Treaty of Versailles


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Treaty of Versailles

  1. 1. <ul><li>Germans had to take responsibility- they were disgraced. 35%
  2. 2. Germany has always been a powerful country, and to be blamed for 24 million deaths and were consequently humiliated and most likely guilt stricken. This was the number one reason because guilt can drive a person, or a country, mad. This also led to anger, which led the Germans to want to be powerful once again.
  3. 3. Germany had to pay £6,600 million in reparations. 30%
  4. 4. If being blamed wasn’t enough, the Germans were forced to pay damages. They had already lost workers and country men and everyone had to sell everything and work all day. This led to even more humiliation, but it also started the Great Depression. This is our second point, but tied with third, because they had no money and were looking for a leader, but wasn’t the only reason.
  5. 5. Land loss was an event that made the unstable post-war Europe even less stable as ethnic and cultural background were mixed or tied. Which led to the depression and all the economy was bad in Europe. After years of humiliation and starvation, Germans looked for a strong leader. Germany escaped the Depression by militarizing. 30%
  6. 6. Losing land was another reason humiliation took over and also a reason for the Great Depression. The Germans lost everything, and were looking for a leader to get them out of the slump they were in. This point is tied because this was the point they lost everything, they had no land to work and no money that was theirs, and everyone wanted out. This was part of the reason Hitler so easily persuaded all the Germans.
  7. 7. It made sure that Germany was too weak to start another European War, yet strong enough to help stop the spread of Communism. 3%
  8. 8. The Germans had nothing left that was actually theirs. Everything, from money to and to ideas, was owned by the Treaty or another country. Countries made sure they were weak, which again is humiliating, but they controlled their little power to get them what they wanted. Again, this is another reason the Germans wanted a new life and leader.
  9. 9. Germany’s colonies were given to Britain and France. 2%
  10. 10. Colonies were the reason the Germans’ had power to begin with. The colonies were powerful and had much control over the economy, and when they were taken away, they had no money, no power, and no belongings. They were humiliated even more. Because of this weakness, they wanted someone to take control, and the person who took control started World War II.