme of my new poem, but I think it was for the best. That last word was the reason I was kind of having trouble with the ending, but I feel like I got a little closer to what I wanted to achieve with this poem. The Wallpaper Have you ever thought wallpaper could be interesting? Even cave men drew on walls, too plain to leave them be. I see ancient trees. Tremendous. Roses scattered round the roots, a garden planted over a baby’s crib Look up. See the strings? They travel down, thicker, thicker Until they become a rainbow.
  8. 8. 8  There’s an orange sun over there, a painted face so it can breath the oxygen of the tree. Take the corners of the room And fold them like origami To make a paper crane For the tree to float down stream
  9. 9. 9  PacketPoem2 Revision: I was inspired by the repetitive phrase in this piece. I ended up adding more and played around with the rhyming scheme that I created, and I feel like I was able to cement it down a little more in a place and time for the reader. There It Goes Time steps away on the watchful clock There it goes, there it goes It moves forward ever so Is it fast, or is it slow? There it goes, there it goes Hear the bell chime, quarter to noon There it goes, there it goes So light, it sounds, from the distance The calling proof of its existence There it goes, there it goes Said I had some time to kill So I walked down Plankton Hill On my leg, a creeping chill Climbs up my skin as I sit still There it goes, There it goes A breeze blows hair across my lip And allows each strand to take a sip the moist, plump surface holds its grip until the wind begins to whip There it goes, There it goes
  10. 10. 10  I watch the clock with butterfly eyes See the hands wave slow, small “HI’s” But just as quickly, say “good bye’s” Pushing forward with weary sighs There it Goes, There it goes Looming hands begin to poke The seconds on the edge invoke Before they take their final stroke The face naive of hands that choke There it goes, there it goes
  11. 11. 11  OnlinePoem Revisions: This poem was a fun way to make up a class. I enjoyed the poem that we got to read for the assignment and felt that it inspired me in a different way, which was interesting. I really learned a lot about repetitive-ness with this poem and also theme. Before the comments were taken down I was able to read one helpful comment about the second section and found it most helpful, so I changed a word to make the sound flow better. I also ended up adding in two verses that I had been working on before I submitted the poem, but couldn’t submit because of lack of time. I hope it turned out well! By the Sea Little one who plays by the sea With steps so small, so small Waves with tongue so vast and swift Sprout forth to lap them away Only to return for more She swings her hem in crinkled bundles Watching it rise and fall Twirling, twirling in circles of tender sand Until her whole back is speckled And as she goes, her mother takes her by the hand Filled with woe over ever buying her daughter a white dress Little one who plays by the sea With steps so small, so small Waves with tongue so vast and swift Sprout forth to lap them away Only to return for more
  12. 12. 12  He inches closer to inspect Unsure of where the tide goes When it drifts back into the sea A lion roars; its wet jaws leap To lick his face in salty delight Sand traps his heavy feet, and he falls to the ground with a “plop” His tears flow down the round red cheeks Returning home from a long, long journey Little one who plays by the sea With steps so small, so small Waves with tongue so vast and swift Sprout forth to lap them away Only to return for more I watch the nails become shovels As siblings continue to dig Like dogs who never know when the hole is deep enough For their bone to rest safe and sound Before they are able to finish, they feel the rumble Of a hungry tide too eager to wait for the bell Foam filled fingers grip the edge And pour into the man-made chasm Leaving nothing but outstretched hands To reach for the sky in defeat Little one who plays by the sea With steps so small, so small Waves with tongue so vast and swift
  13. 13. 13  Sprout forth to lap them away Only to return for more Red stripes, blue stripes yellow stripes tickle The round surface of the little ball As tiny arms lift it into the air But oh no! Wait! Wind wants to play too And passes it to its teammate, Blue The little boy learns fast that Blue is a ball hog And reaches his arms out in desperation For Blue to give back the colored sun He loved so dearly before Little one who plays by the sea With steps so small, so small Waves with tongue so vast and swift Sprout forth to lap them away Always to return for more
  14. 14. 14  PacketPoem3 These were a short series of poems that were inspired by my favorite T.V show, Adventure Time! They were fun to write and I loved doing research on them too (wink) but more than that, I enjoyed trying to find all the hidden messages that I think the episodes tried to teach. I will include the episode number with each short poem that I developed. Enjoy! S5E19 James Baxter Sometimes Sometimes all it takes Is a funny voice A name and a beat To find all that’s right with the world. S1E5 Memories of Boom Boom Mountain Solutions Be ready Because once the men start roughhousing To pull the thin long strings That swat the flies away To send them to the coal man To plug his ears with buzzing He will gladly give two coal bits To switch the plum and triangle and make the mushrooms laugh To pollinate Momma cactus For her baby buds to bloom To itch the dragon’s troubles away So he can blow fiery breath To heat the ice cube’s tub
  15. 15. 15  And warm him to the brim So happy, he becomes steam That he rises in front of the mountain To block the sorry sights from his ruble eyes And make the man not naked And keep his back lookin’ good. Yes, please be ready To have all your problems taken care of. S1E8 Ocean of Fear Fear Feaster A hero’s greatest mission Is to conquer his greatest fears So struggle to face step one And let your fear surround you Step two is to let fear hold you Like a child in a mother’s arms Step three is hard, but worth it So don’t scream or give in to the madness Just move on to step four And find the haunting beauty lurking within To ease your mind, if only a little Then comes your true test Would you save the one you love When staring into the face of fear? That is the mark of a true hero.
  16. 16. 16  S2E14 The Eyes See Me Stare Do you feel my stare Baring into the backs of your heads As you lie there on your beds? Even my shadow grows eyes To watch you both more for me Please try to understand That you guys cannot make me quit So stop your plans to rid yourselves of me Since each attempt only makes you grow wearier And tears your minds apart Because, you see, I need to learn How to find the answer to happiness That you both know and I don’t S4E13 I Remember You Who Is He? I dream of a man I don’t know When I wake I remember that he helped her when she cried And wished for nothing but her happiness But I still don’t understand I think nothing of it Because that man is not me But when I think of him, I feel strange Like my heart is trying to squeeze him out of me Like a lemon that cries when you juice it It’s a sour feeling.
  17. 17. 17  I miss him when he leaves me Because I am always alone And I want to know what is wrong with me So that I can stop the madness But every time I try to stop him He takes all the answers away She make me think of him That man from the dream I had Because she always looks like she wants to cry Every time she sees me Just like the man when he is staring into the face of my ice My cold, unfeeling ice, that drives me deeper into darkness. When I see him again, I will make sure to ask him Why he always looks so sad And if there is anything that I can do For that girl who cries for him But I fear that day will never come For I cannot remember where I left him behind