NES/SSSC Promoting Excellence –Implementation of Strategic Workforce Development Plan


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Laura Gillies, Senior Adviser, Workforce Development and Planning (SSSC) and Patricia Howie, Educational Projects Manager (NES). Presentation given at Alzheimer Scotland Conference: Creativity and dementia – policy and practice. June 2012, Glasgow.

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NES/SSSC Promoting Excellence –Implementation of Strategic Workforce Development Plan

  1. 1. NES/SSSC Promoting Excellence –Implementationof Strategic Workforce Development Plan
  2. 2. Presentation Plan• Partnership and principles• Promoting Excellence 1 year on• Promoting Excellence – creating sustainability and innovation
  3. 3. Promoting Excellence:A framework for all health and socialservices staff working with people withDementia, their families and carers Aspirational and ambitious Focused on quality of life For ALL health and social services staff Demonstrating partnership
  4. 4. The structure of the framework Expertise in Dementia Practice Level Enhanced Dementia Practice Level Dementia Skilled Practice Level Dementia Informed Practice Level
  5. 5. Workforce Development
  6. 6. Dementia Informed Practice•Chapter 1. Recognising Dementia•Chapter 2. Communicating Positively• Chapter 3. Feelings and Behaviour•Chapter 4. Recognising Strengths• Chapter 5. Risk Enablement• Chapter 6. Learning in Practice
  7. 7. Dementia Skilled Practice •Module 1 Understanding Dementia •Module 2 Person and Family centred care & Community Connections •Module 3 Health and Wellbeing •Module 4 Stress and Distress •Module 5 Supporting and Protecting Rights
  8. 8. Nurse and AHPConsultants• Currently 8 Nurse Consultants and 3 AHP Consultants• Leadership Development Programme• Leading and driving change
  9. 9. Dementia Champions• 1st Cohort Graduation -14 March 2012• Evaluation• Learning and Development Networks
  10. 10. Dementia ChampionsCont’d• Cohort 2 May-Sept 2012• Cohort 3 October 2012 – February 2013• Impact Evaluation of Programme
  11. 11. Education and Training inPsychologicalInterventions andTherapies• Learning Resource for Enhanced Practice• Cognitive Stimulation Therapy• ACE-R Screening Tool
  12. 12. Psychological Interventions and Therapies• Psychological responses to Stress and Distress in Dementia-Training for Trainers- Newcastle model• Informational and Learning Materials for Families and Carers
  13. 13. PsychologicalInterventions andTherapies• Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy• Acceptance and Commitment Therapy• Information for Families and carers to support the person with cognitive difficulties.
  14. 14. Social Services Infrastructure
  15. 15. Post Diagnostic Support• 36 Places• Dementia Demonstrator sites and RCOP
  16. 16. Palliative Care and End ofLife• 75 places 2011/2012• 75 places 2012/2013
  17. 17. Stronger Together  Alzheimer Scotland  Care Inspectorate  COSLA  IRISS  Joint Improvement Team  Mental Welfare Commission  NHS Education for Scotland (NES)  NHS Healthcare Improvement Scotland  Royal College of General Practitioners  Royal College of Psychiatrists in Scotland  Scottish Ambulance Service  Scottish Care  Scottish Dementia Working Group  Scottish Government  Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC)  Skills for Health
  18. 18. Contact us Laura Gillies Senior Adviser, Workforce Development and Planning (SSSC) Patricia Howie Educational Projects Manager (NES)