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The catering world CUA1,2.pptx

  2. 2. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES •Explore the catering world •Understand the catering industry •Know the responsibilities of catering personnel • Identify Kitchen Personnel and their job description
  3. 3. OVERVIEW CATERING PERSONNEL •It evident that at present, food service owners do not only focus on operating a restaurant but expand the business by venturing into a catering service to maximize their earnings. Depending upon the size of the business, catering personnel are hired to carry out the various catering functions of the establishment. In doing so, considerations should be noted.
  4. 4. • As the owner, you are responsible for the actions and performance of your staff, whether they are full – time, part – time or temporary. The right people must be assigned for the job. The people you hire should thoroughly understand the nature of the job, know how it should be done according to your standards, and be aware of the responsibilities that go with it. The type of personnel you hire often makes the difference between success and failure.
  6. 6. CATERING MANAGER Catering managers lead teams of chefs and catering assistants. They are responsible for running the day-to-day catering operations and services in restaurants, hotels and resorts. Catering managers are responsible for monitoring the quality of the food and service and for making sure that their outlets perform well.
  7. 7. CATERING OR BANQUET COORDINATOR A catering coordinator is in charge of facilitating the catering needs for events. Responsibilities include: overseeing staff, coordination of food preparation and presentation, managing inventory, communicating with third party vendors, and providing excellent customer service to guests and clients.
  8. 8. CATERING SERVICE SUPERVISOR Head waiters/waitresses manage the food and beverage service in a hospitality outlet or unit. They are responsible for the customer's experience. Head waiters/waitresses coordinate all actions involving customers such as welcoming guests, ordering, delivering the food & beverages and supervise financial transactions.
  9. 9. CAPTAIN WAITER A waiter captain, also called a head waiter, oversees the wait staff and food service of a fancy restaurant. High-end eating establishments or those with a large staff hire a very experienced, highly proficient waiter for this senior position.
  10. 10. WINE STEWARD A Wine Steward supervises the wine list, assisting in the maintenance of it for the restaurant. A Wine Steward gives suggestions about food matching so that it will be suitable to the chef’s dishes if needed. A Wine Steward is capable of discussing, buying and serving all kinds of wine. A Wine Steward is comfortable to talk with customers and capable of giving recommendations to fit the customers’ tastes.
  11. 11. WAITER The duties and responsibilities of a Waiter/Waitress include welcoming and seating guests, taking guest orders, communicating them effectively to the kitchen and in addition, memorizing the menu and offering recommendations to upsell appetizers, desserts, or drinks.
  12. 12. BUS PERSON / DINING ROOM ATTENDANT A Bus Person He / She is responsible to set and clears restaurant tables, stocks all service stations and assist food servers with table service to ensure total guest satisfaction. Quickly clear dirty table settings and prepare table for resetting. Promptly and consistently reset all service ware as prescribed.
  13. 13. SECRETARY The secretary handles paper works, office records, and other pertinent reports. She / he may entertain client’s inquiries, handle bookings, make clients perform other related duties as may be assigned.
  14. 14. PROPERTY CUSTODIAN The custodian is responsible for the proper safekeeping and insurance of supplies and equipment. She / he maintains and controls operating equipment used for the function.
  16. 16. CHEF DE CUISINE (KITCHEN CHEF) is responsible for purchase of goods, cost control, setting up the menu, and supervision of personnel and hygiene in the kitchen area.
  17. 17. SOUS-CHEF (KITCHEN CHEF'S ASSISTANT) represents the kitchen chef In his absence; in a target organization, he takes over some of the chef's duties.
  18. 18. SAUCIER (SAUCE COOK) prepares all sauces and the meals that go with them, as well as all fish dishes (although in large organizations there is a poissonier); he is responsible for the work at the kitchen range, and in medium-sized establishments.
  19. 19. RÔTISSEUR (ROAST CHEF) Primarily responsible for roasting and braising meats. In modern kitchens, the responsibilities of the Rotisseur extends beyond what its definition implies, they are also responsible for grilling and frying meats.
  20. 20. ENTREMETIER Prepares vegetables, soups, starches, and eggs. Larger establishments may employ multiple chefs to work this station. A potager would be in charge of making soups, and a legumier would be in charge of preparing any vegetable dishes.
  21. 21. GARDE-MANGER supplies the ready-to-cut meat and fish preparation, the cold oppetizers, hors d'oeuvres, and salads. In large restaurants, this work is divided between the hors d'oeuvrier (appetizer cook) and the boucher (butcher].
  22. 22. PÂTISSIER makes cookies, cakes, îce cream, and other desserts; in large restaurants, the work is divided among the glacier (ice cream maker), confiseur (fine pastry cook), and boulanger (baker of bread, rolls, and other baked goods)
  23. 23. COMMIS (JUNIOR COOK) They perform various kitchen duties, such as assisting chef de parties in meal preparations, receiving deliveries, and rotating stock.
  24. 24. SALAD MAN OR GIRL produces and serves various kinds of salads and in some restaurants is responsible for the smorgasbord (hors d'oeuvres] and is subordinate to the garde-manger
  25. 25. CASSEROLIER cleans, cares for, and services all pans, cooking equipment, and kitchen machines.
  26. 26. KITCHEN BOY cleans the kitchen, helps with the preparation of dishes, and has other duties.
  27. 27. CONTRÔLEUR is in charge of supplies, controls their placement and storage, and does the inventory bookkeeping.
  28. 28. GOUVERNANTE accepts goods, exercises control, supervises the économat, dry storage, linen, and cleaning materials, and hands out staples.
  29. 29. DISH WASHER Maintains a clean kitchen, properly washes and sorts soiled dishes, and preps foods as needed. Keeps dish area free of clutter and organized. Sets up dish stations, including dish machines and sinks. Maintains clean / dry floors throughout the shift.
  30. 30. THANK YOU! 