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Science fair hypothesis and procedure chart


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Science fair hypothesis and procedure chart

  1. 1. Name: __________________________________________ 5th grade Science # ___________________ My Question is: ________________________________________________________________ Using the research I conducted, here is my Hypothesis Chart: Causes Things I can change Choosing the Independent Variable Effects Things I can measure Choosing the Dependent Variable Put a star by the Independent Variable and the Dependent Variable (one on each side of the question) Label the constants next to the boxes above: Your Final Hypothesis: If _______________________________________________ then ____________________________________________________________________________.
  2. 2. Your independent variable:_______________________________________________________ Your dependent variable: ______________________________________________________ Your constants that will have to stay the same in your experiment are: ____________________ , _____________________ , _____________________ Now, create the Rough Draft T-chart by using your Hypothesis Chart. IV C C C DV Now its time to make a Final T- chart using the one above and our example in class. Example the constant of Water/Water or Time/Time is not enough. You need to use this time to decide how much water, or how much time? A better T-chart would say 2 cups of water, 2 cups of water (or) 1 hour, 1 hour on the chart. IV C C C DV DV: List the SAME Dependent variable you listed before. You haven’t done your experiment yet, so you don’t have your results. You DO need to decide HOW you will measure it here. Ex: if you say you are measuring length—is that in inches, feet, meters, miles? AWESOME JOB! You are now ready to create your PROCEDURE. Use a separate sheet of paper to convert your FINAL T-chart into the procedure you will use during the experiment. Remember, Procedures have a materials list and a safety section!