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Do you know what the name Loretta means?


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Do you know what the name Loretta means? Victory and honor. Our transport of the week exhibits just that! Meet Loretta, a two year old, 40 pound terrier mix.

Loretta arrived in her local animal control in March, 2016. She was in pretty rough shape and was in isolation for quite a while to heal. While Loretta was in the shelter, they say she was a quiet, black dog, yet she was always overlooked on the adoption floor. Considering her life before the shelter, Loretta was very scared of everything that came her way. With each day passing and people passing by, Loretta ended up on the euthanization list. Red Rock Rescue in Effort, Pennsylvania agreed to save her.

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Do you know what the name Loretta means?

  1. 1. Do you know what the name Loretta means?
  2. 2. It means victory and honor
  3. 3. Meet Loretta, who exhibits those exact qualities!
  4. 4. She is a 2 year old, 40 pound, terrier mix
  5. 5. Loretta arrived in her local shelter in bad shape and was put in isolation to heal
  6. 6. The shelter says she was a quiet dog, yet was always overlooked on the adoption floor and was very scared
  7. 7. As each day passed, and each person passed by, Loretta was put on the euthanization list…
  8. 8. Red Rock Rescue in Pennsylvania came to Loretta’s rescue and saved her!
  9. 9. Due to an incoming hurricane, Loretta’s transport was delayed for a week
  10. 10. Loretta traveled over 850 miles with dedicated volunteers from Georgia to Pennsylvania to her new rescue
  11. 11. Thanks to the efforts of Rescue Transport USA, Loretta made it safely to her new rescue!
  12. 12. She was so excited to arrive and met the other rescues with her tail wagging!
  13. 13. Join the 12,000+ volunteers and be part of a journey just like Loretta’s