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Weather Student Notes

  1. 1. Name NOTES Keep these and STUDY with them!!! Weather: Weather Weather by Brainpop o behavior of atmosphere (what’s going 1) What cycle is the basis of our on at any certain time) weather? o geographic area o Can change ________________ 2) What causes precipitation to occur? --The study of weather is --Someone who studies weather is called a ______________ 3) Where do storms usually occur? Climate: Climate o ____________ behavior of atmosphere (100+ years) o _____________ geographic area o Very _____________ to change POLAR TEMPERATE TROPICAL o _________ latitude ________ latitude 30 - ____________ Cool summers, ____ year- True __________ No winter, ______ year- round Variety of climate patterns round ________ ______________ High temp, ______, humidity precipitation (rain/snow) Climate? What Factors Affect Weather & Climate? Climate Types by Brainpop The ___, The Water _____, The Atmosphere 1. What is climate? & the ___________ 2. Where are tropical climates most likely to be? How does the Sun Affect 3. What does “arid” mean? Weather? • It _________ the atmosphere & oceans Radiation: Radiation: energy transferred as _________ _______ _______ • It creates ________________ • It keeps the water cycle going Conduction: Conduction: energy transferred when ___________ bump together • It affects weather patterns Convection; Convection; transfer of heat by _______ of material; happens after the other two… 1
  2. 2. The Water Cycle _______ the water on the planet is recycled in this manner! Parts of the Cycle Evaporation— Evaporation Water going from a _______ to a ______ (gains energy from the sun) Transpiration—evaporation of water from/out of __________. Locate this on the diagram! Condensation—Water going from a _______ to a Water Cycle by Brainpop ___________ (cools or loses energy); When this 1) What process must happen happens in the atmosphere, _____________ form. for clouds to form? Precipitation—when water ________ out the 2) What is “collection”? atmosphere. Forms when the water droplets in clouds become too _______ to stay up. 3) Name one way to conserve Liquid water = _____________ water. Frozen water = ____________ or sleet or hail How does the atmosphere affect affect weather? • The atmosphere is a mixture of _______ that surrounds the Earth • Has _____ different layers—each has different __________ . Label them on the diagram: • Air __________ and ___________ change with altitude • Weather occurs in the layer closest to Earth (_________________) Earth’s Atmsophere by Brainpop Air Masses = body of air with a certain ______________ and ______________ 1) What is ozone? level 2) What layer of the atmosphere does Can be warm or cold weather occur in? Can contain a lot of moisture or not a lot of moisture 3) What 2 gases compose the most of Earth’s Atmosphere? 2
  3. 3. How does Air Pressure affect weather? How much the earth’s atmosphere is pressing down on us Measured with a _____________________ If it __________, then new weather is on the way: o Falling Air Pressure = __________ weather coming o Rising Air Pressure = _____weather coming o Steady Air Pressure = _____change is coming ScienceSaurus Sections 224: How does the OCEAN affect weather? Ocean currents affect the _____________of the land they pass by Cold ocean currents = _________________effect Warm ocean currents = ______________effect Temperature changes affect pressure – which then creates WINDS Winds blow this cooling or warming effect over the land Wind by Brainpop Winds = created from ________________in air pressure 1) What does warm air do? Moves from areas of _____to _____pressure 2) What do you call winds that Greater the difference in pressure, the _____the wind blow all the time in the same blows part of the world? Measured with _____________and ____________or you can estimate with the Beaufort Wind Scale (ScienceSaurus 3) What are jet streams? 225) GLOBAL WINDS Thousands of kilometers long; can cause weather to _____in different directions ___________, prevailing westerlies, doldrums, horse latitudes, trade winds Caused by the temperature difference in different regions o Hot Tropical Regions—causes air to _____ o Cold polar Regions—causes air to _____Also affected by Earth’s Spin: Coriolis Effect = causes winds to curve to the _____in the N. Hemisphere; to the _____in the S. Hemisphere 3
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