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Technical Writing for Non-Native English Speakers


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1) Tips and tricks that can help non-native English speakers write better English
2) What native-speakers can do to make their content more approachable to non-native speakers.

Published in: Technology
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Technical Writing for Non-Native English Speakers

  1. 1. I blog about Angular
  2. 2. Why do I blog in English? It’s the « official » language of IT It’s a global language
  3. 3. Communicating in English can be challenging
  4. 4. @ahasall Frontend Software Engineer Amadou Sall ng-conf 2019 Technical Writing for Non-Native English Speakers !
  5. 5. WritingasaNon-NativeSpeaker
  6. 6. Focus on the content first... Know your subject Write about solutions to your problems Write about things you’re passionate about
  7. 7. ...then on the Grammar
  8. 8. Know your false friends a word whose form is similar to a word in another language, although the meaning is different
  9. 9. Know your false friends
  10. 10. Avoid literal translation Write directly in English
  11. 11. Think in English Read books in English Write your notes down in English Put your smartphone and laptop in English
  12. 12. Have a writing assistant Have somebody review your content Use a software (e.g., Antidote)
  13. 13. Have a writing assistant
  14. 14. WritingForNon-NativeSpeakers
  15. 15. Avoid abbreviations AFAIK = As Far As I Know IMHO = In My Humble Opinion FWIW = For What It's Worth
  16. 16. Avoid Informal words and slang "I dunno" = I don't know
  17. 17. Avoid long sentences Long sentences are difficult to parse
  18. 18. Avoid words that have multiple meaning Google Translate won’t help us here
  19. 19. Summary Non-Native Speakers • Focus on the content • Improve your grammar • Know your false friends • Avoid literal translation • Think in English • Have a writing assistant Native Speakers • Avoid abbreviations • Avoid Informal words • Avoid long sentences • Avoid words with multiple meanings
  20. 20. @ahasall Frontend Software Engineer Amadou Sall ng-conf 2019 Thank You! !