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Putting the customer first travelling by rail experience

Automating rail sell through different sales channels helps put the customer first. This presentation shows how important it is to increase customer loyalty by making booking rail easier and less complex - but also integrating into the travel ecosystem.

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Putting the customer first travelling by rail experience

  1. 1. Putting the customer firstThomas Drexler, Global Head of Amadeus Rail
  2. 2. Content Customer first! Rail 2020 Challenges facing raildistribution Integrating rail into thetravel ecosystem
  3. 3. Travel - putting the customer first Traveller is more informed, the digital era More competitive or co-opetitive day by day More demand for cooperation (total tripexperience and door to door) Make complexity simple, less is more Travel is the biggest industry in the world Employs +260 million people, Contributes +$6trillion to the Global Economy (9% over totalGlobal GDP)
  4. 4. CustomercentricprocessesRound theclocksupportEasy tofind youKeepcustomersloyalMakingthecustomerslife easyCustomer centric?It’s all about theEXPERIENCE
  5. 5. In the last century, the only major changes inthe rail industry are train related1800’s TodaySteamlocomotiveFuellocomotiveElectriclocomotiveHigh SpeedlocomotiveMore COMFORT & better SECURITY…
  6. 6. RailJourney2020Comprehensive picture ofEurope’s passenger rail marketEvaluation of majorrail segmentsIdentification of key trends criticalto the success of railSpotting new businessopportunities for railwaysRail 2020… and beyond!6
  7. 7. 20 European countriesincl. incoming/outgoing traffic95%of the Europeanpassenger rail market7
  8. 8. High speed rail (>200km/h)Long distance rail (>100km)Short distance (no metropolitan, light rail)3 segments used in the study
  9. 9. passengers transportedin 201110.2 billion609 billionpassenger kilometersThe European rail market today11% of pax= 1.12 billion paxLong distance passengers29%High speed=320 mio. pax6%Cross-border=66 mio. pax9
  10. 10. -30%-27%-14%UkrainePolandRussiaBelgiumUnited KingdomGermanySwedenSwitzerland+53%+41%+54%+44%+54%Total growth in passenger numberssince 2000These countries’ passengernumber is growing again since 201110
  11. 11. Six key trendsshaping the futureof rail:• Liberalisation• New market entrants• Completion of new high-speed lines• Multimodal hubs• Air-rail and rail-railcooperation• Airport Congestion &rising Oil priceTo download the report, please
  12. 12. Rail tomorrow - a “customer-centric” offerBefore the trip During the trip After the tripWhen purchasing When traveling When exiting Greater choice in productselection Customised purchase Advanced search Service catalogue Multi-channel Penetration of mobile Real-time travellinginformation Geo-location Customised experience Multi-touch pointexperience Customer care Membership program Customer profilingServices
  13. 13. ImplementingacustomercentricprocessOffer and Time TableSimulationCustomer RelationshipManagementTime tableinformationAllocation of personnel andvehiclesPrice and Yield PlanningCRM StrategyReservation/InventoryPlanning of MaintenanceTimetable and service plangeneration (train manifest)Payment ServicesComplaint ManagementProcurementFinance, controlling, HRFinance/ ControllingIT deliverySales Strategy and PlanningMarketing and CampaignPlanningcustomersTrain ride and monitoringTrain path requestoffering and capacitiesServices on boardIT strategyBusiness DevelopmentHuman ResourcesresourcesAccount ManagementProduct and ServiceDevelopment/ CreationMarket ResearchTraveller InformationCustomer segmentation Personnel PlanningMaintenanceRevenue Accounting, Rating& Billing, SettlementTicketingTrain provisionningPlanningExecutionControlCustomer service conceptsPersonnel and VehicleResource PlanningNetwork and CapacityManagementOfferGenerationCustomerRelationshipSalesProduction/OperationSupportingFunctionsPrice and YieldManagementproducts, prices, allotmentsMaster DataManagement Information SystemRevenueManagementOnBoardTVMInternetPers.SaledirectPers.Saleindirect
  14. 14. Automating customer centricity Passenger informationacross all sales channels Single source data,including fares andpricing, through amodular approach Managing the revenue byhaving the right price, atthe right time, to the rightcustomer Integrating rail into thepassengers travelecosystem Not just as asingle/return journey Manage more efficientlyand focus on corebusiness
  15. 15. Integrating rail into the travelecosystem15
  16. 16. Four converging macro trends pushing forseamless intermodal transport16Political• 4th Railwaypackage• Enablers forIntermodality• TAP TSINewtechnologies• Openplatforms• Mobilepayment &ticketingChangingpatterns• Collaborationamongst transportoperators – multi-modal• “Thinking Green”Consumers• Travelersdemandmore choicesandtransparency
  17. 17. A standard way to sell railincreases demand and visibilityTravel Agent air/rail sell17SBT air/rail sellTravel Agent rail sell
  18. 18. How to bring in new business… Implement a customer centric process… Make more revenue from existing or newroutes by increasing reach and yield Specialists/expertise to help improverevenue and loyalty tie up the costs and reduce manualintervention MORE TIME TO FOCUS ON YOUR CUSTOMER18
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