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Am Cham News, December 24, 2009


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Am Cham News, December 24, 2009

  1. 1. AMCHAM NEWS Networking is our business DECEMBER 24, 2009 Board of Directors 2010 Officers At the monthly meeting on November 25 the Board of Directors elected Don Elder President of AmCham for 2010. At its meeting on December 21, they elected Juan Carlos Arias of Corporación Continental, Vice President; Sandra Miró of DHL Panama, S.A., Treasurer; and María Eugenia Fonseca of DBM Panama, S.A., Secretary of the board of Directors. Be sure of congratulate all of them when next you see them. Latin America Americas, and the Juan Carlos Arias the St. Paul/ Commercial Interamerican is Managing Di- Travelers Compa- Division, op- Defense College rector of Corpo- nies, the second erating from in Washington, ración Continen- largest under- tal, S.A. a leading writer of Com- the Miami D.C. He holds a Insurance Bro- mercial Property Skills Acquisi- Master of Arts in kerage & Risk and Casualty in tion Center in Spanish Language Management Firm the US, and being Miami Lakes, from Middlebury in Panama and the Regional Rep- Florida. He College. Central America. resentative of has also During his Army He has been with Worldwide Broker served as Pro- career, Don CC for over 15 Network, the fessional De- served in a wide years, including world's largest velopment variety of military working in Spain, organization of Donald (Don) Consultant and 6 and diplomatic France and the privately held the Panamanian United Kingdom insurance bro- Chamber of Com- Elder joined Cat- Sigma Deploy- assignments. He for Se dg wic k kers, risk man- merce (2000- erpillar in 1999 ment Champion commanded the Group. He offi- agement and em- 2003) and a very and is Project for Caterpillar 3rd Battalion, 70th cially took over ployee benefit active at Am- Manager for Cat- Americas Com- Armor from 1989- as Managing Di- consultants work- Cham Panama erpillar Latin pany. 1991, and the rector of the ing on an inte- through the America Support Don graduated 16th Armored Cav- company in 2001 grated basis. Trade & Invest- Services, from the United alry Regiment after longtime He graduated in ment, Member- R.L., with respon- States Military (Training) from AmCham member 1991 from The ship, and Tourism sibility for the de- Academy, West 1994-1996. He and father Jorge American Univer- Committees. He sign and construc- Point, New York in served extended M. Arias stepped sity with a Bache- was one of the down to let the lors Degree in members of the tion of Caterpil- 1971, and served tours of duty in next generation Business Admini- T&I Committee lar’s new Cus- as an officer of Germany, Spain, run the future of stration and a responsible for tomer Demonstra- Armor/Cavalry Panama, El Salva- their company. minor in Finance. drafting the posi- tion and Learning until his retire- dor and Mexico, Mr. Arias has He has a Masters tion paper on the Center to be es- ment from active with operational been responsible Degree from the Panama–USA tablished near duty in 1999. He deployments to for the interna- University of Mi- Free Trade Veracruz, Pa- is a graduate of s e ve ra l ot he r tional expansion ami. Agreement. He nama. Prior to the US Army countries in the of CC and making Mr. Arias has was a member of this assignment, Command and Western Hemi- it an important been an active the Board in 2007 Don was Technical General Staff Col- sphere. player in Central member in the and 2008 and America & The Panamanian Busi- served as Secre- Training Manager lege, US Army Caribbean, ser- ness Community, tary of the Board for Caterpillar School of the vicing clients for as an Advisor to of Directors. and executive a Ph.D in Child sidad de Panamá commercial man- coaching services, Development and and a Masters in ager before as- with responsibili- Family Studies Business Admini- suming her pre- ties over El Salva- from Purdue Uni- stration from the sent position in dor, Honduras, versity and an Universidad 2006. Nicaragua and EMBA from Uni- Latina de Sandra and DHL Dominican Repub- ver sity Sa nta Panamá. have been tire- lic. She is a Maria La Antigua Sandra began her less supporters of trained executive in Panama. relationship with AmCham over coach, certified She was during facilitator of out- 10 years, the DHL in 1992 as a the past years, as placement DBM General Manager customer service events sponsors María Eugenia Programs and also of FETV Channel 5 agent and has and supporters, Fonseca is the a certified Talent and at present is steadily moved speakers, Board Executive Director Development Pro- part of the Board into positions of members and of DBM PANAMA, grams by Nova- of Directores. Sandra Miró increasing re- committee repre- affiliate of DBM tions Group. She is the Chair- Navarro is Coun- sponsibility since sentatives. She is I n c . María Eugenia is a person of the Or- try Manager for then, from sales currently a mem- (, psychologist, with ganizational De- DHL Express in executive to busi- ber of the Board a leading global a Master Degree velopment and Panama. She ness develop- of Directors, hav- human capital in Clinical Psy- Human Capital holds a Bachelor’s ment manager, ing served since management firm chology form San Committee at AM- degree in Political global accounts 2008. providing consult- Jose State Univer- CHAM. Science and Law manager, sales ing, outplacement sity in California, from the Univer- manager and Phone: 301-3881 Fax: 301-3882 Aquilino de la Guardia Ave and 47 St, Ocean Business Plaza Bldg, 17 floor.