Chance, probabilities, and genetic ratios


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Chance, probabilities, and genetic ratios

  2. 2. CHANCE • central role in Mendelian genetics • union of gametes during fertilization process • is a random process • probability is the measure on how a particular event will happen
  3. 3. PROBABILITY • given a value between 0 (0% chance or it will not occur) and 1 (100% chance or it will occur) • the higher the degree of probability the more likely the event is to happen
  4. 4. GENETIC RATIO • representation of genotypes of a pair of contrasting traits of a character in the form of ratio – homozygous dominant – heterozygous – homozygous recessive
  5. 5. Percent Deviation • useful in determining how accurate the data collected by student • Percent deviation = (student data - lab data) / lab data then multiplied by 100 • if negative (student data is lower than lab data) • if positive (student data is higher than lab data)
  6. 6. STATISTICAL CONCEPTS AND RULES Mean, Variance, and Standard Deviation
  7. 7. • Pick 10 leaves from the samples • measure (in mm) the length and broadest width of the leaf • Obtain measurements by other groups • Compute for sample mean, sample variance, sample standard deviation • Plot frequency against the measure value to prepare histograms