Federal Election 2011


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Federal Election 2011

  1. 1. Federal Election 2011 Name: __Alyssa Brewrod___________ 1. What is the date of the federal election? _May 2nd, 2011 a. Who do you believe will be our next PM? Michael Ignatieff b. Why? Because many people want a change. 2. What riding do you live in? Wetaskawin 3. List the people who are running for Member of Parliament in your riding, along with their party affiliation and the party leader. Candidate Party Party LeaderBlaine Calkins Conservative Stephen HarperChris Anderson Liberal Michael IgnatieffTim Robson NDP Jack LaytonRobert Johnston Green Elizabeth MayN/A Bloq Gilles DuceppeN/A Pirate Party Mikkel Paulson 3. Based on what you have learned the last 2 classes, where do you think you fall on the political and economic spectrum (right or left?) Why do you think this – what ideas make the most sense?Although I find myself agreeing and disagreeing sides made on both sections of thespectrum, I find myself agreeing with most of the left side. I enjoy the ideas of changeand freedom, but also structure and strictness. However, I enjoy the way the right sideinvolves themselves in people’s lives and runs a country.
  2. 2. 4. Complete the Vote Compass survey on the CBC website to find out its recommendation for which party platform you most support (according to their question set).Paste 2 screenshots below of your position on the economic and politicalspectrum. a. Your overall left vs. right position. b. Choose 3 issues to set as “important” and recalculate your position.
  3. 3. 5. Go to the Globe and Mail’s website and read through Party Platforms highlights on 10 key issues for Canadians. a. If you were able to vote in this election which party would you vote for and why? You must, make reference to 3 key issues written about in the Globe and the component of your party’s platform you most agree with. Explanations of why these ideas appeal and make sense to you must be included. All the platforms the parties represent are full of ideas that I see as positive and/or negative. If I was voting for a party based on their platform, I would vote Green Party. Although their educational ideas aren’t at the top of my list, it still is a safe vote. NDP has brilliant educational ideals to make it more affordable for post secondary. The Liberal party really just focuses on the lower income society, it doesn’t help anyone else, and education is hard to obtain for all people. Conservative “promises” to cut interest rates on loans. In the health sector, the Green Party once again secures my vote. Although Canada has a system of health care that many governments in the world are based on, we lack equipment. The Green Party’s platform states that new and better equipment will be purchased, care for First Nations will be provided. The NDP platform sounds great, but again, where are they coming up with the money? The Liberal Party wants for force healthy living, which I don’t believe is their choice to force. The Conservative Party has good ideals, but it is the “same old, same old”. They also would like to bring in an Adult Fitness Tax Credit, but again, it is not the government’s decision to decide the fitness of their people. The NDP has my defence interest. Although they are not destroying the military, they are cutting unnecessary spending and creating a safer military base. The Green Party has mediocre ideals while the Conservatives are spending way too much money. The Liberals barely mentioned military and they would just like to help veterans, which doesn’t solve all that much.