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7th grade syllabus


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7th grade syllabus

  1. 1. MRS. HENLEY’S 7TH GRADE COURSE SYLLABUS<br />AREAS OF STUDY<br />7th grade science will be introducing students to physics, life science, space science, and Earth science.<br />FIRST QUARTEROKLAHOMA STANDARDS 1,2,3,4,5<br />Procedures/Intro to 7th gradeScientific Tools<br />Intro to ScienceIntro to Graphing<br />Intro to the Scientific MethodDichotomous Keys<br />Advanced Scientific MethodReview and Quarterly Tests<br />Intro to Measurement<br />SECOND QUARTEROKLAHOMA STANDARDS 1,2,3,4<br />Measurement and ConversationsWhat is Life? / Classification<br />Life ScienceIntro to Genetics/Mendel and his Peas<br />MicroscopesAdvanced Genetics <br />Behavior and RegulationsPunnett Squares and Probability<br />Organ SystemsReview and Semester Test<br />***Semester Test is 20% of entire semester grade<br />***Honors Class to Begin Science Fair Experiments<br />THIRD QUARTEROKLAHOMA STANDARDS 1,3,6<br />Space ScienceChanges Over Time<br />SeasonsGeosphere<br />Hydrosphere & AtmospherePlate Tectonics<br />BiosphereReview and Quarterly Tests<br />***Science Fair Projects will be due<br />FOURTH QUARTEROKLAHOMA STANDARDS 1,2,3,4,5,6<br />Atmosphere LayersShort Term Project<br />Weather CSI Unit<br />ForecastingLife Cycle of a Virus<br />ClimateHIV/ AIDS Curriculum<br />BiomesReview and Semester Test<br />***Semester Test is 20% of entire semester grade<br />SCIENCE CLASS FAQS<br /><ul><li>Students need a 3 ring binder to carry to all classes with a divider for Science Notes
  2. 2. Class notes are the most important source of information for students to review before testing.
  3. 3. Team website is Parents can access the parent information page, or individual class notes. Students can look over class notes, powerpoints, or print off worksheets they have misplaced.
  4. 4. Science has a class set of textbooks that cannot be checked out.
  5. 5. There is an online textbook that students can access from home or the library at Password:DF8448DCA1
  6. 6. The classroom has an “Assignment Board” where assignments for each month are recorded. Students are to get missing work from the assignment board when they have been absent.
  7. 7. Late papers are 10 pts. off per day they are late. Papers are considered late if they were not turned in when expected. Students not passing in papers on time, or running to their locker for a paper are considered “late”.
  8. 8. Minor discipline problems may warrant a “lunch detention”. Too many lunch detentions result in future disciplinary actions, as determined by the grade level principal.
  9. 9. Horse play is never permitted. Our classroom is also our lab room which includes computers, lab equipment, and chemicals. Students are expected to walk normally and not touch other students. Students should never touch lab supplies or chemicals until they have read their lab manuals or been instructed to do so. Horseplay in the classroom may result in a direct referral to the grade level principal. </li></ul>GRADES<br />90-100AExcellent Work<br />89-80BGood Work<br />79-70CAverage Work<br />69-60DFair Work <br />59-50FFailing Work<br />Science grades are weighted. Below are the 4 categories of grades.<br />Notice that Test and Project grades will count twice in the grade book.<br />Bell work and Homework (1x)<br />Lab grades(1x)<br />Quiz grades(1x)<br />Test & Project Grades(2x)<br />EXTRA SUPPLIES<br />We are always in need of extra supplies for labs. If you are able to contribute any of the items below, our class would greatly appreciate it. <br /><ul><li>Dish soap (for future lab experiments and clean up)
  10. 10. Washable Markers, Pencils, Erasers, Expo Markers
  11. 11. Clorox wipes
  12. 12. Disinfectant spray (for ear phones to class computers)
  13. 13. Kleenex
  14. 14. Calculators (1.00 at walmart/ the dollar store).