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Always Prepped Principal Dashboard Overview


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Tired of Excel? Allow Always Prepped to automagically make student performance reports meaningful with a single upload. Our graphs and charts will help you track students and sites over time. Find trends in your class easily.

Always Prepped allows you to easily integrate all of your education applications so that you can monitor the school or classroom. All using our safe, strong, open API.

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Always Prepped Principal Dashboard Overview

  1. 1. 2014  Overview   ! Christopher  Mott  -­‐  Director  of  School  Development   ! 1
  2. 2. What  We’ve  Discovered Over  the  past  2  years  working  with  schools  we  noticed  teachers  and   administrators    were  overwhelmed  with  the  number  of  reports  to  parse  through   and  struggling  to  find  gaps  students  were  falling  between  in  the  classroom. Lots  of  Edtech  Companies  (1,000+)   Constant  Reporting  Required   •  Content  providers   •  Test  Prep  Services   •  SIS’   •  LMS’   •  Behavior  Tracking   •  Mastery  Tracking   •  Mobile  Learning   •  Game  Based  Learning   •  Daily  exit  tickets  for  department  heads   •  Principal  reports   •  Parent  reports   •  Student  reports   •  Counselor  reports   •  State  Reports ! ! 2
  3. 3. What  Causes  This  Pain 15  Teachers/school*   (x)   30  Students/class*       (x)       5  Ed-­‐Tech  tools/student*     (x)     20  Assignments-­‐Quizzes-­‐Tests/week*   =   45,000  data  points/school  each  week   ! • • • • Which  student  needs  the  most  help?   How  do  behavioral  metrics  effect  student  outcomes?   Which  subject  areas  are  we  struggling  in  the  most?   Which  online  tools  are  working  the  best?   ! *Numbers  are  approximate* 3
  4. 4. Does  this  problem  resonate  with   you? 4
  5. 5. Excel  Reports  Consume  Your  Life 5
  6. 6. What  if  that  report  could  be   exported  in  one  click? 6
  7. 7. This  is  what  you’d  see 7
  8. 8. How  We  Decided  To  Help We  built  the  most  robust  API  in  education  that  aggregates  information     into  beautiful  dashboards  for  teachers  and  principals  in  one  place. • Users  can  upload  excel  reports  or  integrate  their  ed-­‐tech  system  directly  into  Always   Prepped.   • It’s  safe  (FERPA  and  COPA  Compliant)   • Our  data  comes  through  secure  API  call’s  (no  screen  scraping)   • It’s  fast  (We  pull  information  real-­‐time)   • Teachers  and  Principals  get  a  live  view 8
  9. 9. Track  Academic  Updates   9
  10. 10. Monitor  Behavior  at  a  School  Level 10
  11. 11. Want to Partner With Us? • Provide  us  feedback  on  which  features  YOU  want  built.   ! • YOU  tell  us  which  systems  to  integrate.   ! • YOU  tell  us  which  reports  to  build.     ! • Save  at  least  1  hour  of  reporting  per  week,  guaranteed.     ! Lock  in  pricing  through  the  2014-­‐2015  school  year  today.   ! Chris  Mott  -­‐  Director  of  School  Development   (e):   (p):  240-­‐389-­‐4152 11