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Geography 5


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Geography 5 class trip

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Geography 5

  1. 1. By Alyssa Medina
  2. 2. Alyssa MedinaMormon Rock formationGranular StructureAlyssa MedinaGranular Structure of the rocksshows sandstone. Mormon rocksare composed of layers knownas sada, which can helpdetermine the weather by howmuch it rains.The rocks were formed on a tiltedfault, where the Pacific and NorthAmerican plate meet creating theSan Andreas Fault.Taken afternoon: 3/9/13Taken afternoon: 3/9/13
  3. 3. San Andres Rift Zoneand Stream BedAlyssa MedinaThe San Andreas rift zone is on atilted fault located on the NorthAmerican and pacific plate meet.Taken afternoon:3/9/13
  4. 4. Alyssa Medina Alyssa MedinaCinder Hill (cindercone) also known asRed Hill is a stratoeVolcano.Lava FlowThis lava flow was produce byCinder hill in the Inyo-Countryregion once the lava was hardenfrom the eruption 500 years ago.Creating the costal volcanicrange intrusive beneath thesurface.Taken afternoon: 3/9/13Taken afternoon:3/9/13
  5. 5. Fossil FallsAlyssa MedinaStreamBedAlyssa MedinaOwens LakeBy thewatermeltingfrom theglaciersa d thevolcanicactivityform themountainranges.Taken afternoon:3/9/13Taken afternoon:3/9/13
  6. 6. Metate HolesAlyssa MedinaObsidian FlakesAlyssa MedinaThe water where it indevershit at the same area incirculate against the Basalt tocreate this smooth circularholes.The nativeswould use it forweapons forexample arrowheads. TheseObsidian flakesalso known asVolcanic Glass.Takenafternoon:3/9/13Takenafternoon:3/9/13
  7. 7. House RingPetroglyphAlyssa MedinaAlyssa MedinaThe native Americans would produce thehouse rings as a foundation for theirhomes and mark where the would settle.The petroglyphs were made by thenative Americans as we see here theydrew sheep and a shaw man alsoknown as a medicine man. Apetroglyph is in the Coso region andare in danger of keeping them frombeing defaced. Taken afternoon:3/9/13Taken afternoon:3/9/13
  8. 8. Mt. WhitneyAlyssa MedinaOrographic EffectAlyssa Medina14550 ft.its significance is thetallest mountain inthe U.S. This is made by theglaciation of the mountainswhere the valley is pushedout by the moraines makinga smooth flat but hill likeland.Taken afternoon:4/5/13Taken afternoon:4/5/13
  9. 9. Alluvial FanInyo-White MountainsAlyssa MedinaAlyssa MedinaTaken afternoon:4/5/13Taken afternoon: 4/5/13
  10. 10. Diaz Lake Lone Pine FaultAlyssa Medina Alyssa MedinaIn 1872 the Diaz lake was created bya large earthquake between the Inyomountains and Sierra NevadaMountains on the fault between themand lone pine. the earthquake causedthe hills to rise and drop the groundfilling in with water creating the lakeknown as a sag pond.In 1872 the earthquake caused the baseof the Alabama hills to rise showing thefault, creating the Diaz lake and alsocaused 29 people that died from theearthquake and destructions to thosenear by cities.Taken afternoon: 4/5/13Taken afternoon: 4/5/13
  11. 11. Hot StreamAlyssa MedinaThe springs are hot due to them being along of the cracked fault and iswarm up by the volcanic activity underground warming the rocks. Alsowhen going down the stream the warmth of it decreases.Taken evening: 4/5/13
  12. 12. Due to BarkbeetlesDead Forest ZoneThe dead forest zone was created because they had to cut down thetrees because of the bark beetles causing dead trees and removingthe trees so they do not cause a fire. The bark Beetles are herebecause of the climate change.Taken Morning: 4/6/13
  13. 13. Mono LakeNegit IslandPaoha islandAlyssa Medina Alyssa MedinaNegit is the oldest island due to thedark color which is produce by the lavaflow when it harden and also a volcano(cone shape).Taken afternoon: 4/6/13Taken afternoon: 4/6/13
  14. 14. FormerShorelinePresentTufaOld shorelineExposeShoreAlyssa MedinaAlyssa MedinaThe tufas were created by thecalcium carbonate. By thecalcium in the fresh waterbubbled up and mixed with thecarbon forming the linear line oftowers.The old shore linestretched out to theborder of Nevada,after WW!! LosAngeles decided toproduce the LosAngeles Aqueductfrom Owens Lakeand Mono lakecausing them todry out OwensLake and protestedto save Mono lakebrought it to thecourts resulting inwinning to saveMono Lake to wereLA takes some ofthe some of thewater and allowingit to be restoredwhat the streamsTaken afternoon:4/6/13Taken afternoon:4/6/13
  15. 15. Panum CraterAlyssa MedinaMoraineThe glaciated valley was produced by the glaciers erode from the mountains due togravity and melting ice developing the Bloody Mary canyon and next to it the lateralis V shape produce by water and terminal moraines are U shape made by ice whenthe thunderstorms hit the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The Panum Crater’s formed bythe magma when it erupted and the water cooling it down shaping it into a cindercone. Taken afternoon: 4/6/13
  16. 16. End TerminalGrant LakeAlyssa MedinaTaken afternoon: 4/6/13
  17. 17. Terminal moraineBloody MaryCanyonAlyssa MedinaThis lake is cirque in other words round; created by the glaciersthat would melt down the mountain. The lateral moraines producethe V shape made by the ice of the glaciers and the TerminalMoraine is a U shape made by water of the glaciers of the BloodyMary Canyon.Taken afternoon: 4/6/13
  18. 18. Oldest RockFormationTerminalMoraineLateralMoraineConvict LakeAlyssa MedinaThe darkest layers is the oldest rock formation. They are harden plate tectonicswhere it pushed back the mountains. Created on the U shape (terminal Moraine)canyon by the ice glaciers by the Ice Age.Taken afternoon: 4/6/13
  19. 19. AlyssaMedinaThe cross really caught my attention since it is what is trending today is wearingthe cross. Also I didn’t know that the natives were in to Christ but but their owngod and interested me because it and the pendants around it were all carved bystone and shell dated back 4,000 years ago in this are of the Great Basin.Taken afternoon: 4/7/13
  20. 20. Guard ShacksName and date when theybuilt ManzanarManzanar was a Japanese Concentration camp, after the the bombing of Pearl Harbor theGovernment decided to take action and gather the Japanese and had them build theirown camp; afraid there will be domestic terrorism, propaganda: they protected theJapaneses from others trying to hurt them. Here we see just foundations of the camp,Because they reused the would for other camps for example the buildings they had at theEastern CA museum.Alyssa Medina AlyssaMedinaTaken afternoon: 4/7/13Taken afternoon: 4/7/13
  21. 21. Solar Power PlantDoppler RadarTowerAlyssa MedinaAlyssa MedinaLocated on high way 395 own byKramers Junction Company. Determines theweather collecting theinformation from theAtmosphere.
  22. 22. Cucamonga Alluvial FanAlyssa MedinaYou can’t really see it but the Alluvial fan is where on thebase of the San Gabriel mountains well behind they areshaped like rode but are really carved by the deposits ofthe mountain.Taken afternoon: 4/9/13
  23. 23. Mining TrailingGarlock FaultAlyssa medina Alyssa MedinaOff the 395 highway nearCinder hill mining for mineralsin the Rand mining district.Is the 2nd largest fault in Californiathat boarders the Mohave Desert.Taken afternoon: 4/9/13 Taken afternoon:4/9/13
  24. 24. Los Angeles AqueductOwens Dry LakeAlyssa Medina Alyssa MedinaOwens Lake was dry up due to theLos Angeles Aqueduct for LA canuse water.Taken afternoon:4/9/13Taken afternoon: 4/9/13
  25. 25. Joshua treeCreosotebushBurroweedgrassAlyssa MedinaTaken afternoon: 4/9/13