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Basic Scientific Method Assessment
Name: __________________________ Class: Science #_________
There are 8 steps in the Sci...
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8 steps sm quiz


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8 steps sm quiz

  1. 1. Basic Scientific Method Assessment Name: __________________________ Class: Science #_________ There are 8 steps in the Scientific Method. Use the word bank to the right to put them in the correct order starting with number 1. 1. ____________________________ 2. ____________________________ 3. ____________________________ 4. ____________________________ 5. ____________________________ 6. ____________________________ 7. ____________________________ 8. ____________________________ Match the following vocab words to their definitions. Place the Letter which represents the definition by its correct match. 9. _____ Data/ Charts 10. _____ Hypothesis 11. _____ Communicate your Results 12. _____ Question/ Problem 13. _____ Experiment 14. _____ Research 15. _____ Conclusion 16. _____ Procedure 17. _____ Compare 18. _____ Contrast WORD BANK: Data/ Charts Hypothesis Communicate your Results Question/ Problem Experiment Research Conclusion Procedure A. Performing the procedure while testing the hypothesis. B. Looking at what things have in common C. Gathering information, observations and findings and putting them into a system where that they can easily see and understand D. Going place to place to place finding out information about the problem. E. The scientist’s idea/ educated guess. F. Step by step instructions in short simple sentences. G. Looking at what differences two or more items have H. Determining if the hypothesis was right or wrong and using the data to explain how you know. I. What the scientist wants to learn more about or make better. J. Scientists talk to each other about what they found out or tell people about their results because it might help them.