Privacy in a Collaborative Environment


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RootsTech 2012 presentation - Privacy in a Collaborative Environment

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Privacy in a Collaborative Environment

  1. 1. Privacy in aCollaborativeEnvironmentNoah Tutak
  2. 2. Who are my ancestors?
  3. 3. Everyone’s Related1 individual 2 parents 4 grandparents 256 6th great grandparents 4,096 10th great grandparents
  4. 4. Everyone’s Related 4,194,304 20th great grandparents
  5. 5. World Population200,000 BC 10,000 20,000 BC 3,000,000 1 AD 300,000,000 1800 1,000,000,000 2011 7,000,000,000
  6. 6. Everyone’s Related56 billion 7 billion humans have lived 12.5% are alive todayWe all descend from an estimated 10,000 people alive just 200,000 years ago
  7. 7. Who shares my ancestors?
  8. 8. Before the Internet
  9. 9. Online Genealogy
  10. 10. World Family Tree
  11. 11. Key elements of collaborative genealogy • Merge all genealogy data into one tree • Create a single, definitive profile for each person • Everyone sees and works on the same data at the same time • Tools for resolving conflicts and disputes • Data is never lost
  12. 12. Key benefits• Combining knowledge into a single, accessible data set eliminates the need for redundant research• Once a user connects to an existing tree, they gain immediate benefit from all previous research• Genealogists can focus on finding new information and improving existing data
  13. 13. What is Geni?Geni is an easy-to-use platform for building your family treeGeni is unique in that our trees are easily connected to one another, building a giant master tree, the World Family TreeGrowing community of users working together to build the World Family Tree into the canonical genealogy resource
  14. 14. Geni CommunityEvery month 500,000 volunteers and 100curators from 221 countries/territorieswork together to build the World Family Tree.They merge 250,000profiles and create6,000,000 revisions as they discover over1,350,000 relationships to celebrities andhistorical figures.Their work is viewed by 2,000,000 people everymonth.
  15. 15. Industry RecognitionTime Magazine – Best 50 Sites of 2008Family Tree Mag – Best Sites for 2011PC Magazine – Best Free Software 2010Adobe MAX – Social Computing 2009CNET – Webware 100 Winner 2007Crunchie Awards – Nominee 2007
  16. 16. Privacy on Geni• No one “owns” their distant ancestors• Privacy for living individuals and children are priorities• Impacted by culture and personal preference
  17. 17. Privacy on Geni• Good defaults• Let users decide• Don’t limit access
  18. 18. Charlemagne• Thousands of Geni users descend from Charlemagne• Geni allows these users to maintain their close relatives as private family trees• But, once their family trees reach beyond their third great grandparents, the profiles are public and can be shared and researched collaboratively
  19. 19. Public and Private
  20. 20. Geni Privacy Default 3rd great grandparents and their descendants
  21. 21. Your Private Family Tree• Share private content with your close relatives• You choose who can view your private information (Family Group)• Great for photos, birthday greetings, family discussions
  22. 22. World Family Tree• Research distant ancestors• Collaborate on historical profiles with other genealogists• Meet new (distant) cousins!
  23. 23. Profiles
  24. 24. Photos and Records
  25. 25. Discussions Is Francois Savoie It’s neither proven nor really the son of disproven. Tomaso? What time is the family reunion?Wikipedia saysyes, but doesn’t Be at the park bylist a source. 3pm. What are you bringing? The possibility is Potato salad. definitely Grandma’s recipe. there.It’s from a bookwritten in the 1950s.The author didn’t listhis source, either.
  26. 26. Projects African-AmericanDaughters of the Medal of Honor Early Mormon Recipients American Leaders Revolution Sunnmørsprosjektet South Africans’ Geni LandingGeni-Israel R1b-M269 Jewish Families of Vienna Native Portal für American Deutsch Tribes sprahige
  27. 27. Geni’s World Family TreeProfiles connected by Geni’s World Family Tree: 61,070,944 Geni is creating one family tree for the entire world, built from the collaborative research of millions of genealogists.