Lee poetry anthology


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Lee poetry anthology

  1. 1. Ode to Nature The vast forest of trees Standing so beautifully The little critters Going chitter chatter Small waves crashing in Gentleness creeping in Ray of sunshine gleamingReflection of the ocean teeming The bird flies away Let’s call it a day
  2. 2. LimerickThere was an old hermit named Dave Who lived in a dark, dreary cave He really liked his school Because he likes pools He likes to eat pie cause he’s brave
  3. 3. Hygiene I really want to eat some broccoli Too bad I really need to go and pee I really need to go and find a bushI need to buy some sheets to wipe my tush
  4. 4. Bowling Last spot on the card Last shot extremely hard Nervous, he picks up the ball Closing in on him are the walls As he lined up on the lane His shot seemed so plainHe wanted to conquer the dreaded splitBut instead he felt like he wanted to quit Overcoming his fear He brought the ball to his rear He then threw the ball Afraid to lose it all Doubtful of a win The ball hit every pin He shouted in glee And everyone went, “Whee!”
  5. 5. Anjuli Anjuli likes to have fun She likes to play soccer in the sun She really loves her cat named FrankWhen he misses the litterbox, he makes the room stank When she has to clean his poo She says, “Frank I’m done with you!” Her best friends are Jenna and Haley. When they have sleepovers, it gets crazy.
  6. 6. Alvin Lee Alvin Lee is super sweet He smells better than Sam Love’s feet He plays the piano very wellAnd that’s probably why he doesn’t smell