Am Cham News, October 27, 2009.


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Am Cham News, October 27, 2009.

  1. 1. AMCHAM NEWS Networking is our business OCTOBER 27, 2009 AmCham 30th Anniversary On October 22nd, Am- occasion, and also gio of Medimex for Cham celebrated its called on AmCham helping make the 30th anniversary with Panama to continue evening a memorable all its members at the supporting improve- one with their contri- Miraflores Visitor Cen- ments in education, bution. ter. personal safety The evening began and the rule of law with introductory to make Panama words from Annette an even better Cárdenas and David place to do busi- Hunt, the moderators ness. for the event. Next The members en- came Alexander Psy- joyed a delicious choyos, who was Am- meal catered by cham President in the Panama Mar- 1987, one of the 68 riott Hotel and founding members danced to the mu- and also on the first sic of the Orquesta Photo: Paul Smith, AmCham Presi- Board of Directors Café. dent in 2000; and Terence McCoy. that was installed on AmCham is also October 30, 1979. Mr. grateful to our two Psychoyos gave an sponsors Cerve- excellent talk on the cería Nacional and reasons and chal- Medimex, who lenges of doing busi- provided the beer ness in Panama at and wine, respec- that time. tively. AmCham The keynote speaker thanks Alejandro was Ambassador Bar- Felix de Souza of bara Stephenson, who Cervecería Na- Left Photo: David Hunt, AmCham Executive Director and Hon- congratulated us all cional and Juan Photo: Jim Bangert, US Embassy orable Barbara Stephenson, US Ambassador. for the momentous Carlos Cannavag- Economic Affairs, Monica & Robert Right Photo: Alexander Psychoyos, AmCham President in 1987. Baker, AmCham President in 2006. Billingual Employee Candidates: AmCham Events and ODHC & CSR Committees Committee Meetings AmCham member Mi bilingual and AmCham Elections, Oportunidad is a available for October 26 to Octo- subcontractor for a interviews at no cost U . S . S t a t e t o A m C h a m ber 30. D e p a r t m e n t - members. Their Tourism Committee, approved cultural résumés are available 12:00 noon, program that sends a t Wednesday, Octo- young Panamanians amcham@panamcha ber 28 at AmCham. to the US for up to Legislation & Taxa- two years to work All of the candidates tion Forum, 7:30 and study while living are looking for AM, Thursday, Octo- with an American permanent, full-time ber 29 at Le Me- family. The following daytime positions. ridien Hotel. c a nd i d a t e s have Those currently AmCham Closed, s u c c e s s f u l l y taking university November 3, 5 & Photo: ODHC & CSR Committees. ODHC Chair: Maria Eugenia Fonseca. completed their USA courses in Panama 10. CSR Chair: Mercedes Morris. work-study programs City are in evening and have returned to programs that will ICT Committee, 12:00 noon, Friday, On October 15, the Hector Riquezes and Panama. They are not affect a day job. ODHC and CSR Com- Nelson Olmedillo November 6 at Am- Rafaela Sánchez Mendieta: B.A. in Cham. mittees had a special from Acierta Consul- Journalism, University of Panama. Transportation & Lo- meeting. tores, Venezuela, Ana Luzcando: B.A. in Nutrition and gistics Committee, The members of both who talked about Dietetics, University of Panama. 12:00 noon, committees enjoyed Ethics and Moral Val- Nitzia Pena: B.A. in Tourism Administration, Wednesday, Novem- the presentations of ues in Organizations. University of Panama. ber 11 at AmCham. Grethel Matute Sánchez: Sixth quarter in Hotel and Tourism Administration, HUMOR TIME Universidad Interamericana. AmCham Office Rental Selibeth Domínguez Ramírez: Third year of Some "lessons" or any small town Accounting at Universidad de Panamá and The Chamber has a about Halloween in Maine. first quarter of Tourism Administration at 74 square meter of- that you'll only 3.Don't fool with Universidad del Istmo. fice available for rent learn from the recombinant DNA Yahila Cárdenas Rodriguez: B.S. in Law and right beside its facility movie theater. technology unless Political Science, Universidad Santa Maria La 1.When it appears you're sure you Antigua. on the 17th floor of that you have killed know what you are Sunny Cerceño Beitia: B.A. in Business the Ocean Business the monster, doing. Administration(Banking and Finance) from Plaza. It consists of *never* check to 4.If you're searching the Universidad de Panama. three rooms plus the see if it's really fo r s o m e t hi ng reception area, all dead. which caused a Please make checks out to telephone/ computer/ 2.Stay away from noise and find out internet ready, private certain geographical that it's just the “American Chamber of Commerce.” bathroom and two locations, some of cat, *leave the parking places. The which are listed room immediately if Most banks, inclu- “PANAMCHAM,” here: Amityville, you value your ding ours, are now “AmCham,” or office will be available Elm Street, life.* rejecting acronyms “AmCham Panama.” on October 1st. For Transylvania, 5.If you find a town on checks. Conse- Please let you ac- further information, Nilbog (you're in which looks quently, they are not counting office make contact David Hunt or trouble if you deserted, it's accepting checks checks out to: Jilma Batista at 301- recognize this probably for a made out to 3881 or: o n e ) , t h e reason. Take the “American Chamber of Commerce.” Bermuda Triangle, hint and stay away! Phone: 301-3881 Fax: 301-3882 Aquilino de la Guardia Ave and 47 St, Ocean Business Plaza Bldg, 17 floor.