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Customer Experience Management: Transparency and Control Requirements


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Don't forget to include requirements to manage profiles, recommendations, and privacy in your next Customer Experience Management (CXM) initiative.

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Customer Experience Management: Transparency and Control Requirements

  1. 1. Customer Experiences Managed. Remember the people as you revise processes and introduce technology in your “Customer Experience Management” journey.
  2. 2. What is Customer Experience Management (CXM)? • Combines context with information about your customers to create personalized experiences • Ian Truscott, describes the three C’s of CXM: – Customer – Control – Content (CMS Wire, Jan 7, 2013)
  3. 3. The CXM Pitch “Hi, I’m _______.” “I was born in _______.” “I like _______.” “My recent [dining, shopping, or travel experience] [met or did not meet ] my customer expectations.”
  4. 4. LET’S TALK ABOUT YOU…. What if we flipped it?
  5. 5. Welcome! We know where you live! And where you are right now!
  6. 6. We Know Your Expenses! You Person Next to You Person in Back Utilities Car Payment Rent or Mortgage
  7. 7. More About You! • Let’s talk about what you ate last night. • Your recent purchases. • Your title, your past jobs, and your trip to the conference.
  8. 8. Not Cool? Source: stock.xchng
  9. 9. CONTROL AND TRANSPARENCY Your customers want a relevant, context-aware experience, but also…
  10. 10. Recently Viewed Items • Amazon describes why it displays items • But also gives the option to remove items
  11. 11. Control Over Interests • You have control over interests on Amazon and Facebook
  12. 12. Profile Control • Google+, Linked-In, and Facebook provide control over “customer” profiles
  13. 13. CXM? Ok Cool. With Control. • Customers want and expect relevant information • But also a measure of privacy and control • This impacts your customer experience requirements as well as your organization
  14. 14. AND YOUR DIGITAL CHANNEL REQUIREMENTS? What about your staff?
  15. 15. Your Staff Will Need… • Relevant information • Clear expectations and incentives (not necessarily monetary) • Ways to design, test, and troubleshoot these experiences
  16. 16. External Customer Requirements Let your customers know: • Where the data came from • Why certain products or services are recommended • Control over recommendations and preferences • Access and control over their profiles
  17. 17. Internal Requirements • Make it easy for your team to create, measure, and improve these experiences • Focus on business needs first • Work with your organization’s culture, processes, and capabilities
  18. 18. tl;dr? (Too Long; Didn’t Read) • Make your customer experience or journey relevant • But give your customers control • Make it easy for your team to create these experiences
  19. 19. About Alvin • I’m a content management consultant with a background in lots of IT roles since 2006 • My hobbies have included everything from amateur competitive ballroom dance to martial arts to being a entrepreneurial “Maker” as far back as I can remember* • Read more of my thoughts on content management, content strategy, and especially SDL Tridion on *My parents got notes asking to have me quit selling home-made toys to my fourth-grade classmates. This presentation does not in any way represent the opinions or position of SDL and its Affiliates nor those of my past employers.