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Research Project, Communication Technology and Change, University of Canberra, 8131, Semester 2, 2010.

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Alysha Bowman Apple iPhone Research Project.ppt

  1. 1. Apple iPhone has it revolutionised the smartphone market and the way society communicates? By Alysha Bowman
  2. 2. Smartphones have existed since 1993. The iPhone was launched in the US in 2007 by Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, and didn’t it leave it’s mark… 74 days from its release on the market the iPhone hit one million sales.
  3. 3. Not even Apple could predict how the iPhone would change the smartphone market and the way we look and use phones forever. Crowd at the iPhone launch, San Francisco
  4. 4. Canayls research revealed that the iPhone exceeded Windows Mobile in market share in the third quarter of its release in the market. Incredible! In 2008 the iPhone became the top handset sold in the US overtaking the Motorola RAZR which held the top spot for over 3 years
  5. 5. Social impact Baby Boomers • Common reason for having a mobile phone was for safety and to be contacted in an emergency. • Little interest in mobile phone features such as games, calculator, music player and touch screen display. Generation X & Y • Tend to use their mobile phones a lot more than the older generations and use it more for its features, content and entertainment abilities.
  6. 6. But WHY? How has the iPhone made such an impact?
  7. 7. Is it because of its unique applications?  Faster network  Wireless internet abilities  In-built iPod  Apps  Social networking  Digital Camera
  8. 8. Or is it because of the iPhone’s Maps and GPS Abilities? 33% of iPhone owners use maps and GPS more than ten times a month, compared to 13% of Smartphone owners. Source: Survey
  9. 9. Has the new technology changed how we use our phone? o iPhone owners are twice as likely as other Smartphone owners to be comfortable with advertising within the applications on their device o 70% of users check email on the iPhone at least once a day o 60% of users browse the internet at least once per day o Three quarters of users do more web surfing on the iPhone than on their previous mobile device. Source: Rubicon Consulting Research
  10. 10. The Typical iPhone user Source: Rubicon Consulting Research
  11. 11. Read Alysha’s Research Paper to find out more information Has that got your attention?