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Am Cham News, October 13, 2009.


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Am Cham News, October 13, 2009.

  1. 1. AMCHAM NEWS Networking is our business OCTOBER 14, 2009 Welcome New Members AmCham Events and AACCLA Anual Meeting Committee Meetings Each month, several MWM Securities, ODHC Committee, companies and indi- Inc is a brokerage 12:00 noon, Thurs- viduals join AmCham company in the Fi- day, October 15 at in order to receive nance Sector, repre- AmCham. Real Estate Commit- the benefits of this sented by Pedro tee, 7:30 AM, Tues- organization. We will López Jácome. day, October 20 at be introducing them Express Care of AmCham. Environmental Com- to you by means of Panama Pacifico is mittee, 12:00 noon, this section of Am- a health care com- Tuesday, October 20 Cham News. The pany focused on the at AmCham. companies below Howard area, repre- Transportation & Lo- gistics Committee, joined AmCham in sented by Michael 12:00 PM, Friday, Photo: David Hunt, AmCham Executive Director; Thomas September, 2009. Crimi. October 23 at Am- Kenna, AmCham President; Robert Baker, AACCLA Vice Romy Vasquez is Panama Loan Ex- Cham. President. an individual mem- perts is a mortgage AACCLA held its An- speculation and ber who has a con- brokerage company, AMCHAM nual Meeting and short-term thinking, sulting services com- represented by PERSONALITY Forecast on Latin its time for America pany. Yolany Alvarado. America and the to get back to what Caribbean Confer- it does best: Build- Rosalind McCoy is Terminal Indus- ence (FOLAC) on ing and exporting an individual mem- trial Taboguilla, October 5-7, 2009. products around the ber who is in the real S.A. is a transporta- US Secretary of world that help peo- estate business. tion and logistics Commerce Gary ple live healthier, H & A Securities, company, repre- Locke delivered the wealthier and more Inc is a security sys- sented by Andrés keynote luncheon productive lives. remarks and busi- Latin America will be tem company, repre- Bereilh. ness and govern- a key ally in this ef- sented by Herbert ment leaders exam- fort to restore eco- Harmond. ined U.S.-Latin nomic growth. And American and Carib- I'm excited to have bean relations and AACCLA as a crucial Billingual Employee Candidates: the region's business Commerce partner climate, and dis- in working with our AmCham member Mi bilingual and cussed the potential friends in the hemi- Oportunidad is a available for Fidel Reyes Esquer is impact that chal- sphere.” subcontractor for a interviews at no cost the Vice President of lenges to the rule of AACCLA also con- U . S . S t a t e t o A m C h a m AmCham. law and constitu- ducted a survey of D e p a r t m e n t - members. Their He is also Director and tional order are hav- AmCham members approved cultural résumés are available CEO of FR Consulting/ ing on investment on what AmCham program that sends a t and economic members in the re- young Panamanians amcham@panamcha The FR Hotel Group. Reyes holds a B.A. in growth in Latin gion felt should be to the US for up to America. the top priorities of two years to work All of the candidates Architecture and an Secretary Locke’s the Obama Admini- and study while living are looking for M.A. in Administration message was that stration. A pdf file of with an American permanent, full-time of Tourism Enter- “It's going to be a the results is avail- family. The following daytime positions. prises. busy year...After able for download on c a nd i d a t e s have Those currently He has worked for dif- s u c c e s s f u l l y taking university years of economic the AmCham web ferent Hotel chains, growth fueled by site under NEWS. completed their USA courses in Panama work-study programs City are in evening such as: Conrad Hil- and have returned to programs that will ton; Westin Hotels & Panama. They are not affect a day job. Resorts, and Bern Ho- HUMOR TIME tels & Resorts. Rafaela Sánchez Mendieta: B.A. in Mr. Reyes was Presi- Journalism, University of Panama. dent of the Conven- Ana Luzcando: B.A. in Nutrition and tions and Visitors Bu- Dietetics, University of Panama. reau of Panama in Nitzia Pena: B.A. in Tourism Administration, University of Panama. 2003-2007. Grethel Matute Sánchez: Sixth quarter in Currently, Mr. Reyes is Hotel and Tourism Administration, Dean of the Tourism Universidad Interamericana. Faculty of Universidad Selibeth Domínguez Ramírez: Third year of del Istmo. Accounting at Universidad de Panamá and first quarter of Tourism Administration at Universidad del Istmo. AmCham Office Rental Yahila Cárdenas Rodriguez: B.S. in Law and Political Science, Universidad Santa Maria La The Chamber has a 74 Antigua. square meter office Sunny Cerceño Beitia: B.A. in Business available for rent right Administration (Banking and Finance) from beside its facility on the the Universidad de Panama. 17th floor of the Ocean Business Plaza. It con- sists of three rooms Please make checks out to plus the reception area, “American Chamber of Commerce.” all telephone/ com- puter/ internet ready, Most banks, inclu- “PANAMCHAM,” private bathroom and ding ours, are now “AmCham,” or two parking places. The rejecting acronyms “AmCham Panama.” office will be available on checks. Conse- Please let you ac- on October 1st. For fur- quently, they are not counting office make ther information, con- accepting checks checks out to: tact David Hunt or made out to Jilma Batista at 301- “American Chamber of Commerce.” 3881 or: Phone: 301-3881 Fax: 301-3882 Aquilino de la Guardia Ave and 47 St, Ocean Business Plaza Bldg, 17 floor.