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Lehengas on rent in chandigarh

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Lehengas on rent in chandigarh

  1. 1. Phone- 91-9216996130 Email - Website- LEHENGAS ON RENT IN CHANDIGARH
  2. 2. Phone- 91-9216996130 Email - Website- ABOUT GHAR SHAGNA DA Ghar Shagna Da is the Best store of lehengas on RENT in Chandigarh and also the one-stop shop for all Men and Women’s clothes in Chandigarh.  It provides the best range of clothing @ affordable prices. Quality Assurance.  We specialize in making outfit material for a very special day of every girl’s life i.e. Wedding. We understand your necessities and craft exquisite Lehenga, Bridal Lehenga, Fancy Bridal Lehenga, collection that reflect Indian heritage as well as suit every budget.
  3. 3. Phone- 91-9216996130 Email - Website- THE MAKING OG LEHENGAS The complex stitching of a lehenga choli set took atleast twenty days depending on factors like the embellishments, fabric. Wedding Lehengas on rent in Chandigarh. Hand- stitched, hand-woven Lehengas end up taking longer time owing to the detailing that goes into it. Often, communities entirely into designing the lehengas have clear tasks allotted to them, which forms part of the whole making process of lehnga choli. Bridal Lehengas on rent in chandigarh
  4. 4. Phone- 91-9216996130 Email - Website- VARIETIES OF LEHENGAS ON RENT Sharara Cutt Lehenga Stright lehenga Gaghra Lehenga Panelled Lehenga Fishtail Lehenga. Broad Flared Lehenga.
  5. 5. Phone- 91-9216996130 Email - Website- GHAGHRA LEHENGAS ON RENT Ghagras are another form of conventional skirt, but the difference lies in the gathers or pleats that the ghagra has around the waist and the lehenga is more form fitting and is cut in an A line. Lehengas on rent in Chandigarh. Ghagra cholis come in many avatars; cotton chaniya cholis which are worn by women from Rajasthan and Gujarat, party wear ghagra cholis usually stitched in georgette, crepe, or silk. Wedding ghagra cholis are detailed with a lot of heavy embellishments like bead, Swarovski crystals, kundan, sequins and lot more in vibrant colors and patterns. Tie and dye ghagra cholis, bead & mirror work lehenga choli are also popular.
  6. 6. Phone- 91-9216996130 Email - Website- WHY CHOOSE GHAR SHAGNA DA With the wide range of lehengas, we please the customers We also designed as per the clients’ demand Ghar shagna da offers lehengas at high quality Our designs are unique We deal with embroidery, zari work, gotta Patti, traditional, and all designs.
  7. 7. Phone- 91-9216996130 Email - Website- CONTACT DETAILS Name – Ghar Shagna Da Address – Zirakpur-Panchkula-Kalka Highway, Dhakoli, Zirakpur, Punjab 160104, India Phone – +91 9216996130
  8. 8. Phone- 91-9216996130 Email - Website- THANKYOU!!