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Managing a community with drupal


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Drupal Business Day 2013 - Singapore. Managing a community with Drupal.

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Managing a community with drupal

  1. 1. Drupal Business DayCase Study: Managing aCommunity with Drupal
  2. 2. Alvin & RyanCo-founders Red AirshipIntroduction
  3. 3. Visit us @ for free coffee!We are a fast moving team of interactive productdesigners who find simple solutions to complexproblems by uniting effective UX design and high qualitycode.
  4. 4. Why Drupalrocks?
  5. 5. A CMS that is uniquelyyoursPowerful and versatile contentmanagement framework
  6. 6. Responsive to businessrequirements... that changes all the time
  7. 7. Amazing selection ofcommunity contributedmodulesThe building blocks of your CMS
  8. 8. Turn-key Scaling & RedundancyUp-time and cost optimizationWorks well with theCloud(s)
  9. 9. The White House uses it!
  10. 10. 5 tips to efficiently build& manage an onlinecommunity
  11. 11. Angels GateCase study
  12. 12. A diverse communityComprised of Entrepreneurs, TV viewers, VCs / Investors, EnthusiastsSpread across the website, mobile, Facebook, YouTube and TV and theyengage differently on every platform
  13. 13. Utilize Views to quickly create a managementpage, for the moderators to do their job moreefficientlyUse rules to set up notificationsModerating abig number ofprojectsTip #1: Right tools for the right roles
  14. 14. Managers withdifferentresponsibilitiesGiving community managers the tools andaccess required to respond effectively to issuesand requests by utilizing Drupal’s permissionsand notifications system.Tip #1: Right tools for the right roles
  15. 15. SpammersGeo-filtering and worked with Hostgator to implement a solutionthat involved verifying their identities to limit domain redemption.Key #2: Quality of content
  16. 16. Measuringbusiness metricsNew service module integrated with Geckoboardto show real time data such as number of users &projectsTip #3: Timely monitoring
  17. 17. Increasing viralityof contentExtracted like information from Facebookopen graph in order to rank and shortlist topprojects & ideas.Tip #4: Social
  18. 18. Synchronized Mailing ListWith the Mailchimp module, we seamlessly synchronized thewebsite’s users with mailing lists targeting different segments.Tip #5: Targeted User Engagement
  19. 19. Un!que challenges
  20. 20. PayPal Adaptive PaymentsCreated a module to utilize PayPal’s adaptive paymentsto execute crowd-funding transactions
  21. 21. Online AuditionsUtilized the Form API to rapidly generatewizard style auditioning processIntegrated with YouTube to allow videorecordings directly on the website
  22. 22. I am ready for Drupal!(but I have legacy, disparate systems)Now what?
  23. 23. Q&A
  24. 24. Slides will be available@