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UNRAVEL: Alterations for Adventurewear


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UNRAVEL: Alterations for Adventurewear, a combined product/service concept dedicated to alleviating the environmental stresses and impacts from textiles for the outdoors industry.

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UNRAVEL: Alterations for Adventurewear

  1. 1. Alyssa Yatabe | Sustainable Design M.A. Student | SD6500: Introduction to Sustainability
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION WHAT GETS YOU OUTSIDE? backpacking. rock climbing. snowboarding. cycling. hiking. running. skiing. camping. (all of the above?)
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION what protects you outside?
  5. 5. INTRODUCTION what protects you outside? from hot. from cold. from wind. from rain. from sun. from snow. (all of the above?)
  6. 6. INTRODUCTION what protects you outside? your outerwear No matter what adventure style, type or intensity, nylon and polyester are the dominant fabric choices for textiles used in garments for outdoor activities.
  7. 7. INTRODUCTION what protects you outside? your outerwear Nylon and polyester are both incredibly versatile and durable synthetic fabrics that provide excellent weatherproofing, good insulation and temperature control, and dry much more quickly than natural fibers do.
  8. 8. INTRODUCTION snowbowl, Arizona Photo: A Random Stranger
  10. 10. INTRODUCTION THE PROBLEM? nylon & polyester Nylon and polyester are derived from petroleum, which requires drilling, mining and damage to the earth’s crust to access and collect.
  11. 11. INTRODUCTION THE PROBLEM? nylon & polyester The manufacturing process of the actual material then releases incredible amounts of nitrous oxides (powerful greenhouse gases) into the atmosphere that damage both the ozone and the health of the environment.
  12. 12. INTRODUCTION THE solution.
  13. 13. INTRODUCTION THE SOLUTION. UNRAVEL is combined service/product concept dedicated to alleviating the environmental stresses and impacts from textiles for the outdoors industry.
  14. 14. INTRODUCTION THE SOLUTION. responsibility Rather than encouraging the manufacturing of more materials for brand new garments, UNRAVEL aims to encourage responsibility and sustainability in the outdoors industry by promoting the utilization of existing materials from used apparel that would otherwise be landfill-bound to create restored and refurbished garments for seasoned veterans and rookie explorers alike.
  15. 15. INTRODUCTION THE SOLUTION. three components Encourages consumers to shift their habits and help to cease the unabiding flow of high-quality outerwear ending in the waste cycle through three key developed programs — Fix, Find and Fund.
  16. 16. components custom refurbishing & alterations Fix, UNRAVEL’s custom refurbishing and alterations service, is for adventurers who already own a used outerwear garment in need of repair or modification.
  17. 17. components custom refurbishing & alterations Any amount of creativity can be used here as individual consumers can choose to restore the original functionality of pre-loved outerwear or have a garment redesigned to better suit their specific needs.
  18. 18. components upcycled outerwear market If you do not already own the outerwear you need for your adventures, you can purchase original “one-off” refurbished and upcycled clothing creations made from repurposed outerwear apparel, such as jackets, parkas, windbreakers and vests.
  19. 19. components upcycled outerwear market Skilled tailors will break down convert donated garments into brand new creations, ready to be taken out on new adventures. Adventurers of all experience levels will be able to get the high quality gear all without increasing their carbon footprints from the manufacturing processes involved in outerwear textiles.
  20. 20. components outerwear donations & collection You can donate your pre-loved gear to any UNRAVEL store where you will receive store credit for future custom alterations or for making store purchases.
  21. 21. components outerwear donations & collection If you no longer have a need for those jackets hiding in the back of your closet, you can take them in to the UNRAVEL store, where they can be properly reused and stay far away from any landfills.
  22. 22. components vintage modified In both Fix and Find, if there is an opportunity to restore a vintage garment to its original aesthetics while improving its functionality, UNRAVEL will partner with reputable brands such as Patagonia, Marmot and The North Face to co-brand the garment as a “Vintage Modified.” Classic outerwear fashions are revived and brought back to adventure glory.
  23. 23. COMPONENTS implementation brick-and-mortar stores UNRAVEL will implement brick-and-mortar store locations in several key western US cities such as Portland, Seattle, Denver/Boulder, and Salt Lake City where the outdoors and adventure crowd is more prevalent and concentrated. This ensures that each store has easier access to higher quantities of different material types, uses and quality to work with.
  24. 24. COMPONENTS implementation brick-and-mortar stores Additionally, UNRAVEL will develop an online marketplace for those not local to regions with brick-and-mortar store access. You will be able to donate your goods and purchase new garments either in-person at your local store or online by sending your garments to the nearest local area.
  25. 25. COMPONENTS implementation tailor network In each UNRAVEL city, tailors will be hired through a contract network to allow for case-by-case basis assignments. The tailors will be able to handle the custom refurbishings requested by consumers as well as be able to modify and assemble the garments that are donated to then be sold in the UNRAVEL stores.
  26. 26. COMPONENTS implementation tailor network A city manager will maintain the contacts and relationships with the tailors, ensure the products meet high standards of quality, and help to delegate the ways the garments should be modified based on market need for the area.
  27. 27. COMPONENTS hueco tanks, texas Photo: Alyssa Yatabe
  29. 29. COMPONENTS who IS UNRAVEL FOR? backpackers. rock climbers. snowboarders. cyclers. hikers. runners. skiers. campers. (all of the above.)
  30. 30. COMPONENTS who IS UNRAVEL FOR? consumer market Consists of both experienced outdoors adventurers and those who have not yet acquired their own gear for various activities or weather types.
  31. 31. COMPONENTS who IS UNRAVEL FOR? experienced consumers Those who are experienced generally already own a variety of their own outerwear gear, even some they might have owned or loved for a long time. The “Vintage Modified” branded garments will definitely appeal to vintage lovers and collectors, either for the visual aesthetics or for the intrinsic value of having something that has been around for a long time, similar to a family heirloom.
  32. 32. COMPONENTS who IS UNRAVEL FOR? new consumers Those who are newer to the market need to be educated on making decisions when purchasing new gear for the first time. UNRAVEL presents the perfect opportunity to encourage potential customers that the importance in choosing gear does not lie in making sure that it is brand new or flawless, but that the overall quality and functionality is suitable to withstand the environment that they will be adventuring in.
  33. 33. INTRODUCTION grand canyon, Arizona Photo: Alyssa Yatabe
  34. 34. sustainability challenge HOW DOES IT HELP?
  35. 35. sustainability challenge HOW DOES IT HELP? people. planet. public. profits. (all of the above.)
  36. 36. sustainability challenge HOW DOES IT HELP? people Memories of various adventures and trips have become embedded within the fabrics of some particular garments and it can mean a lot for someone to continue using their truly “favorite” gear.
  37. 37. sustainability challenge HOW DOES IT HELP? people Some people are also very attracted to vintage and restored gear, either due to the aesthetics or the value that item might have.
  38. 38. sustainability challenge HOW DOES IT HELP? people People love knowing that the actions and decisions they make, contribute to the positive changes that benefit our planet and our people.
  39. 39. sustainability challenge HOW DOES IT HELP? planet With nylon being one of the predominant materials in outerwear, the textiles in the industry require a great deal of petroleum mining. Aside from nylon’s manufacturing process releasing large amounts of nitrous oxide into the atmosphere, nylon also has a very slow decay rate once products made with nylon make it to the landfill.
  40. 40. sustainability challenge HOW DOES IT HELP? planet UNRAVEL’s components all promote the reuse of existing gear, helping to avert outerwear from ending up in the landfill.
  41. 41. sustainability challenge HOW DOES IT HELP? planet Additionally, UNRAVEL will recycle leftover material scraps which can be used in UNRAVEL products. Eventually those products could be easily recycled again and combined with overall reduced CO2 emissions, UNRAVEL works to create a continually looping system for outerwear manufacturing.
  42. 42. sustainability challenge HOW DOES IT HELP? public Benefits the public by creating a strong feeling of community involvement through the sharing and swapping of gear at UNRAVEL stores.
  43. 43. sustainability challenge HOW DOES IT HELP? public UNRAVEL provides other public benefits by educating the consumers, local and otherwise, on options for handling their existing gear or purchasing new gear.
  44. 44. sustainability challenge HOW DOES IT HELP? public The UNRAVEL tailor network will be based in the local areas where each UNRAVEL city store is, enriching the communities surrounding it.
  45. 45. sustainability challenge HOW DOES IT HELP? profits The fabric costs go down as the supplies required for the garments will either be donated by or purchased inexpensively from fellow adventurers.
  46. 46. sustainability challenge HOW DOES IT HELP? profits Manufacturing costs are significantly reduced as only recycled or reused materials will be utilized in the assembly of each garment.
  47. 47. sustainability challenge HOW DOES IT HELP? profits Lastly, the UNRAVEL tailor network will be based within each local UNRAVEL city community, reducing transportation costs and allowing the tailors to earn fair living wages.
  48. 48. INTRODUCTION Browns Peak, Arizona Photo: Alyssa Yatabe
  49. 49. next steps What are the next steps?
  50. 50. next steps What are the next steps? place. program. production. party.
  51. 51. next steps What are the next steps? place The first step is to determine which western United States cities are the most suitable for developing brick-and-mortar stores and tailor networks in.
  52. 52. next steps What are the next steps? program The next phase is seeking out and establishing a network of qualified tailors capable of taking on UNRAVEL garment assignments in each location.
  53. 53. next steps What are the next steps? produce UNRAVEL will then begin to collect donations and outerwear garments to build the initial supply of stock materials.
  54. 54. next steps What are the next steps? party In each UNRAVEL city, the stores could launch an opening campaign for educating new and existing market consumers on the importance of responsibility and the possibilities of reusing or purchasing gear that isn’t sourced from virgin manufactured materials.
  55. 55. next steps What are the next steps? party UNRAVEL would invite consumers to participate in donation of garments for store credit (customer loyalty) and add more material options to the stock. UNRAVEL could publicize the information about each store opening on the website and allow non-local consumers to participate in the education and the donation or purchase programs.
  56. 56. INTRODUCTION mount humphreys, Arizona Photo: Nick Cote
  57. 57. CONCLUSION CONCLUSION. alter your state of mind As a society, we have become so affixed to the stigma of always having the best and the newest right now. UNRAVEL dismisses this thinking by altering and modifying landfill-bound outerwear, giving it a second chance at adventure and alleviating the resulting environmental stresses from manufacturing textiles.
  58. 58. CONCLUSION CONCLUSION. alter your state of mind Perhaps the next time the air becomes brisk and you hear the mountains calling, you’ll think of UNRAVEL when it’s time to bundle up and get outside.