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Ghostwriting contracts


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Everything you need to know about ghostwriter contracts, before signing one.

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Ghostwriting contracts

  1. 1. GHOSTWRITER CONTRACTS Everything you need to know about…
  2. 2. WHY A GHOSTWRITER CONTRACT What should a ghostwriter contract do for you?  You want to know what you get.  You want to know what you pay.  You want to remain flexible. THGM Writing Services
  4. 4. RIGHTS IN A GHOSTWRITER CONTRACT What are your rights?  A writer is owner of his or her own words.  A ghostwriter contract transfers that right to the client.  This is the main reason THGM Writing Services uses contracts. THGM Writing Services
  5. 5. RIGHTS IN A GHOSTWRITER CONTRACT What kind of rights should you claim?  Film rights  Audio rights  Foreign rights  All rights Make sure your contract covers all rights. THGM Writing Services
  6. 6. PRICING A GHOSTWRITER CONTRACT How will the project be priced?  How much is the total contract worth?  What size increments does the client pay?  When is each instalment due?  Are instalments based on a schedule or on milestones? THGM Writing Services
  7. 7. PRICING A GHOSTWRITER CONTRACT THGM Writing Services uses milestones.  We work at the writer’s and the client’s pace  We make sure the writer can eat along the way  We protect the client from having to empty the world’s largest piggy bank on the table  We keep our administrative work to a minimum THGM Writing Services
  8. 8. LENGTH OF MANUSCRIPT How long will the manuscript be?  Measure chapters, pages, words or characters  Words are most “accurate” and predictable  Specify a range, not an exact number – quality over quantity THGM Writing Services
  9. 9. LENGTH OF TIMELINE THGM Writing Services keeps timelines flexible. The client is living his life, filled with  Complications  schedule changes  unexpected events THGM Writing Services
  10. 10. LENGTH OF TIMELINE Some busy clients:  Respond instantly to new draft chapters  Take a month to get back to the writer with an “OK” or a list of changes required to a chapter.  Disappear for three months or five months. THGM Writing Services
  11. 11. RESEARCH IN THE CONTRACT What research is included?  Specify what research is needed  Specify a rate for unforeseen research  To protect the client, there should be a cap or control on the amount spent on research THGM Writing Services
  12. 12. RESEARCH IN THE CONTRACT Can you keep a secret?  We can!  Specify what confidentiality is included  Specify what credit, if any, the writer gets THGM Writing Services
  13. 13. VALUE OF A GHOSTWRITER CONTRACT How well will a ghostwriter contract work?  It protects your legal rights  It does not ensure a great manuscript  Make sure to choose a good writer  Make sure to choose a writer you can work with THGM Writing Services
  14. 14. VALUE OF A GHOSTWRITER CONTRACT Read more details at: 101/ Need ghostwriting? We can help! Email us at Or visit us at THGM Writing Services