Am Cham News,February 9, 2010


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Am Cham News,February 9, 2010

  1. 1. AMCHAM NEWS Networking is our business Panama: The Best Place in the World to do Business. FEBRUARY 9, 2010 AmCham will be closed on February 15 and 16 for Carnival, and will re-open at noon on February 17 AmCham–Pangea Networking Event On February 2nd Am- around the world: Nai- Cham and Pangea robi (Kenya), Singa- Restaurant held a So- pore, Havana (Cuba), cial Networking eve- Marrakesh (Morocco), ning for AmCham Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) Members. and Bombay (now known as Mumbai, In this event the India). members had the op- portunity to do a tour During the event the of this new restaurant, members also cele- where they could ap- brated David Hunt’s Photo above: Alejandro Félix de Souza, María preciated the variety birthday with a sur- Gabriela de Souza, Paola de Miralles and José of styles in its various prise cake prepared Gabriel Miralles. rooms, with thematic by the organizers. Photo: Donald Elder, Am- decorations from cities Cham President. AmCham Events and Organizational Development & Human Capital Committee Meeting Committee Meetings with consumers in more than 180 countries. In Environmental Committee, 2007 P&G decided to 12:00 noon, Tuesday, Febru- create a Regional Busi- ary 23 at AmCham. ness Center in Panama, and Mr. Uzcátegui was Real Estate Committee, 7:30 designated to relocate AM, Wednesday, February 24 P&G Latin America to at AmCham. Panama. In his presen- tation, he explained the Tourism Committee, 12:00 challenges they faced in placing the regional cen- noon, Wednesday, February ter in Panama, one of 24 at AmCham. them being the reloca- Photo: Organizational Development & Human Capital Committee tion of 800 families from Organizational Development Chair: María Eugenia Fonseca all around the world who & Human Capital Committee, will work in this Center. 12:00 PM, Thursday, Febru- On January 28th the ble’s experience in mov- He also spoke about the ary 25 at AmCham. Organizational Develop- ing its regional offices to organizational strate- ment & Human Capital Panama: Lessons gies, business practices, Hydrocarbons Committee, Committee met at Am- learned”, presented by challenges and concerns cham with twenty peo- Wiston Uzcátegui from that P&G has faced of 8:00 AM, Friday, February 26 ple in attendance. Procter & Gamble. moving the center in at AmCham. The topic for this meet- Procter & Gamble is a Panama. ing was “Procter & Gam- multinational company Remember to check our web- site:, to verify the data on your company page. If it needs Information & Communication Technology Committee Meeting updating, send your new in- 2.0, which will increase formation to Flor Suárez at awareness and collabo- ration between AMCHAM members through the use of the Social Net- Humor Time working site; Ad- I just had a dream about it vance Business Leader- A young woman was taking an ship Forum 2010, a afternoon nap. After she woke business leadership up, she told her husband, "I event that will be just dreamed that you gave worked with the ODHC Committee; and the me a pearl necklace for Valen- Photo: Information & Communication Technology Committee Chair: Glenn Tjon AmCham/CAPATEC Edu- tine's day. What do you think cation Platform, a joint it means?" On January 29th the reviewed the ICT effort with CPATEC and "You'll know tonight." he said. Information & Commu- achievements for 2009, MEDUCA to implement a That evening, the man came nication Technology and talked about the learning and education home with a small package Committee met at Am- 2010 Strategy, Plans platform for students Cham with eleven in at- and Objectives. He also from Kindergarten and gave it to his wife. De- tendance for its first proposed 3 different through 12th grade Stu- lighted, she opened it--only to meeting of 2010. projects that the com- dents. find a book entitled "The In this meeting Glenn mittee will develop in meaning of dreams". Tjon, committee chair, 2010: Project AMCHAM Phone: 301-3881 Fax: 301-3882 Aquilino de la Guardia Ave and 47 St, Ocean Business Plaza Bldg, 17 floor.