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Disruptive Tech - Forum Oxford 2011


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Presentation by CEO Peter Swain (@peter-swian)

Published in: Business, Technology
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Disruptive Tech - Forum Oxford 2011

  1. 1. Lets get Disruptive! ForumOxford 2011
  2. 2. Disruptive technology offers us a choice, to ignore or embrace?
  3. 3. scope and scale
  4. 4. in the 90’s, AOL achieved 8 million subscribers within its first 3 years in the 00’s, Apple brought mobile internet to 85 million users in the same time spansay hello to the mobile revolution.
  5. 5. the iPhone sold 2 million units within 3 quarters of launch the iPad sold 15 million the 4S? 4 million in 48 hours
  6. 6. web traffic from mobile has risen from 3% to 10% this year11% of our business is from mobile 6 months after launch we’ve reduced our customer service cost by 70% 13 times ROI within 2 months … what’s not to like! mobile purchases in Q1 ‘11 equal 2010 total feedback from the cutting edge …
  7. 7. a glimpse of the future
  8. 8. mobile will change the way we access basic resources including food & water physiological
  9. 9. mobile will change the way we decide where to live find employment plan our towns earn money safety
  10. 10. mobile will change the way we interact with friends & family carry on sexual relations love/belonging
  11. 11. mobile will change the way we teach and be taught think of ourselves formalise goals esteem
  12. 12. mobile will change the way wecreate art, music and literature research the world around us discover and experience consume media self-actualization
  13. 13. Peter Swain, CEOEmail: peter.swain@alwaysonmessage.comPhone: +44 207 125 0500Mobile: +44 7817 297123Linkedin: @peter_swain thank you