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SEO 101 for Bloggers


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This is the presentation I used when I conducted SEO 101 for Bloggers seminar sponsored by Philippine Bloggers Network at The Office Project in Makati on March 11, 2017.

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SEO 101 for Bloggers

  2. 2. About Alwin • The blogger behind The City Roamer, a lifestyle and travel blog established in 2010. • One of the Top 6 contenders in the Blogger Manila Apprentice Program 2012 • Featured on Payoneer Expert Interview Series • Online Service Provider – SEO, Web Design, eCommerce, Social Media
  3. 3. Learning Goal • Understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO) better • Learn Keyword Research • Learn How to Optimize Content • Tips and Tricks
  4. 4. What is SEO? • Search Engine Optimization. • It is the process of getting traffic from the organic search results on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. • The science/art of increasing traffic to a website by helping it rank higher in organic search results
  5. 5. What Google Does •Crawl websites •Follow links •Index websites •Rank websites
  6. 6. Google Search Results PAID LINKS/AD PAID LINKS/AD
  7. 7. Google Search Results • Universal Search Results • Maps • News • Photos • Books
  8. 8. Google Search Results ORGANIC SEARCH RESULTS
  9. 9. Google Search Results GOOGLE SUGGEST
  10. 10. The SEO Process 1. Keywords Strategy • Keywords defined – the words or phrases that defines your website and its content a) Identify Seed Keywords • Create an extensive list of keywords you like your website to rank. b) Keyword Research • Identify which phrases are used when people are looking for information
  11. 11. The SEO Process (Cont’d) Seed Keywords Travel Food and Beverage Technology Entertainment Beaches Restaurants Computers Movies Resorts Food Reviews Laptops TV Tourist Destination New Food Products Smartphones Concerts Hotel Food Product Launches Apps Theater Plays Events Events Software Paintings/Art Exhibits Promos Promos Gadgets Trailers Product Launches Celebrities Promos Events THE CITY ROAMER KEYWORD RESEARCH
  12. 12. The SEO Process (Cont’d) Keywords Map Travel Food and Beverage Technology Entertainment Destinations Restaurants Personal Computing Movies Hotels New Products Mobile Technology TV Events and Updates Product Launches and Events Software and Apps Live Performances Promos and Announcements Gadgets Paintings/Art Exhibits Events and Announcements THE CITY ROAMER KEYWORD RESEARCH
  13. 13. The SEO Process (Cont’d) Keywords Research – Content Writing 1. Identify the keywords for your blog post 2. Test your keywords on Google 3. Use Google Suggest
  14. 14. The SEO Process (Cont’d) Keywords Research – Content Writing 4. Analyze your keywords 5. Decide on your keywords • Long-tail keywords will help you rank better • Make sure your keywords read and sounds natural
  15. 15. The SEO Process (Cont’d) Optimize Your Content (On-Page SEO) • Make sure your keywords are found in the following: • Title • URL • Content body (at least 3 times) • Meta description/excerpt • ALT attribute of at least 1 photo
  16. 16. The SEO Process (Cont’d) Link Building (Off-Page SEO) • Defined: the process of getting links from other websites to yours. • Link Building improves ranking • Build credible links on social media, blogs, related forum. • Guest Posting • Build relationship
  17. 17. Discussions •Tips? Questions?
  18. 18. Thank you! Alwin Aguirre Blog- cityroamer cityroamer thecityroamer